Poems by Jasbir Nagpal

Right or Wrong

a poem by Jasbir Nagpal

Years advance, time goes by
You slowly learn to walk
First with help, later alone
One learns by experience
Mistakes make you grow
Knowledge takes over the ignorance
All that is piled up
Mostly oral, some in books

You have to be prepared
To face life boldly
Every step, situation unique
You do your best, but that’s
Not good enough for the rest
You find you are too simple
For the world that does one thing
And believes in something else

Someone said “Do your job,
Not for the sake of rewards”
No yardstick to measure the
Correctness of your actions
In this world, you are
An individual, all alone
You make your decisions
Right or wrong
Only time will tell


a poem by Jasbir Nagpal

Tides come and tides go
But some waves come with the force
That clears everything on the shore
You start with a fresh slate
With all vigour and the lore
It makes you feel you are reborn
You want to breathe in more

Air is fresh and vibrant
You look up to your goal
Everything gets enlivened
You put you best foot forward
Wave goes through ups and downs
It knows your problems
Tries to laugh and cry with you
Becomes apart of your own

That is the wave which
Brings some meaning
Humour and fun
Tells you to rise from the ashes
Asks to forget the crashes
It whispers into your ears
Slowly get up from the dumps
A lot lies ahead of you

Life Attitude

a poem by Jasbir Nagpal

We are all simple human beings
No one is ideal, nobody is perfect
Having whims, fancies and moods
None of us is heavenly God
Something good, something bad
Somewhere correct, somewhere wrong
Stay on ground, where we belong

We all have our jobs to do
Some destined, some assigned
Many to obey, a few to design
Chairs are a few, many to climb
Ways many, a few ultimately find
Always easier to find fault and criticise
On your shoulders, jobs look oversize

Yes, It is the chair that matters
How you behave, how you run the show
Goes to speak a lot about you
You leave the tracks that stay
Week after week, day after day
It is the image that you create
Still lingers when you go away

Your environment and surroundings
You cannot radically change it
Dreams, facts and bitter realities
Have to face and slowly arrange
Let the bygones be bygones
You have to forget the bitter past
Learn to live with what is in hand


a poem by Jasbir Nagpal

World was not built in a day
Neither the friendship you cherish
Someone sends a signal
It makes you soft somewhere
You feel like responding
To the friendly hand
To the refreshing air
That created the ambience
The smile wins you over
Friendship grows on you

Through thick and thin
A friend is with you
You enjoy the sunshine
Face a plenty of rains
Someone by your side
World is not that morose
Through dreary paths
Feeling of togetherness
Patches of happiness
Sees you through

Life is all full of fun
Sandwiched between fights
It’s the reconciliation
That keeps you alive
Real friends are a few
Rest are all give and take
Most are like motels
You pay and stay
On a long journey
To your goal far away

Someone lives for money
Someone for fame
The power corrupts far many
Physical appearance and beauty
Attracts far many more
Very few derive pleasure
Being friendly and help all
It’s their poise and nature
That they are friendly to all

Work is God

a poem by Jasbir Nagpal

Some of us believe in God
God created this earth
Woman, man, day and Night
Man living in a society
created some concepts
We call them right and right

Your right may not be mine
Your wrong may start a fight
All of us need some space
To live and move together
When we confront each other
Your left becomes my right

Our paths may be different
But goals are the same
Something to look forward to
Some definite purpose of life
Someone who cares for you
A sprinkle of fun around
All through day and night

Some do not believe in God
For them work is the worship
Believe all humans are equal
Ask them what is goodness
Live, let live- Don’t hurt anyone
They say would be good for all.