Poems by John Celes Dr.

Happy New Year, 2006!

a poem by John Celes Dr.

Born is A New Year!
Gone is an old year;
Let’s add new cheer,
Live without fear.

Greet your neighbors;
Greet some strangers;
Greet all your friends;
And make amends.

‘Tis never late
To change one’s fate;
Problems abate:
Wait for that date.

Forget past woes;
Forget chaos;
With hope, of course:
Thus, our life goes.

Abide in God;
Await His nod;
Avoid His rod,
And thank the Lord.

When God’s with us,
There is no curse;
Walk without fuss;
He sure will bless.

Sonnet: 58th Indian Independence-Day

a poem by John Celes Dr.

‘Tis fifty-eight years since India turned afree!
Our homage to all freedom-fighters great;
The blood of martyrs won freedom ably;
‘Satyagraha’, ‘Ahimsa’ set the date.

The Nation’s Father, Gandhiji was brave;
He etched a place that none can ev’r surpass;
The peace-tilak, tricolor flag, he gave;
We tend to forget how he fought, alas!

India’s democracy’s exemplary;
We want the world to live in amity;
‘Peaceful Co-existence’ message, we carry;
We will preserve India’s integrity.

Despite our problems and diversity,
Patriotism’s our university.

Dedicated to the ‘Father of the Indian Nation’

A Tree Speaks Out!

a poem by John Celes Dr.

I’m born from seed within the earth,
That’s watered by the sky;
And once the sun bathed me with heat,
Lo! I’m a seedling made.

I drink by roots that prop like feet,
And breathe through leafy pores;
I cook my food in green ‘kitchens’
God’s love helps me to grow.

And I can feel like any man;
I give all – breeze and shade;
I give myself to men and beasts;
Why then, they destroy me?

May be, like men I can’t reason,
But I can never sin;
I am a dumb creature of God;
A soul, He never gave!

But I don’t fight and I can’t kill,
And I don’t steal, tell lies;
I do my duty as God bids;
I’ll praise Him on ‘LAST DAY’!

A Tribute to my Revered Father

a poem by John Celes Dr.

My Father was a great teacher,
Good husband to my good Mother;
He taught his pupils very well;
In an old house, did he dwell.

Well he reared his children seven!
Lived for up to eight times ten;
His forehead sweat fell on the soil;
My Father so well, did he toil.

A man who possessed great talents;
And honesty par excellence;
Cheap Politics did he eschew;
This world hath seen but very few.

He lived in humble conditions;
A law-abiding citizen;
He gave us good education;
And raised us well in religion.

He’s born and bred in piety;
And rose in popularity;
A logic-man, Philosopher;
None could him well decipher.

A versatile man, Orator;
He tried to make a new order;
Oppressed, he died with plenty peace;
Yet in god, he lived in ease.

His learning to him was his wealth!
Together with his body’s health;
And she was great too, my Mother;
Who well-supported my Father.

A human ‘immortal’-being!
With yeoman-service worth seeing;
He loved the poor and downtrodden,
That fetched him place sure in Heaven.

But one day when he died, I cried!
By Heaven’s words, he did abide;
God-fearing, undaunted, he left;
For his great soul, a lot I wept.

I see him as a bright new Star!
In the night-Sky clearly, afar;
Oh, what a great man Father was!
Truthfulness was his greatest cause.

(Fondly dedicated in loving memory of my beloved father,
Shri. A.T.Antoniswami M.A., L.T., Coimbatore)

Romantic Love

a poem by John Celes Dr.

Love is not of minds alone;
Love is not of hearts that yearn;
Love is not of bodies entwined;
Love is more than the finest wine!

Love is not just when eyes see;
Love is not just when ears hear;
Love is not all sensory;
Love is more than what you dream!

Love is not of earthly mould;
Love is not human-designed;
Love is not ephemeral;
Love is more- predestined!

