Poems by Jayati Chowdhury

Let us all die!

a poem by Jayati Chowdhury

Constipated thoughts
Of perplexed humanity
Vague philosophy
Of enslaved minds
Accuse each other
For mayhem rampant.
Humankind now
An endangered species
World, no more a haven
But an altar to sacrifice
The “taken” myriads in destructive dance.

Their heartless thoughts
Must beget profound grief
End of the day “mission accomplished”
With scars next to birthmarks
Sport bloody hands like medals.
Soul searching
Today’s redundant practice
Instituted belief
All that matters
Molds and sets aflame
Vehemence of youth
Alas! Our future is lost.

Stranded in this icy stony matrix
Where speech is volatile
And silence is a curse
Our existence in question
Then let us all die!
Perhaps subsequently
In the vast deserted graveyard
Peace will transpire…


Silent Goodbye

a poem by Jayati Chowdhury

My heart needs a potion
To bury those days
When you were everything to me
The rest, insignificant.
Regret to think, those moments are
Now, but haunting memories…
We are just a face in the crowd
And wish we never face.
Life has taken its course
After our love has gone awry,
We know our hope is intense
Forlorn love, will never revisit.

Our hopeless feelings
A relentless burden
It’s time that it is laid to rest
And we do justice to our present state.
My heart bleeds…
Yet I bid you farewell
And on one tireless day
You will understand
Silent Goodbye – the appropriate end.

Anonymous Eyes

a poem by Jayati Chowdhury

Ethereal moist eyes
So blue and deep
I almost drowned
In the depth of her snowy azure sea
Her eyes were like
Ocean of emotions
Grief sailed like a ship
Glimpsed from afar.
A tear drop trickled down
When she blinked
That droplet composed a verse
In mournful theme.
Her austere eyes
Cautiously evaded all
She seemed confined to
Her forbidden world
She cloaked her distress
With her darting lids
Her heaving breath
Silently expressed her grief
Her pain must have accumulated
Over the years and years
Like sand particles accrue
To form barren islands.
Her melancholic eyes
Pierced through my heart
I wanted to comfort her
She disembarked from the bus.
The remarkable eyes
Its soreness so touching
And she will remain forever
A beholder’s “anonymous eyes”

My Country India

a poem by Jayati Chowdhury

Land of amazing people,
Hub of diverse culture,
Heart of religious tolerance,
That’s my motherland India.

Freedom that’s only 57 years old,
Revolution of young generation already in vogue.
Wait for years another score,
The progress will be more and more.

Innovations in cuisine
Essence of different tastes,
Tangy, saucy, hot and spicy,
That has won laurels, east and west.

Where elders are respected,
And young ones are adored,
We are all bonded to each other,
With love culture, festivals and folklore.

That’s incredible India!
Irresistible it’s temptations.
A lifetime’s tour package of
Mystery, adventure, rhapsody and hope.

Raised in the land of great souls!
Simple natives yet in modern role.
In every nook and corner of the world,
Warmth of an Indian, well known.


a poem by Jayati Chowdhury

Melancholic eyes
A solitary reflection
Colorless mind
Life’s lost appeal

No respite
From muddled conditions
Abandoned mind
Translating all errors

Tormenting nights
Hoax of pleasure
Clayed ecstasy
Pottered by torture

Goaded to
A vicious circle
Loneliness now
Is an obsession

Delicate feelings
Faith in bond
Crumple like
A house of cards

Soulful moan
Comprehend my distress
Restore me
With your love

And so I write!

a poem by Jayati Chowdhury

Perceive nothing in the nothingness
yet thoughts are eulogized
although expressionless, it rhymes
too complex to decipher-
and in this incognito world
I too want to write!

Unlike others I am but a mediocre
present is all I have, can’t muse over my past
far and wide crypt like ambiance
too insensitive to envisage all is normal
but in this incognito world
I too want to write!

War and nuclear fear
progression has by products
pain, suffering and humiliated tears
dereliction every where
anyway, in this incognito world
I too want to write!

I cannot cry for the polluted air
as I know I am one of those who never cared,
bottleneck life- is my kismet
and so I continue to survive
as in this incognito world
I too want to write!

Never loved enough to hate anyone
accumulating credit, to fly my own kite
covetous world never bothered
after all, love is archaic, cash is all
yet in this incognito world
I too want to write!

After composing how many rumbles
will I be regarded as a poet?
After ditching how many lovers
will I be the Juliet? Is all that matters
and so in this incognito world
I too want to write!

