Poems by Jamuna Parameswaran

Nature – A New Bride

a poem by Jamuna Parameswaran

She is always bedecked like a new bride,
sometimes shy, sometimes timid,
especially when her lover comes near,
That’s when spring touches her.

She flushes in hot anger, the very thought,
that she is forced to leave her family,
brings a rage and heat inside her,
God! she has to leave her loved ones,
That’s when summer touches her.

She sheds tears of sorrow and parting,
those familiar faces will be gone,
gone! those fun and laughter filled times
all her friends and near ones gone,
that’s when rain touches her.

She is cold when she enters her new household,
God knows, what is in store for her,
a chill of apprehension runs through her,
Will they love her? Will they accept her?
That’s when winter touches her.

Again she smiles, all is well again.
she again has fun and laughter,
now from her new family.
She becomes happy, bright and colourful.
Again spring has come back!

Yes! Yes! dear love nature! you are also a new bride
and a beautiful bride lie all of us,
and you too have your seasons.

Woman’s Day

a poem by Jamuna Parameswaran

She’s called Ma Shakti,
may be that is why all her talents and shakti are not used fully.

She’s called the creator,
may be that is why her creativity and feelings are wasted.

She is called the hand that rocks the cradle and rules the world,
may be that is why she is killed in the cradle in some places.

She is called the woman behind a man’s success,
may be that is why she is not allowed to compete let alone succeed.

She is called the light of my life,
may be that is why in some places she is lit and burnt.

She is called a flower,
may be that is why she is beaten, tortured and wilted.

Yes yes yes, may be that is why,
may be that is why Woman’s Day is celebrated on March 8th.

We won actually

a poem by Jamuna Parameswaran

You came, you saw, you conquered,
or so you thought;
yes may be you caused us lots of damage,
both to human lives and properties;
some of us even lost our loved ones.

But you did not see that after you stopped trembling,
we did not still break, as always.
We are in fact even more united.

We will rebuild the castles and forts we lost,
as we have new blood in our veins now.

Blood that Hindus gave to the Muslims
and Muslims to the Christians,
blood that poor gave to the rich and rich gave back.

See, you succeeded in uniting us.

Now we will build a better Gujarat and a better India.

Ha ha ha! We won, actually you lost,
as now we are united.