Poems by John Niederhauser

Shadows of a Moment

a poem by John Niederhauser

As the day slips into the shadows of the night,
I close my eyes and drift from bounds of my body,
my spirit wonders through my unconscious,
dancing with my hopes,
taking me to a white sand beach in a distant land,
large green waves pound the sand
creating a beat that fills the air with music,
powerful palm trees tower above
swaying to the rhythm of the sea,
a light catches my eye,
I turn to behold a woman,
so beautiful my eyes refuse to turn away,
her dark hair flows around her body gently touching her face,
her brilliant green eyes gaze at me with affection,
her flawless face, her coco skin, the seductive curves,
her brilliant green eyes gaze at me with affection,
that is what captured my soul,
one look into her eyes and I could see her hopes, her fears
I could see the love she had for me,
I felt I had known her for all eternity,
when I looked deeper, I saw that I was in her eyes,
intense emotions surge through me
taking me to a state of peace,
a peace that was brought buy our togetherness,
we laid on the beach laughing,
crying, enjoying the pureness of each other
never wanting to leave each other’s side,
as the sun set over our beach painting the sky
yellow, orange and red,
I started slipping into reality
desperately trying to hold on to her
and that moment, as I opened my eyes
to a ray of sun peeress through my window waking me,
I try and close my eyes to bring me back to her,
but all I find I have, is a new dream
a new hope that somewhere, some how she is out there
and that we could find each other
and live in that moment again.

Mourns of return

a poem by John Niederhauser

As the cool night air surrounds my body and sharply touches my senses.
The breeze brings the coldness of her words.
Her careless actions have cut me down to my soul,
A wound so deep my spirit weeps.
Deep blue tears drown my heart and my mind the frigid water leaves me gasping for air.
I fight for a breath of reason and beg for a mere thought of compassion.
The deeds that have been rendered will not halt to haunt me.
Still my love remains even thou she dose not.
Memories so beautiful my heart mourns for the return of her love,
She is the one my spirit longs for.
So as I wait for her return,
I will dream of the time when I can feel her spirit gently embrace mine,
And gaze into those passionate eyes, and remember the love I always adored,
And then I will be where I belong in her arms.