Poems by Joy Mary

Tribute to an unflagging spirit

a poem by Joy Mary

Five years… its been
Long and tortuous
With only darkness
As my sole companion
In a journey
That saw no light…
That saw no end.

A journey from the abyss,
I had fallen into
In the naivety
Of fleeting juvenile feelings.

A swift fall
Yet a slow and painful realisation
Of a folly
That could never be wiped off
From this slate of life.
A fall
I lost Myself,
My all…
The Me I knew
No longer existed.
I had died,
Never to come back

For I was
Choked by loneliness,
Outcaste by society,
Evaded by friends
And left alone amidst the shards of my broken dreams.
With only tears for my food
And a million deaths
I died in my time of agony,
Some weak will
Arose… and fought within me.
To live.
To survive.
To go ahead in life.
And so
Began the chrysalis,
To life…
A life whose face I dreaded
With all its harshness…

And so began
The rise from the ashes of my dreams.
Its been 5 long years since,
The rise has not been in vain
For the sun has dawned
On the horizon of my life…
And I see for once…
The light at the end of this journey…
And I see
The Me I once was
I once lost
And I have found back with much pain.
The Me I hope to Be
To remain as…

A tribute…
To my spirit and the one above…
For the weak will
That arose within
And held me on….
To script a new Chapter of my life!!!

Sigh of a Lost Soul

a poem by Joy Mary

When words are wasted
And thoughts are dying a slow death.
When dreams no longer flower,
When the embers of hopes of a dying life
Lie crackling for the last time,
In some cobwebbed corner of this mind.
When enthusiasm has lost its fizz.
When solitude no longer spells peace…
And crowds no longer beckon me…
When talents lie buried deep within me.
Unable to surface… unable to breathe…
Unable to suffuse life in me any longer.
Here I am… a wasted life in a living body.
Gnawing the last of my strengths
Sapping up the last of my hopes.
This is me… a far cry from the me I once was…
A tale that went wrong.
When fate and destiny double crossed me
And luck left me in the lurch.
I feel so hopeless…
In a situation that’s beyond me, beyond my all.
So upset
That I wish I could turn the clock back again.
And walk the miles my way.
Never letting fate meddle its way.
Today I have no longer the urge to go ahead.
I am like those last embers of wood crackling in a dying fire.
Hope has died…
And so have I.
The once radiant budding flower…
The flower that failed to bloom.