Want to write…
about my struggle to coexist
with the fear of oblivion,
to prove at every step
I am also at parity to one and all
plead that I, insignificant-
can also add on to values

That if I know not to compliment
I will never condemn
that my revolutionary mundane mind
will always protest,
where disparity is inevitable
my rumbles will be portent
that in this Byzantine world
I will live till the end
curve out the piece that I am entitled
life- I will live in accord
and write the epitaph
I left with no regrets at all

And so…
in this incognito world
I write!


a poem by Jayati Chowdhury

With you I delved into a world-
A world of love and glory
Where humble expectations
Has turned to reality.

Love-struck souls, we were,
Unfurled our emotions
We had walked down the aisle
To say “I do”

My pulsating heart in you and yours in mine,
Passionate bodies entwined-
We would often drown in each other
Only to be bathed with rapture.

A bundle of joy-
Our tribute to each other.
Cradling the precious in our arms,
Dazed to see our creation!

Fog had often blurred our vision,
A tear drop razed it away.
With a smile, a hug and a kiss
We had kindled ourselves.

Rutted path we often had to tread on
Stabbed with anguish we still moved on
Love and being loved- our solace
We triumphed over all odds

Welded with love and integrity
Relishing the warmth of togetherness
You and I embraced in the arms of ecstasy
Our journey continues…

Chronicle of the deserted room

a poem by Jayati Chowdhury

The same concrete walls
its lilac tinge has succumbed to time
the yawning space glaring-
ardent to unfold the undisclosed.
Sunlight forcing through the holes
she stood at the dead center
of the murky deserted room.

If the walls could speak-
would tell all, about the blood spots
one night with gaping wound
how he had pleaded for shelter
she screamed out of fear, apprehending the worst.
Alas! She found a knight
near her feet, unconscious.

The walls would tell how
she nursed him back to health
and how her folks damned her to hell.
Love besieged loyalty to her land-
“traitor, betrayer” they all called her.
Alone she fought for love so novel
‘humanity’ she thought would prevail.

The room- testimony of the past
still echoes the moans of the vibrant moments
when the wretched bold lovers,
condoning arched eyebrows,
engaged themselves in entrancing dance.
Fearing none as they held each other
defying uncertainty of the future.

The walls silently stood witnessing
how anxiously he turned her to face them all
that night, as he departed stealthily
and pledged to return before long.
Silhouetted in the dark she stood still
brushing aside a tear drop, she smiled
her love would retrace in a short while.

The walls would testify how she had wailed
when her faith in love shattered,
the moments had no conviction for her future
left alone to make love to her misfortune.
Her unfulfilled dreams relentlessly mocked at her
she buried her soul unceremoniously
and sacrificed her body to imposed matrimony.

Years have passed; she has not entered the room
the walls refreshed the aching times of yore
as she encountered her haunting past.
She has finally come to bury her vibrant eon
a sepulchral aura – alone she mourned,
her wrinkled eyes, closed for a brief moment
thus concluding- chronicle of the deserted room.


a poem by Jayati Chowdhury

Heart swell with grief
When I think of you,
How you have been before
And now, alas! How are you.

Ever since I remember
Your strong hands cuddling me
My hero, the first man in my life-
That’s how I have always adored you

You don’t remember
My first love letter that you read
We laughed to our heart’s content
While Ma glared at us with rage.

To do or not to do-
The dilemma you were part of
Together we had resolved
Issues unnumbered.

You don’t remember how sad you were
The following day of my wedding.
I still recall your weeping eyes
When you bade me farewell.

You don’t remember how excited you were
To see your grandchild cackling and giggling.
The joy that was mirrored in your eyes
Seems to have gone astray.

You don’t remember our struggle-
To keep your memory alive
Devastated we are
To see you wilting away

It stabs me to ruminate
You smile at me not knowing who am I
I know at times you look at me
But your eyes reflect no emotion.

I cry aloud at times, ‘Baba, Baba’
It reverberates without any response
Your smell, your touch and you look the same
Although amidst us yet you are far, far away!

We are waiting for that miracle-
When Alzeihmer’s patients like you
Will come out of that trance
And be ‘The Baba’ I knew

(Dedicated to Alzeihmer’s patients)

Love is…

a poem by Jayati Chowdhury

Love is the feeling
“You have always been mine”
Love is the freedom
“Wherever you are, you are mine”
Love surrenders to no confinement
Love is to love without reciprocation.
Love is the scent in the fresh free air,
Carts away burden of fear;
Love is like a lotus
So pure – even, amidst mud and muck,
Love is to surrender
To the notions of love.
Love is the taste of wine
Bitter yet so sweet and refined,
Love heals all discontent
A zephyr after thunderstorm.
Love is not in captivity of a body
Love is the soul, immortal
Love is the belief
That guides all to tread the path of love
Love is not a destination
It’s the everlasting journey of joy-
Love is…

Holi hai!

a poem by Jayati Chowdhury

The trees smile with their sprout
Of tender leaves and blooming flowers,
Eternal nature with its transient expression
Hails spring! with ecstasy and joy!
Bewildering shades with so many tinge
The land of beauty and greatness
India, witnessing colour of happiness and peace.
Nation come alive to enjoy the spirit
A celebration of colour- holi!
An experience of content, harmony and delight.

