Poems by Jayati

Afford Good Wish

a poem by Jayati

Seasons Greetings!
Happy New Year
Salute 2008
A benign dawn
New begin!
Welcome hope.
Our resolution
Affluent or not
Make the best.
Afford the poorest.

Merry Bombay

a poem by Jayati

Sonata Mumbai
In humble urban
Wait taxi at stand
Go men women.
Phone in hand.
Buds way to school find.

Get pleasure low profile.
Top cool modicum Ganesha live here.
Please not sneer.
Shelter of the poor
Turtle win race.
Struggles note earn.

For a better tomorrow bear.
Hope in progress.
Roads in process.
Culture and science
Bollywood stay fit.
Escape from stress!


a poem by Jayati

Wait a minute
Clean road
Deadly toad
Clean cities
Fox trot
Rot mind.
Culture yardstick
Spit, dirt
Mar the names
Roar, inept
With no real cause
False indict.
Is thus stand?
Disgrace weak
Chuck the meek.
Over stone and sand
Bring into disrepute
Hurl abuse
Chill kind, perfect whiteout!


a poem by Jayati

Man woman
Doable sought.

Jealousy clots.
Blot mind.

Cultivate nature.
Shine bright.

Make world.
Place better.

Up date
Capable beget

Futuristic social
Likewise, deal.

Cultures sophisticate.
Not lament.


a poem by Jayati

Phantom cheers optimism.
Through my window, olive, green.
Stroll opportunity saunter serene.
Daydream sunlit, dress fresh.
Sweet twitters chirrup chi.
Fasten life force.
Breathe courage
Spirit walks.


a poem by Jayati

Tortures of permissive society
Wake up to uncertainty.
Insecurity knock bottom of soul.
In hearts of young and old
Relationship doldrums bore a hole.

State criteria follow responsible facts.
Fabric freedom hammers tax.
Sly nooses of inattention laxity, binds.
No graceful thought, memo sums.
Officers save skin as per rule paragraphs.

Yet life sizes innumerable accounts
On surface problem solves.
Protected wolves cry from woods.
Forced attentions divert mass.
Furtive ignore calculative mistakes.

Wring, cringe, never outspoken.
Earn, burn, dissipate, twist
Between very own, choose basics
Mass in turn a battle of wits.
Take last resort, stab behind backs.

Wear weapons, of pseudo altruism.
A foundation for fast buck draws idea
Aggressive commotions wear banners via…
Grapevine, rumour, entertainment, mass media
Daily chants, news, views, use corrupt connections.


a poem by Jayati

Bespoke befits your God my God

Your God my God his God her God
Right God left God – go God stay God.

Follow my God. not your God, convert.
When not, then hit you. Beat you, shoot.

Fight you, insult. humiliate, ill treat.
So far so good, jolt. Fears thunder, threat.

Sorry no, no, please do wait.
Think over inculcate.

Your God my God his God her God
Right God left God – go God stay God.

Let world submit. To A B C regulate
Make earth inhabit. A place, populate.

Appreciate bit by bit understand
Somewhat, encircle straight.

Just a week, experiment.
Of 365, few days, extract.

Your God my God his God her God
Right God left God – go God stay God.

World north south, east west
A day; in Hebrew responsibly chant.

To Judaism convert, results wait.
All around, can that halt crime?

That those work, no one pinches or cheats.
None, no one con, hurt inflicts pain.

End; commit wrong, damage, burglary, theft.
Prevent; incidents of rout crush defeat.

All worlds at a time one after another convert
For a day thus to Islam, Zoroastrian, or Rastafarian

To Shinto, Voodoo, Mormon, Hindu
Buddhist, Cabbala, Scientologist, Christian

Is that a particular passport to peace?
Can a day in the life each hence, flawless reach?

Of my God your God his God her God
Follow my God, and not your God; convert.

Of religion, then why should there be politics of heaven?
When unable are the dim-witted, forcing agenda to keep fit!