Love is not of sex, age, race;
Love is not for earth’s life-span;
Love is not togetherness;
Love is more- Eternity!


a poem by John Celes Dr.

Its all over for now
And perhaps, for the next four years to come!
Months of hard work has come
to an end all of a sudden.
Whatev’r the outcome, it was great!
The people have given their verdict
as to who should lead the country
once again!
And this is how Democracy works;
A deep divide exists howev’r
amongst the voters today;
There can be just one victor;
The other concedes defeat.
It is time to unite;
It is time to heal;
It is time to understand the fact that
A few thousand voters can change
A nation’s destiny!
The loser is NOT really a loser!
He had mustered almost half the votes;
He represents a colossal figure of hearts
That are still behind him
So, the victor should NOT gloat,
Nor revel or lose his head;
He was just lucky to stay ahead,
For, God was by his side.
Now is the time to think
And ponder why so many
Voted against him;
Now is the time to sink
The differences and work
For the common good of all.
There is no time to waste;
And one mustn’t be in haste;
A nation has problems beset,
That have defied solutions yet.
Emotions will run high;
Many will simply cry;
For success that was nigh,
Eluded the other guy.
But this is how it works-
the people’s mandate!
Forget the past mistakes;
Start afresh today;
There are problems galore;
And come will many more!
For now, the elections are o’er;
Heal the hearts that are sore!

(Dedicated to the US President, George W. Bush,
Winner of the Nov 2004 US Presidential Elections)

Sonnet: And This is Life!

a poem by John Celes Dr.

Two Birds, a male and female met at last;
They found the tree on which to build their nest;
But soon, their little ones came rather fast;
The Birds hadn’t time for love-making or rest!

The Wind blew strongly; scorching was the Sun;
The Rain fell heavily upon their nest;
Rearing the young ones was both strain and fun;
Even a Snake came to their nest as guest!

But God helped them to find the worms for food;
And Spring replaced the Winter’s freezing cold;
The Birds labored all life as best as could;
Their young ones turned adults while they grew old!

When Death came like a robber in the night,
Both Birds never offered the slightest fight!

Who are Terrorists?

a poem by John Celes Dr.

What kind of men could terrorists be?
-Who maim and kill for reasons weird;
-Who herd the weakest to Death’s jaws;
-Who do crimes heinous, insane acts;
All in the name of God!

What kind of men could terrorists be?
-Who abduct men at point of guns;
-Who behead them / shoot them point-blank;
-Who spare not e’en the kids who sleep;
All in the name of God!

What kind of men could terrorists be?
-Who rape and loot and destroy things;
-Who love to see human blood spilled;
-Who commit suicide if caught;
All in the name of God!

What kind of men could terrorists be?
-Who throw grenades and bomb places;
-Who spare not worshipping-houses;
-Who knife women with babes in wombs;
All in the name of God!

What kind of men could terrorists be?
-Who harm children even at schools;
-Who make the world much insecure;
-Who vow to loosen hell on earth;
All in the name of God!

Terrorists, let sense prevail!

a poem by John Celes Dr.

Seven heads were spared by Terrorists;
Seven families wept tears of joy;
Seven wives didn’t turn widows o’er-night;
Kindness dwelled in hearts that knew not love!

Nations heaved a sigh of great relief;
Homes were filled with joy that knew not bounds;
Ransom paid was worth the deal thus struck;
World saw terrorists’ kindness for once!

Why take the precious lives of innocents?
Why use the common man as human-shield?
Why wage a war with people on the streets?
None blame the terrorists for acts if sane.

The cries of butchered lives, God surely hears;
The murders foul usher His Rod divine;
The blood unfairly shed supports no cause;
All heinous crimes will meet a hellish end.

No God will brook His anger without end;
His curse will fall upon the evil souls;
The Good Shepherd will use His Staff robust,
And send all Satanic souls soon to hell.

