Poems by James Louis A

In search of peace

a poem by James Louis A

My mind wanders for peace,
From anxieties a lease.
A day where it can rest;
Is there end to the quest?

For a friend longs my heart,
Another self to part
Troubles, thoughts and tire;
Is there need so dire?

My body aches for rest
From work which I detest,
Serving man and his ways;
God! Are there better days?

At the Graveyard

a poem by James Louis A

The large church bell rang,
I walked unheeding
With sorrowful pang
And my heart bleeding.
The church choir sang
My mind was crying.

I entered the yard
I went to the grave
Memories onward
Surged wave after wave
Broke my heart so hard
Tears I could not save.

I calm with a sigh,
A new thought I bear:
For others gone by
Do I truly care?
After all – why cry
When I’m going there?

My Blindness

a poem by James Louis A

A dark world I live in;
I know not for what sin.
But like this was I born,
With both my eyes gone.

I knew of it slowly,
When I heard the word ‘see’.
Others came with this word-
Bright words in my dark world.

If only I had eyes,
Oh! For this my heart cries.
Oh! Just for a moment-
Then back into torment.

Then I would see sunlight!
Above the sky so bright,
Below beautiful trees,
Gently swayed by the breeze.

Each and every creature,
Carefully carved by nature.
But soft! What do I hear?
There are others I fear.

It’s a world of sorrow,
For both high and low.
It’s full of evil spite,
Horrible to the sight.

If it is in this plight,
I do not wish for sight.
Dark is your world of sight.
My dark world is more bright.

My Childhood

a poem by James Louis A

My childhood days
Forever lays
Within my mind
Though far behind.
The days I spent,
Joys shared and lent
All sorrows swept
Though much I wept.

The innocent
Pure excitement
At even least
Funniest feast.
The books I read
Guided and led.
Thoughts of the games
Played, and their names.

Places I knew
Haunts of a few
Always a view
Of something new.
Loving and loved
Or crying loud
For everything
Least bothering.

No worries known
No problems borne,
Very merry
Not a hurry.
But now, alas!
Cruel time has
Inflicted loss
Without a cause!

People I knew
So lovely too.
The friends I had:
Thoughts make me sad.
Now I’ve many
A company
But I’m alone
Among unknown.

That innocence
Or its essence
That precious care
I lost somewhere.
The days I spend
Do truly tend
To make me mad
Or very sad.

Where are those days
That set ablaze
Both mind and heart
Upon life’s start
With joy and love
So scarce now
That none can find
In heart or mind?

Memories light
Embers in sight
By time smothered
By shroud covered.
Was it a dream?
So it does seem,
All those green glades
Now have dark shades.

Was it a trick
That ended quick
Played by time
On time so prime?
My heart does cry
To time – Don’t fly
Oh! Return back
Childhood I lack!

A night in the village

a poem by James Louis A

The moon alone in the sky
Looks like the sky’s only eye
Whose look graces my village –
Of peace and warmth an image.

The sky is silent and dark
Mellowed by the brightest spark
Unadorned by star or cloud-
A rare beauty spoken loud!

The green trees are now darker
With a slight touch of silver
Where dew dances to wind’s tune
On leaves – singing of the moon.

The air filled with odour sweet
From flowers in their own seat
Intoxicates my fresh mind
Made tired by city grind.

Far off beyond lonely fields
The dark hills, from city, shields
Those, of schools, tools, unaware –
Full of love and peace so rare.


a poem by James Louis A

Dear spring is back again,
The winter it has slain.
Bringing the touch of life,
Stinging the coldest knife.

Young leaves are peeping out,
Tender green filled with doubt.
With grass the plains are drowned,
It is green all around.

Bright, blue sky, without smear –
Air so fresh, cool and clear.
Air filled with cries of birds,
Plains filled with joyous herds.

Plants alive with flowers
Of so many colours.
Nature’s best, like mirror
Reflects the smooth river.

After such a long night,
Without a green in sight,
It is once again dawn,
And all green, without fawn.

My Cat

a poem by James Louis A

She walks with a majestic air,
Each step she puts with queenly care.
My house is her kingdom – beware;
No one shall to invade it dare!

She wears a purely golden crown.
A queen would have envied her gown,
Made of fresh, true, untreated fur,
Which she grooms every other hour.

With silence as her only bow
And every claw as an arrow,
She executes enemy rats
And frightens away rival cats.

Bright and wide are her melting eyes,
Her small face is so cute and nice.
But just because she cannot chat,
She’s not a human, but a cat!


a poem by James Louis A

Sin is a thing which is very potent,
But to its antagonist if you pray,
If you really want and do repent,
Then it flees and you are no more its prey.

You can’t avoid it by the body’s skill.
If you want to put it in the dust-bin,
It can only be done by the mind’s will.
Such a thing is sin – the most evil sin.

So do cast away sin with all your heart.
I know it’s easy for me to say it,
But as I said; to do, it’s not an art.
Try; and with joy your future will be lit.

So always remember to avoid sin.
I know that you may falsely think I prate
But if you do it, you will surely win
The best thing for yourself – dear Heaven’s gate!

The Sea

a poem by James Louis A

How nice it is from the hill,
To see the sea so still.
It is dotted with fishing boats,
And fishing lines with floats.

Fish are darting up and down,
Like the antics of a clown.
Waves are lashing the sea shore,
With a strong, loud roar.

Sea gulls are searching for their food,
Fishermen are sorting fish which are good.
I wish I were a sailor,
And go into the sea in a trawler.

Out I go into the deep sea,
Fishing and singing in glee.
But the time is over for fun,
With the setting of the sun.

The Evening

a poem by James Louis A

The evening is coming,
Home the children are running.
The land and the sun has met,
The sky is covered with a red blanket.

Soon the sun will not be,
And there bright moon will be.
The birds are flying home,
No more do they roam.

The birds are in their nest,
And all are at rest.
Soon it will be darkening,
And stars will be sparkling.

Then moon will roam the sky,
And bats start to fly.
But all others are asleep,
In slumber so deep.

The Sparrow

a poem by James Louis A

On a chest there was a sparrow,
And in its beak there was a straw.
It was going to build a nest,
In an old rotten chest.

In a day or two would come its mate,
But I could hardly wait.
I held the young sparrows in my palm,
And that would make them warm.

Their mother would look after them with care,
And her food with them it would share.
Till they were big enough to fly,
And out they go with a joy filled cry.

God’s care and love is such,
That he looks after them so much.

The Volcano

a poem by James Louis A

The volcano is a mountain,
It is like a fountain.
To see it is very beautiful,
But it is not so useful.

Sometimes it can be very rash,
And throws up rock and ash,
High up into the air.
And to go near it no one will care.

And down the hole if we slide,
To the centre of the earth we will ride.
How thrilling and exciting they seem,
As if it were a dream.


a poem by James Louis A

I know not what to say
Of nature and its way
In this little village
Of a long gone by age.

Of words it has robbed me,
By which you might but see
Partly, its beauty fresh
Which my words can’t express.

From this hill as I look
At the nearby long brook
And the far off green hills
My small heart with joy fills.

Below a green carpet
With red roofs sparsely set
In this place, proudly shows
How nature and man goes.

After winding its way
Through the green fields so gay,
The long, slender but lone
Road reaches lands unknown.

The melodious notes
Of peace, from temple floats
Mingles with church bell’s toll
Each knoll, relieving soul.

Prayers rise from the mosque,
Reminding me of dusk
Gloriously approaching
Amidst the sun’s setting.

Sad, I go down to sup
And with a sigh, look up.
And behold, what a sight!
Nature is ever bright!!