Poems by Jaya Ramchandani

The uninitiated

a poem by Jaya Ramchandani

Abandon the anechoic darkness
kill the indolence
ride the waves that manipulate time
red blue… red blue
this is madness
seven sins
a sin… is a sin… is a sin
get up, stand up, scoot… scurry… scramble
I woo you… you woo him…
deranged world
banal people
Am I one of them?
The big joke is me
fifty floors up
I have a colossal aura
Love is… an endless aching need
I’m waiting for that feeling
I’m waiting for that feeling
I’m waiting for that feeling
to come
Is it in his kiss?
Coffee for two
it’s not raining.

Fingers – motion – spiral

a poem by Jaya Ramchandani

Random thoughts forming shapes
Sinuous shapes
Shapes… letters… words
Sometimes words diminish the feeling
Sometimes words opiate it
Feelings – constructively consume me
First my mind… then my body
Trapped… enthused by you
Mind travel
To antediluvian times
Walls of ornate design
Cold marble
Pressing against my skin
Fire burning
Against yours
Fingers – motion – spiral
Posture escalates
Back in the bedroom
Cigarette lit
Just you and me and a bottle of wine

Right, left, right again

a poem by Jaya Ramchandani

‘I’m a tad bit bored,
but that’s alright’
said the kid
while he painted away
sirens… balloons… tiny crabs
whatever it is he thought of second
after a while
he decided to leave
carrying his stick
rattling it
against the steel bars
that lined the raildoad.


‘Daddy promised he’d come’
cried the little boy
to the man in the grey shirt
the man waited with him
a long while
they watched the door
beyond the door
the tired workers
the men spitting paan
the cyclists racing
the dead bird
he listened
to those nagging doubts
‘daddy’s a liar’


The train raced across
the yellow light
behind the greyblue drapes
the october heat
seeps in
through the bars.

A pessimistic view…

a poem by Jaya Ramchandani

Shrinking independence
Common man
Chaos and crime
Boosting image
Social groups
Generation gap
Grim reality
Cosmic radiation
Intelligent life
Private sector
Deterioration in growth
Simple systems
Environmental problems
Prostate cancer
The noise argument
Unfavourable turbulence
Crushed and oppressed
Act of parliament
Global competition
Germ infested wheat
Complex behaviour
Gandhi’s words
Running through my head
“Be the change…
You want to see in the world”