Poems by Jagganathan V

The Mask

a poem by Jagganathan V

God created all of us with a beautiful face,
The face that reveals everything the days,
The days that pass through the way,
The way that is invincible, the play,
The play of life, what is or what may,
May or may not, like the waves kept at bay;

Life uncertain, every man is a chameleon at stake,
Changing colours often, nothing is permanent, everything but fake;
Said someone, ‘The face is the index of the mind’,
Barely do I see it, how do I find,
The god given face, the mirror of life, now veiled by a mask,
The mask that hides insecurity, removing it would be an impossible task…

The Stone

a poem by Jagganathan V

What is that keeps running in my mind always,
What is that, which makes me think I am out of the race,
What is that which makes me inferior always,
What is that made me, without god’s grace;

When the blue sky turned an ugly red,
When the bright white stars fell on the earth’s bed,
When the silent waves roared like thousand lions together,
When the beautiful fragrant flowers, started to wither;

I think I was born, a day not to remember,
The ill luck started, it lasts forever;
Everyone convinces me not to be a pessimist,
But what to do, my problem always persist;

I am lucky for now I’ve become the stone,
Nobody now hits me, for they will moan;
They throw me, but still I am the stone,
Brave, proud and invincible, I stand alone…


a poem by Jagganathan V

When a pair of eyes aren’t believed,
When the person at the helm of affairs doesn’t feel relieved,
‘Auditing’ comes into the fray of things,
‘Alarm bells’ if any an auditor rings.

Systematically examining data, analysing data and obtaining audit evidence,
Never shirks off his responsibilities and always portrays a picture of confidence.
He is the need of the hour, his eagle sight,
Left in a dark desert often, yet he is the leading light.

He has drunk fully the river of knowledge, yet his thirst remains to be quenched,
There is a rain of newer and newer things and he has to get really drenched;
Honest to the core, daring as a real soldier, inquisitive as a child,
Effective and efficient always, his approach is either mild or wild.


a poem by Jagganathan V

Loyola, the very name kindles our spirit and passion,
Loyola you are one right step towards the building of a nation.
Lifeless clay we were not knowing, we are to be the men of our time,
You moulded us into beautiful dolls and gave us the encouraging rhyme.

Loyola, you are a blend of physical and mental ecstacy,
Your dynamic presence changes an awful gore into a soft pussy;
You are heaven on earth, a really divine birth,
Blessed are those, who here have got a berth.

The bigger lamps, fill the smaller lamps within their radiance and light,
Now LOYOLA is truly enlightened and provides a lovely sight,
Heads with wisdom, but hearts full of sorrow,
We leave you just as a sailor leaves behind his wife,
To sail against rougher but steadier oceans
To explore the real world of a mystery called “Life”.

When and Where

a poem by Jagganathan V

When mothers were protective as soft feathers,
When fathers we think kept us in fetters,
And where sisters turned out to be painful blisters,
Where every brother big or small became a big bother,
Where uncles many, ever-trustworthy any?
Where aunties boast and took you for a toast,
Where wives were really sharp as knives,
Where husbands were always a bunch of suspense,
Where your children you thought, many cruel lessons you were taught,
Where your dear friends took you to only hairpin bends;
Where else to go? Never do you really know;
But remember when those feathers behind, you could always fly very high,
But never above those dangerous limit, as fetters around, but why then do you sigh?

From Heaven to Earth

a poem by Jagganathan V

Like an angel down to earth, she has set right my imagination,
Beauty at its best, HIS creative creativity’s exhibition;
Heavenly angels, fairies, maidens jealous, swans taken aback by her grace,
‘Death’ don’t come near, I already visualise heaven in her face.

Difficult maybe her creation, but she creates easily my spontaneous feelings,
Her divine beauty, innocent though toxic charm sets in motion, even lifeless ceilings;
The dynamic mighty winds, she turns them into a gentle timid breeze,
And the invincible sun which melts down others, now at her feet would readily freeze.

Nature, the most powerful king bows before her, how different are we?
Who shall possess her? If bestowed with supreme powers it would be me.
Years fly by, she undisputedly remains the queen of youth and beauty,
With her genuine charisma and intricate poise, she leads you to the path of eternity.

Problems aplenty…

a poem by Jagganathan V

Problems aplenty, obstacles in your long way,
Puppets you are, others have the final say;
Your dear friends have turned into deadly foes,
And what’s more, again it rises adding to your woes.

‘It’ keeps up with you, though you take a different turn,
Weary are both the body and the soul as calories burn.
You are staggering all along your gruesome way,
Now you aren’t sure if there can be that bright sunny day.

‘They’ get into you, though you had always got away from ‘them’,
Frustration creeps in, brings about an imbalance in your stem;
Paralysed by the events, a mere statue you stand,
What can you do, but to wait for some magic wand

You immediately question ‘HIM’, why your path isn’t a smooth and joyful ride?
If you are sincere, why from you the solution he has to hide?
He creates ‘them’ too, to make you mentally strong,
When ‘they’ accompany you, you are committed to ensure there isn’t any wrong.

Says he when ‘they’ occur you are lucky to meet,
When they don’t occur, your fruits aren’t sweet.
Treat ‘them’ close to your heart, they provide you the necessary impetus,
To easily glide along your path without any strain or fuss.

Together we achieve miles

a poem by Jagganathan V

The minds are perplexed, the spirits are down,
The ‘days’ are fast approaching, the beautiful faces frown,
Thinks the mind, chose-we the wrong long way?
Enjoy or struggle should we everyday?

