Poems by Jerome Rajan

Rubbish Comedy

a poem by Jerome Rajan

4 pm in one midnight,
I the host,
Laughed in fright
On meeting a ghost.

He told the nervous me,
That I was handsome yet ugly;
And that he liked me
More than I liked me.

He told me a story,
That on a five storey
There was a floor no six,
In which, there was boy named Felix.

He told the mind-mocking me,
That Felix looked exactly like thee.
Nose full of ghee,
With his hands free,
He came near me
And guess what!
Gave me a ghee bath.

Mr. Complex

a poem by Jerome Rajan

Two are the types-
Both causing different hypes
To whom it’s easy to get caught
In a time very short.

Superiority is one-
With the act of a pharaoh,
A selfish attitude,
A mind very narrow,
And a heart very crude.

Inferiority is one-
With a face very pale
Through which not even a smile may not said
Which makes it tough for a sale.

Boundless Care

a poem by Jerome Rajan

Never say, by chance I got,
Ever say by God it was.
Ever so much is the love of God.

Worldly love may come and go,
But Godly love is always there and more.
Ever so much is the love of God.

Punishing is man’s utmost mistake,
Forgiving is God’s first take.
Ever so much is the love of God.

Remembering Love

a poem by Jerome Rajan

A heavenly feeling
Rolled into a dough,
Eaten as food,
Which gives us a mood, nice and good.

Love is something emotional,
Which is not proportional
But very special
To every heart, which is rational.

Love is a quality,
Shown to either a friend or an enemy,
Or to either rich or poor,
For to all love opens its doors.


a poem by Jerome Rajan

Oh! You birds, who fly high,
You’re the Lords of the Sky.
From rains and hails your shy
But it’s from us, to escape you must try.

You make the heavens beautiful,
As the skies and clouds you rule.
Flapping your wings all through
Forests, where mosses once grew.

Flying in patterns of words,
Which resemble the three swords
Of Unity, teaming and lore
And co-operation in crores and crores.

You show longevity,
Of both life and death – jeopardy.
Happy a flock yours is,
Hardly do I meet such rara-avis.

In search of…

a poem by Jerome Rajan

Up, on the sky so gay,
Shines the sun every day.
My heart heard it say,
That we owned its every ray.

Hot, and not less it was,
Unlike sorrow which was sparse.
Hectic work it was for trees,
For all the shadow animals seize.

Though it dried every drop of rain.
Nothing it did to my dreams,
Of meeting every joyful lane
And the long sundried streams.

Summer my love, where do you go?
Making way for the farmers to sow,
Taking away my dreams,
My happiness and joy to receive the streams.

World Sars Laden

a poem by Jerome Rajan

First came Cancer and then Aids,
Then, the hype about them fades.
Steps in, a new medical farce
Which mankind knows by the name, SARS

Starting from the small to the big eyed,
Travelling through the black and white,
It has shun discrimination
And stolen a beat from every human.

A normal cold is far too dear
Than this SARS, which humans fear,
Coz’ cold takes your mood away
And SARS leads your life, astray.

Many a doc’, it scared away
As man after man, it made to lay.
Not a cell of its, could mankind brave
As man after man, it send to the grave.

Let us try something different

a poem by Jerome Rajan

What is the world without wars?
What is it without innocent corpse?
Nothing, but a peaceful earth
With God’s presence and joyful mirth.

What is the world without guns?
What is it without arms and ammunitions?
Nothing, but a friendly earth
And boundless prosperity growth.

So many years, so many decades
After merciless invasion and plundering raids
Shouldn’t we try something different.
Mebbe’ put love in front.

Variety, they say, is the spice of life
And with choices so rife
It’s high time, we put down the knife
And experience the real spice of life.

Oh! Moon why do you cause me to mourn

a poem by Jerome Rajan

Oh! Moon so very bright,
Like a ball.
You are milky white,
Don’t my calls.
Reach your bright light
How I wished
To sit on your crater
And get fishes fished.

Oh! Moon so very bright,
Tells me my sight
Something’s missing on you,
Thought you were a ball
But thou are a ring,
On space shining,

Oh! Moon so very bright,
Injured do you get so often
That I cannot hold my tears tight
Thought you were a ring,
But thou are a cup to drink.

