Poems by Janaki Rani

Living in Dreams

a poem by Janaki Rani

Two lives I live together,
Each one as vivid as the other.
Real life and dream life shuffle casually,
Which is which I wonder usually.

Working hard, I burned the midnight oil,
But wasted all my toil,
By forgetting the date of examination.
Oh no! I graduated with distinction.

My pregnant sister-in-law ignores my plea,
To turn around and look at me.
In sorrow, my heart aches profoundly.
Oh! She hands me her baby fondly.

My brothers are playing loud music,
The vibration of glass panes is terrific.
A happy family reunion on a holiday,
Oh! They are thousands of miles away.

I am married to a penniless beggar,
I couldn’t have a sorrow bigger.
My parents sent me to this doom,
Oh no! They are looking for a well-to-do groom.

As I write, my vision blurs dully,
I feel heavy and can’t open my eyes fully.
My hands are stuck to the paper.
Oh no! I am typing in my computer.

The Last Love

a poem by Janaki Rani

Sun and moon are waiting lovers,
Giving up after twelve hours.

Forever late rainbow woos the rain,
But his charms are in vain.

With love, wind carries the cloud,
But she protests in thunders aloud.

Fragrance lingers around the flower,
When she withers, he deserts her.

Sea is in love with the beach,
His hands keep on trying to reach.

Dew falls in love with grass at night,
But flees at the broad daylight.

With lightning the mushroom has a crush,
Only to lose her love in a flash.

Funny People

a poem by Janaki Rani

What a funny thing happened to me!
The more I think about it,
The weirder it gets.
One evening, I finished shopping.
The sky was gloomy and darker than usual.
But nobody bothered to switch on the lights.
People managed to walk in the dark roads,
Without bumping into each other.
The vehicles zipped past without headlights.
Funny people, aren’t they?
But they kept gazing and staring at me.
One gentleman helped me cross the road.
He kindly suggested that I own a dog.
Very funny!
At home, the lights were so dim.
Confused, I phoned my brother.
He asked a funny question:
“Where are your sunglasses?”
Damn my forgetfulness,
I don’t know where I put them.


a poem by Janaki Rani

You are unpredictable, oh my heart!
A word of scorn tears you apart.
Flattery makes you flutter with delight,
Treachery leaves you in terrible plight.
Given many choices, you waver critically,
Given no choices, you whine pathetically.
You gain friends, by being generous,
You lose them, by becoming jealous.
You reach the pinnacle with strong will,
But easily succumb to habits that are evil.
You melt on seeing others pain,
But ruthlessly hurt them again.
There is no one who understands,
How to satisfy your sundry demands.

Diamond Moments

a poem by Janaki Rani

It was a silent and breezy night,
Only the stars shedding the soft light.
Hand in hand we walked,
Only our hearts talked.
He gave a gift to steal my heart,
‘He is my gift’, I thought.
In our soul, heavenly tunes, cupid played.
Let the time stand still, I prayed.
But the waves of life,
Never cease their strife.
Though ,for all my life, the magic moments will linger,
Whenever I see the diamond on my finger.