Holika burns amidst merriment and mirth-
Evil overpowered by love and devotion.
A festival to commemorate ‘rash lila’-
An enduring love saga of radha and Krishna.

Gulal – red, green, yellow and countless
A day’s canvas – a riot of colours.
Lively crowd running hither and thither,
Rainbow of colours, dashing from every nook and corner.
Disregarding their woe and despair
Fervent folks, rejoicing at the marvel of colours.
A day filled with luster and gaiety,
A day to smear our dreams-
With a splash of vibrant frenzy colours.
Holi hai! A spring of unbounded fun and frolic…

His muse?

a poem by Jayati Chowdhury

Wearying monotonous journey,
Clink-clank rambling of the train in motion
The shrill cry of the whistle,
Alone in the valley, he waits-
Is the intolerable clamor
His muse?

The long haul flight after midnight
Rupturing the tranquil, took off,
Lone figure in the terrace
Looking up at the sky-
Is the incoherent sound
His muse?

The barren landscape, ripped off its green glory
Dusty wind carrying grimy fragrance,
Walking downhill
His body smeared with dirt-
Is the bleak countryside
His muse?

The sparkle blemished
Carcass muck and litter hover,
‘boat ride’ a lost splendor,
Sitting by the edge with pen and leaf-
Is the sullied creek
His muse?

Silhouetted in the past,
Reckoning the pain of wrecked bond
And broken rhapsody,
An outline in the dusk-
Is the unfinished love saga
His muse?

The mundane mishmash-
Household and office chores
Natives yelling amidst uproar,
Lonely in the crowd-
Is the mayhem
His muse?

Scribbling ceaselessly
Emotion and event in medley,
He wanders in the darkness
His unfathomable thought-
Unable to answer
What is his muse?

Granny’s quest

a poem by Jayati Chowdhury

Her wrinkled hands were like papers
So fragile with blue veins protruding
Her hands shaking, like a crispy brown leaf,
Distributed candies- safely shunted in her
big black trunk.
Unlike the other days she did not lock the trunk
Was she aware of the call?
She had her dinner with her precious family
And went to bed
Her quest to ‘that other world’ began
Mom found her snoring
in the early hours of dawn
with a streak of black blood
that had oozed out and later dried
‘Ma ma’ she shouted
but granny was in a deep sleep
she never stirred.
She snored for one full week
And then suddenly her snoring ceased
She has reached ‘that other world’ mom said.


a poem by Jayati Chowdhury

All moments are transient
It was juvenile few days ago,
We only had the wealth – our love
It was good to be outdoors
He and I, detached from the bustle
Holding hands, reeling and singing songs
Drunk in each other.
Sleeves rolled up to build the sand castle
And then we let the salty water
to drown us in each other

The tide had washed away the sand castle
Leaving a retrospection of the moment

Tantalized by the shiny glittering world
We lost each other to an uncongenial life
It had began with cracking jokes
Aimed at the highest common factor-
‘mastering wealth’
neither of us heeding the implication
embarked upon the blasphemy
a journey to the material world.
Accomplishment stood in between us
An occasional peck and a smile
That’s what we had time for.

The quest is over, leaving behind
The footsteps of the peccadillo
regret and desolation
Regret for having faith in our resolution
And desolated to confront the truth
Neither of us took note
Of our lost youth
there’s no one to call us
‘mom’ and ‘dad’
Nothing to look forward to
Exhaustion has absorbed us
The jewels of past time often peep
To mock at our accomplishment
Moments have ripened
And we spend it by contemplating
How it would have been
Had we not mastered wealth
All moments are transient
Soon it would be the end

My Newborn!

a poem by Jayati Chowdhury

The rapture of my membrane,
The excruciating pain,
Can I ever forget that day…
Into my world, you came!

The joy of conceiving.
Yet, agony of nine months,
Nausea and restrictions
Gone astray to see- nature’s divine creation!

The blinking of your eyes,
The irresistible charm of your innocent smile,
Your fragility, so intimidating,
That tears blurred my sight.

The intense bonding
With your first whimper began,
Cradling you in my arms
Our lifelong journey began.