Terrorists, please mend thine ways;
The countdown has begun for your remnant days;
God’s wrath will soon be upon you;
Change your lives and things you do.

Sonnet- The Doctor is Human too

a poem by John Celes Dr.

The man who heals has not a heart of stone;
From bricks and mortar, his body isn’t made;
Like you, he is as much flesh, blood and bone,
And suffers from much stress and is ill paid.

Sometimes, his best of knowledge can’t help him;
His decisions are fraught with blunders too;
He wages battles to save lives so grim;
When life has left body, what can he do?

He faces many ethical questions;
Sometimes, things go awry, unexpected;
Don’t blame him squarely for all kinds of sins;
He’s a public figure respected.

The doctor helps, God is the one who heals!
The patient’s fate, God is the one who seals.

Sonnet- The H.I.V. Victim

a poem by John Celes Dr.

‘Tis sad to see the H.I.V. victim,
Bedridden lie, melting away like snow;
And all the while, he knows his life is grim;
As DEATH unfolds grimacingly, his FOE.

Tho’ seemed life rosy just some months ago;
One blunder made, threatens his life somehow;
It looks as if he fell down from a bough,
A lethal fall that takes his life fast now.

He knows the blunder made was very grave;
No use, it is to fret and fume right now;
Had he, his common-sense used, God him gave,
Prematurely to Death, he need not bow.
Fie, DEATH, unkindly thou now grabs his neck,
When lies he, mental, physical, a wreck.

Sonnet- The Farmer

a poem by John Celes Dr.

Despite all progress, Science has made today,
The Indian farmers tills the field old style;
And threshes sheaves to sort the grain from hay;
Returning late with bullocks, walking miles!

The scorching Sun can’t tan his skin much more;
The pouring rain destroys the crops, he raised;
The mighty winds can’t make his eyes more sore;
By end of day, he looks tired and dazed.

The rodents, birds play havoc in his field;
The insects eat the sprouting grain and leaves;
The manure-costs affects his yearly yield;
And all he makes is thinner, smaller sheaves.

And middle-men ruin the sum he makes;
He feeds others but keeps just cow-dung cakes!

Sonnet- The Humbled Shalt Be Exalted

a poem by John Celes Dr.

The wheel of time must turn around though slow;
Our palate must be curbed, also our tongue;
Some things we fear, we sometime undergo;
None can remain forever always young.

The curses of the poor and innocent
Will boomerang like arrows back to bow;
The mansion will some day become a tent;
To condescend we learn, no other go.

Repent, we must on earth before our death;
The sins of yester-years will haunt like ghosts;
Like re-charged batteries, we must save our breath
Before we leave for good, our earthly posts.
All men are mortal, yet given a soul;
Heaven or hell will be our final goal.

Sonnet- The Elderly

a poem by John Celes Dr.

Show consideration for an aged man;
Show courtesy to elderly persons;
Inhuman ways to human lives, you ban;
To do a thing, have sufficient reasons.

Their frame is frail and mind is filled with fear;
Assault of any kind, they cannot bear;
They can’t see well or sleep or even hear;
The elderly need special love and care.

Their growing age is their sweet punishment;
They flex with age and become like a child;
Their Will-power is their great armament;
Their days are numbered- why should we turn wild?

Let’s look after the elderly with pride!
Their words are wise and let’s therefore abide.

Sonnet- Genes Matter But

a poem by John Celes Dr.

No longer secret’s the genome of man!
The gene make-up of all beasts will be known;
Man’s actions and misdeeds, alter none can,
Except man himself, using his mind own.

How can the new knowledge of genes prevent
The growing crimes against men in this world?
For his grave sins unless man can repent,
He will suffer in hell or when he’s old.

The society’s problems, man must resolve,
Thro’ self-control and love of his neighbour;
By brotherhood of nations, man can solve,
Most of the problems and make earth better.
Knowing one’s genes is not the solution;
Know thine own mind by self-realization.