Oh! Moon so very bright,
Who has bitten you, tell me right
Thought you were a cup to drink
But thou are on death’s brink.

Oh! Moon so very bright,
You are now nothing so sight
But just a crescent
Which looks not pleasant
Coz’ thou are just a boomerang.

Oh! Moon so very bright,
My heart searches for your light
Where have thy gone
Alas! leaving me alone.

Love endureth forever

a poem by Jerome Rajan

Mine heart-it loveth,
Mine heart-thou hateth,
Mine heart yet a lover,
Coz’love endureth forever.

Rolled down mine heart,
Past many a thorny dart,
Past boulders and stories,
Past trees over grown,
But nothing to it groaned,
Coz’love endureth forever.

My master’s hand’s that giveth me
But my heart it is that loveth thee
Tenfold that thy hands on mine
Yet my heart remaineth fine.
It floweth with glee as a river,
Coz’love endureth forever.

Maketh me guilty and sad,
When thy I have hurt.
Maketh me happy and glad,
When repentance I have sought.
My stones it beareth,
Coz’love endureth forever.

The him, I wouldn’t mention

a poem by Jerome Rajan

He borrows my sorrows,
And never bothers to give’em back.
Never does he lack,
That effort to find a burrow,
To bury my sorrow.

Happiness with me he shares,
Not as quick as a hare,
Nor as slow as a snail,
But as sweet as his voice.

Fought we,
Danced with glee,
For he loved me,
More than his money locker key.

Then one dreadful day,
Went he from me apart,
Leaving alone my anxious heart;
Which was not at all so gay.

Then to him reached I,
After a bit of private eye,
Joyed mine heart,
Cried mine eyes,
Smiled his lips,
Which still makes my heart flip.

For this may be,
Tis’ told

Times of Freedom

a poem by Jerome Rajan

A minute of bow – down to humans,
Is no less than a thousand hades.
A second of independence,
Is no less than a crore of heaven’s shades.

If a day you live,
And second, the earth you leave.
Make sure you were free,
Not confined to sorrow’s tree.

In times of freedom, you are happy,
In times of happiness, forget not your duty.
Duty of making others understand,
The importance of sitting on a free stand.

For life is counted in years,
And happiness in cheers.
Both considered give a positive sum,
None but only in times of freedom.

Railway Jam

a poem by Jerome Rajan

Through forests and mountains,
Goes the train.
It’s quietness all around,
Except the train’s sound.
To be seen are only birds and monkeys,
For the train is a quicky.

The climate changes,
As through days and nights it ranges,
Yet, they aren’t obstacles,
But experiences to tackle.

Beggars and hawkers,
Are a real torcher;
Beggars are cursers,
While hawkers are botherers.

Thefts and murders,
Hundreds they gather,
For trains are for public,
And there’s where thefts click.

Accidents are common,
From bridges to grounds they summon
Thousands die,
Without hearing their family’s cry.

War – Horrendous Monotony

a poem by Jerome Rajan

Is it the ultimate?
Or is it just fun.
Fun playing with our fate,
Oh! Never can imagine.

Life is destructed,
Earth is blooded
The atmosphere is massacred,
Yet we enjoy the sight.

Such a terrible thing it is,
For the depression it brings.
A happy life we lead,
When on the other side,
People are required to feed.

Fought for power,
Fought for money,
Can’t we stop them?
To relieve the horrendous monotony.

Virtual Reality

a poem by Jerome Rajan

How much shall I wait,
For the sun to rise?
How much shall I calculate,
With the computer wise?

An hour passes the day,
Thus the dawn sets in.
Every one has gone to lay
The birds have stopped to sing.

No more shall I stay up,
Waiting for the rising of the sun.
But surely I’ll be up
Before the wake of the servant,

The clock ticks away.
My dreams tell me,
Coming up is the day.
I wake up with glee,
To watch the sun rise;
But alas! Only in my dream.

Rang the alarm,
Like an irate bee swarm.
Woke up did I,
With unpredictable anxiety and,
What do I see-
The sun, but on my belly.

Oh! What humiliation,
Virtual reality has deceived me,
With much jubilation.
It has passed away with glee;
But as for me
It was just another day
In a decade
When I missed the rising of the sun.