Poems by Jatina Thakkar


a poem by Jatina Thakkar

Admits the busy life of mine,
When every thing was fine,
An occurrence happened to me,
I’ll tell about which in gee.
A name got added to my life,
Effect it had like that of a knife.
The name that I am talking about,
Presence of it, in my life counts.
The purpose is quite very obvious,
I guess, to know you are very curious.
Curious, you ought to be,
For, a friend you are to me.
My friend and my companion,
‘Three cheers’ to our union.
You give notice to my presence,
Every act of mine, you do sense.
Advise you give me, in conditions very dual.
Nice you be to me, in suit ions very crucial.
Adoration you shower on me, for a smart out-fit,
Appreciation, you cover me with, for an act of true fit.
Blessed I am by your wisdom,
Confessed, at times of an act so dumb.
Important always you make me feel,
Knowledge of which is a way, my heart to heal.
When sad am I, your heart do cry,
You strive, for my sadness to fly.
A smile on my face you long to see.
You try hard to give it to me.
And my face when lightens up with a smile,
Your happiness races up a mile.
A position I hold in your heart shows your deeds,
An impression of which, on my heart, feels.
Obliged I am by your care and affection.
Fetched from your heart of fair distribution.
A subtle magic, you have made on me.
Which makes little, my world, for me to see.
My day begins, my day ends,
With a mind, full of your thoughts send.
A day without, your sweet face before my eyes,
Craves, my heart for a glance and it cries.
And by now I am sure,
You must have guessed it, for
The sole these line pinpoints to,
Stupid fool, it is certainly you.

Little Words

a poem by Jatina Thakkar

Through a little word ‘thanks’, I will not express.
For it seems trivial.
One word cannot parallel thousand moments.
Moments spent together, filled with fun and frolic,
…filled with love and care.
The finest reward to those would be,
A place in my ‘heart’.
An event in my memories – a most valuable treasure
A treasure to cherish,
A treasure to clamp till my last breath.

My Dad

a poem by Jatina Thakkar

Unbearable the moments are!!
But inevitable, the truth is.
My heart feels heavy, my head empty,
With the thought again!…
“Where… is my DAD?”

Questions so many!. unanswered!
Where can I find Him!?
Where can I get Him!?
How can I see Him!?
How can I feel Him!?

It hurts!! my heart cries.
With the thought again!
“Where… is my DAD?”
Intolerable the moments are!!
But inevitable, the truth is.
My destiny it is.
But, why me?
Maimed; I feel,
Deprived of his love and care,
Why God has been so unfair?

I crave for His touch.
I crave for His cuddle.
I crave for His glance, at least once;
But;.it goes futile.
Nothing can be done.
It has happened
I feel rueful,
I feel dejected,
I feel crippled,
Without him near me.
Why did He flee?
I feel looted.
Who has this booty?
Can I get it back?
I want it;
Whom to plea;?
To give it to me.

I wish it to be undone,
And His presence return.
I wish to go back,
And hold the moments, tight
And never let it happen right.

How can I stay in my present?
With the truth blend,
In my body and soul.
A truth from which I wish to get away.
To a place where I can say
“I love you, DAD”, with a warm touch

But inevitable – the truth is.
My destiny it is,
To be deprived off, always
With question unanticipated!
“Where -..is my DAD?”

My Heart Says…

a poem by Jatina Thakkar

One God there is, above all,
They call Him “The Almighty”
His presence, till the infinity.
He is there, they say,
To avert all wrong into right.
A matter of trust, it is,
He is there by your side – it feels,
Through all thick and thins.
He plays this role,
Though, I see no soul,
With dripping eyes,
Out of heart overwhelmed with pleasure
In delight to perceive, The Almighty
In delight to feel His warmth, or
To hear Him say.
In a way alike, I play
Play my life
With the ones I love.
Those who are near me
And are my dear ones.
I can feel their warmth
I can hear them say.
I get their cuddles.
I give them kisses.
… My PA
But when…
When my PA is not around,
Those things are not found.
Where he is gone, who knows?
Though to my heart, he was so close.
So then… where to find?
The warmth of those lonesome hands.
The voice of those humble words.
The sentiments of those tender caress.
The pleasure of those passionate kisses.
And then
He is there, they say,
To avert all wrong into right.
A matter of trust, it is,
He is there by your side – it feels
Nevertheless, since this time is on
Will HE come to endure the gone?
… to replace those words, kisses, caresses?
Will He come to me…
… come with those affectionate hands?
… with those tender caress?
… with those romantic words?
But how can HE?
When we all see
See the truth
That no soul can affirm,
“I have witnessed the almighty”
“I have felt his warmth”
“I have heard him say”
However strong the trust, no worth.
However mighty the supremacy, no pith.
When unable it is, to give me,
That what I crave for – those events.
The same state of life.
The same state of mind.
The same state of haven.
My heart denies… all the time.
With an answer… difficult to find.
How to trust an image?
Does it come out of it’s cage?
It has never happened to me.
So then…
How to believe the unseen.