Poems by John Thomas


a poem by John Thomas

Oh you daughter of hope,
Oh precious angel
Why do you sit in a corner and weep
When you should stretch your wings and fly?

Oh you cherub,oh caged bird
Folly was mine.
How could you fly when your wings are tied.

Oh you cruel men. Hypocrites you are
You who call her mother
Grab her freedom and confine her to
Dark prisons

Can’t you see the light in her eyes?
Don’t you see her struggling to break free?
Are you blind?

A women is like a lighted candle
Casting radiance all around
Use her if you want, but don’t misuse her.
Handle her with care or you will get burnt.

Take her to illuminate your darkness,
But don’t put her off, for she prefers
To give her light till her very end

Oh you mighty men
You may be strong yet
A women’s heart is something
With power you can’t get

Win her into your life
And like a precious stone adds beauty
To a crown she will beautify your life.
Take her, guard her, treasure her and keep her


a poem by John Thomas

Why did you break my heart today?
Why did you ever go away?
You know how much I need you
As I walk through life’s long way.

Before you left I know you wept
That shows your feeling for me
Even if you deny I know it’s a lie
Whatever it may be.

That tear drop swell that yesterday fell
Not only moistened your cheeks
It drowned me deep on sorrows well
And even wet my dreams.

Like a star-less sky and a fruitless tree
My situation has come to be,
So will you hold me by my hand
And share your life with me?

Like a lonely island in the middle of the sea
I am standing alone now,
I know some day you will surely return
And shower me with your love.


a poem by John Thomas

Until yesterday I was blind to love
Till you opened the eyes of my heart
Today to the queen of hearts I gently bow
I have been hit by cupid’s dart

Like a candle beam fills the darkest hour
You illuminate my darkness of solitude,
That little light sends its ray too far
It fills me with a positive attitude.


a poem by John Thomas

My soul grieves and my heart bleeds
Are you happy now
I wonder why I ever saw you
And why I fell in love

I walk alone by lonely streams
With broken heart and unfulfilled dreams
I no more enjoy the beauty of flowers
Nor do I immerse myself in showers

My lips no more speak loving words
My ears aren’t sensitive to the song of birds
Loneliness has left me crippled under the tree
And I no more find rhythm in poetry

The wind is steadily blowing from the west
My body will soon be laid to rest
Because once in life loves path I tread
Devil is stealing my breath I am going to be dead

Now there is just a coldness here
With the rain chilling down the atmosphere
But when the ran stops and the flowers are in bloom
Bring me some when you come to my tomb

Thinking about you

a poem by John Thomas

As I woke up early this morn
I opened my eyes
To the pure dew drops on the lawn
Then I thought about you
Because purity always reminds me
Of just one person, and that’s you.

As the gentle breeze kissed
My body this morn
I felt as if my miseries were gone
Then I thought about you
Because you always revitalize
My spirits.

As listened to the chirp of birds
This morn
Its lull made me yawn
Then I thought about you
Because the melody of your voice
Always soothes me to sleep.

As I looked up at the sun
This morn.
I felt as though this race
Of life, I won
Because when I won your heart
I won in life.


a poem by John Thomas

I lay on the lap of the night, alone all alone
Watching the stars, her children as they shone.
There was no one to share my sorrows to
No one to console me, not even you.

Why did the wind of love cease to blow?
Why did the river of love stop its flow?
Why did you ever leave me and go?
What made you hate me, I want to know?

May be you were not the one for me
May be you were really not my friend,
The flame of love has gone from my life
And all my dreams have come to an end.

I sat thinking about the good times and the bad
I dreamed about all the fun we had,
Now it has become a thing of the past
I tried to bring it back but only time I lost.

Now I spend my days in tears
Dreaming about the good times I had with you
May be you will come back to me after some years
When you realize my love was always true.

Irina- Poetry in Motion

a poem by John Thomas

In a quaint Goan art gallery
I met an extremely beautiful young lady
She told me her name was Irene
Her charm fascinated me greatly
I walked on lanes of poesy
To write a little verse on Irene

I realised…
A women’s real beauty is more than what the eyes see
Or what the words can say through poetry
A women is a poetry in flesh and blood
Written by god who is the greatest poet of all.

Since Irene is a beautiful women
She is already a well written poetry
What more poem could I write of Irene


a poem by John Thomas

I was an undiscovered island
until you entered my shore on a day
and blew across where I lay.

I was a lonely island
until you held my hand on a day
and promised to walk by me all my way.

My heart was thirsty for love
you filled it with your wine
I drunk deep from it
the intoxication sunk me on cloud nine.

I could not but dream about you because
for me you were a dream come true
a love as pure and new, like the early morning dew.

Your lap was pillow to my tired body
your words were music to my ears lady
your warmth was fodder to my soul
your fragrance soothed me to the whole.

But my worst nightmare came true
when I woke up and found me without you
I could not believe you left me in a sway
I could not believe I was alone in life’s bay.

A coldness numbed my heart
but I did not try to warm it from the start
tears flowed down my eye
but I did not bother to make it dry.

Love is as powerful as death
loneliness is death itself
now I am lonely but not dead
for I have a hope in life by which I am led.

A hope that you will come back to me
cos I believe that your love was true to me
and if my love brings you back to me
do you know where to find me.

I will still be waiting for you
at the very same place you left me
till my life runs out of me.