Wily fanatics, fraud man for hegemony, leave not God alone, rob image.
Each of us knows, how sustain or not a bond God as one feel, befit please.


a poem by Jayati

Delightful Meetings

Autumn showers
Beckon rhythms
Rain and thunder
Dancing winds
Patchwork clouds
Stitched across sky
Sunny smiles
Buoyantly flies.

Hide and seek
Noisy children
Boisterous buoy
Dreamy influences.
Beat of drums
Conjure visions.
Early day’s store
Trace reminiscence.

Customary norm
Homecoming ritual
Numinous image
Of Bengali convention
A trip every year in anticipation
Ma Durga visits her mother in reunion.
Give and take, exchange smiles, greetings.
Attain festive celebrations, delightful meetings.

We India Pride

a poem by Jayati

Cannot smash or break
Thus the sick
Watch the trend.

From where
The audacity
To systematic, assassinate
The guardians
Of our society and country
Confuse the public.

New Years Dance no Ball
Park Road flash brawl
Among both responsible
In a row follow
Hurt defence
Malicious drives.

As our
Republic day nears
Even the poised
Swish pen piercing.

Who are vomiting puss?
On our borders, on our shoulders
On our sense of understanding
Or are blackmailing whom in moribund?
Immunity our priorities it is useless
Try mischief; get paid back by the same coin.
Defence will roar into consuming the detractors.
We Pride in our Defence System it keeps us robust.

Budding Affair

a poem by Jayati

Cognisant petals grace
Blossoms in vase
Fragrance embrace

Soft scents
Colours thrust
Sense burst

Come into flowers
Shine in confidence
Bloom out splendour

Red, orange, cream
Sweetened dreams
Purple, grandeur

Lustre magenta
Love adore
Pledge truce

Ease tired eyes
Pastel hues soothe
Weary relax, cured nerves

An Infinite Self Portrait

a poem by Jayati

Ok, you are, so am I, yes ok.
Face is the index of mind.
Real in-depth portrayed.
Make up not

Do need tell more?
Everybody is somebody
Does ever be any nobody?
More or less, never
Ever so!

To know nevertheless
Who is who worthy or worthless?
Bio data accounts for numerous balances!
Periods wipe traces of epoch legendary, time races.
Why do wonder to feel self in all and all linked to all in embraces?
Clever, dull, object, subject, time cement animate inanimate installs.


a poem by Jayati

Domicile address habitat.
Urban rural houses residence.

Quarter lodges members.
Hotels find beds, fatigued in.

Group together relate fit.
Neighbourhood, districts.

Refuge, safe haven
Country house, hut meant.

Shelter is somewhere live.
Cosy nests, dreamy cottages.

Place of safety protection.
Build up fortification.

Rest in security, safeguard.
‘Home sweet home’ homewards!

Do Make

a poem by Jayati

Read me
Feed me
Seed me

Need me
Breed me
Deed me

Ride a steed
Guide a lead
Said, read


a poem by Jayati

High Spirits
Gas drinks
Flatulence brings
Gas floats, lies

Gas saves lives
Gas sustains
Gas excesses
As well kills

Boast tout brag
Gaseous strikes
Power blows
Blow hot blow cold

Svelte Lancet

a poem by Jayati

Swami Vivekananda spoke
“All truth is eternal. Truth is nobody’s property;
No race, No individual can lay any exclusive claim to it.
Truth is the nature of all souls.”

If you think, God is yours
The truth is God is ours.
As we, all are His.

If you think, God punishes
The truth is, false.
As we, know God loves.

If you think, God is just a name
The truth is in oratorio.
As we speak multiple tongues.

If you think, God is fair
The truth is He is Rainbow colours.
We experience, just look around.

God is Truth, not property, tucked away in vaults.
Right to know the truth is everyone’s.
Swami Vivekananda words.

“Truth cures, even when, like the surgeons knife, it hurts”
The above note of Hun Suyin is her practical voice.
However, some may feel hurt that impartial God to all belongs.
Forcing impositions fear and threats will bring in no results.
Limber up conquer with love fruit bears, winning over the universe.