Poems by Jonasdoss


a poem by Jonasdoss

All day I dream about women;
some times I wonder,
if all these creature are to seduce men.
They hypnotise me every moment;
some times I’m stunned to see their posture.
Is this some kind of love;
I’m amazed.
It’s all love of lust;
women can lead to lust and to love.
Love is lust.
Women make my imagination go beyond nature.
She kissed with her mellow lips;
I’m completely dropped.
She touched with her feather hand;
I’m totally collapsed.
She bit my lips;
I feel no pain.
Slowly I’m receding, I’m totally numb.


a poem by Jonasdoss

Mind, is a good creation of god,
Mind, is a place where you can store vision,
Which last longer than the computer.
From the birth till the end,
Mind show us the path for many thing in life.
Listen to mind, it speaks.
Hear the words which our mind oft throws.
Mind vary from person to person.
Mind is the root cause of all things in life.
Mind is the one which provokes the love.
Mind makes a person wild.
Mind makes a person sexy.
It has a good taste.
It has a good humour.
It makes you to go places.
It makes you judge people.
Oh! mind you have to be mine, forever,
cos’ you are the one, that god has given.


a poem by Jonasdoss

Oh! I thought she is the one,
thought of touching her, couldn’t.
I can feel her hot breath,
from a distance.
I thought of saying, I need you,
but my mouth was zipped.
I thought to kiss her, but missed.

Oh god why not vanish my hopeless dreams
from my mind.

The Future

a poem by Jonasdoss

My Future
I can sit and dream all night and day,
Everything will work it’s own way,
Let’s say I’m placed in a room, in a chair,
With nothing, no one, just me and air.
And I sit in this room with no light,
Look up and down from left to right.
Trying hard to imagine something around,
But no luck, no movement nor sound.
I close my eyes and pretend,
Of what could be here from end to end.
I fix it nice and pretty in my mind.
Everything’s good and the people are kind.
Day after day, I’m cleaned and fed,
Night after night, the chair’s my bed.
At night I dream, not complain or whine,
Everyday I think everything’s fine.
Then I get bored, same ‘o goes on,
And the chair hurts my every bone.
Finally I’m taken into the light,
And nothing’s the same as my insight.

The Sun

a poem by Jonasdoss

Oh, sun why thou hate us,
why show your anger upon us,
why on Indians,
we worship you as god,
which no country person worship.
Why harsh on Indians alone,
you make our land drought every year,
we still worship you,
we worship you and only you,
not your siblings.
You are harsh only on Indian,
making poor people and farmers sick,
you make them die,
you even make green trees die.
Oh, sun please forgive us,
what do we have to do to make you happy?


a poem by Jonasdoss

It is made from the waste dumb,
Or it is made from the recycled,
Or it is because of the invention of the chinese.
It is called paper.
Later on turned into money,
Money made from the paper,
Which we human being throw into the waste bin.
The ordinary paper gets the huge value,
when it is has the picture of our leaders.
Money is the cause of all sins,
Money is the cause of all abominations,
Money destroys ones behaviour,
Money makes a person sick, when he is cheated.
Do money make the real world?
Can money buy the real love?
Can money make the real life?