Wrapped you are in the blanket of darkness still,
As I suddenly realise everything is God’s will,
‘Impossibility’, I realise isn’t in me now,
Everything can be achieved, only fools would ask how.

Work is worship, dedication is a must,
If you aren’t sincere, you would lick the dust.
Responsibility on young bare shoulders isn’t really worse,
As it will bring you fame and fill your purse.

So wait not, let ‘our’ souls be lifted, let heads be held high,
Rise we brighter and brighter till we meet the sky;
Hurrah! life is now definitely going to be a very smooth ride,
As we achieve together miles of satisfaction and pride.

Friends or foes?

a poem by Jagganathan V

Tired is the body and the soul after their duties of the day,
Sweating profusely, unfortunately is the hottest month of May;
After an hearty dinner, which isn’t as good as an undisturbed sleep,
I have gone into a sleep miraculously cool and deliciously deep.

But my joys were only short-lived and my pleasures disrupted,
When from nowhere a gang of mosquitoes erupted.
Doors closed, windows closed, mosquito repellents coils in rear guard action,
Yet they gain entry into my heaven within a second’s fraction!

First they sit on me rather affectionately and then suck my blood just as my boss does,
Half asleep, half awake, they have put me into a total mess.
When my fellow beings, I find it difficult to manage,
Tiny than those, but stubborn enough cause the maximum damage.

Trusted and affectionate companions, deep in my skin, guard me every night,
Small in stature, yet convince everyone of their prowess and might.
Though I am their foe, rejoicing by murdering their band,
Aplenty they occur again and again, maybe they have some magic wand.

The Real Warriors

a poem by Jagganathan V

Drive away, drive away those cunning infiltrators,
Who are nothing but cruel predators,
Come on Pakistan, Kargil is a part of we,
Either you face our mighty attack or flee.

You must have understood the mighty jawans of our nation,
And of course security to the people was their burning passion,
But one should not forget the efforts of our senior ministers,
For without their able leadership, we couldn’t have driven those sinisters.

None can equal you jawans, your brave and noble deed,
For the new tree of jawans, you’ve sown the seed.
Oh! Jawans your life is a joy and a sorrow,
For you will live for the nation, without knowing whether you will live tomorrow.

A beggar’s cry

a poem by Jagganathan V

Dressed in my filthy rags, I walk down the street,
And I cannot escape from that gruesome heat,
Nor do I escape from the smiles and laughters of the people,
Who treat me as nothing but a rotten apple.

Though me not a statue without any feelings,
Though me treated as a human being but just like ceilings,
Though me proud to be a part of ‘HIS’ creation,
Though me except ‘HIM’ not shown any compassion.

I can only confide in ‘HIM’, he the Almighty,
The titan of sorrow and pity,
To take away that wretched soul of me,
And to make me a servant of thee.

Into a new world

a poem by Jagganathan V

As my eyes wilt, I slowly drift into a state of rest,
Not knowing that I am going to have the day’s best;
Transported into a world – a queer world it was,
Where I could see the wonderful creation of my only boss;

Those beautiful colourful flowers with a silky touch and an irresistible fragrance,
Has a natural power to make me one sing and dance;
Though short their span of glory and beauty,
Makes me feel I am under their captivity;

Then I come across a rare sight,
When I see that the animals in the jungle do not fight,
Instead they cuddle and huddle each other,
And they proudly say that they will always be together;

At last I come across my members, the superior sixth sense creature,
Who continues to be an object of torture;
He has not yet stopped his quarrels, fights, the well known human tendency,
And he has put me in a position of shame, disgrace and hypocrisy.

My dream is shattered, when the sun winks at me,
And I look forward to the day as busy as a bee;
But I cannot forget that dream,
A dream, full of miracles, the miracles of nature I suppose.

The Wrong Act

a poem by Jagganathan V

The most stupid thing, I regret to have done in my life,
It pains me to the core, injured as if with a sharp knife.
Shouldn’t have met her, lost all my magnetism and power,
For the things I’ve done, I can’t look for any cover.

Not to be blamed, I still believe she is innocent,
Everything wrong with me, I was very ignorant;
But don’t blame me for everything, blame my youth and its terrible impact,
But still I accept there are these young men, who are goal oriented and keep their heads intact.

I was going alone steadfast focused on my goals and my kith and kin,
Then there was that deviation causing a detachment, that was really a sin,
The love or lust for her that’s how I would put it,
Has made me to lose myself, I have been badly hit.

I remember her more times, than my effort to forget,
Still lingers deep in my memory, the first time we met.
At times I eat with a lot of fuss, though I am not on a diet,
One thing to acknowledge, she transformed me into a poet.

She was a great friend, don’t know whether she will continue to be,
I slowly understood life is not bound to these, there are a lot of other things to see,
Refresh, though haunted by old memories and I continue to weed my way out,
Any more fatal attraction, infatuation, I do really doubt.


a poem by Jagganathan V

Those nightmares everyone must have suffered in their sleep,
Those thoughts that still make us weep;
Life was like a ‘tower’ between birth and death,
Those crucial moments still holds our breath;

The saga of life is like a shore full of mysteries,
Yet to be shoved off by us;
Oh! God I cried please help us attain immortality,
And so continues our chain of natality;

But God in his purple and majestic appearance,
Explains to me about my ignorant foolishness;
He who born on this mysterious and magical earth,
Shall live, play, learn and enjoy and at last serve the feet of that of mine,
And that is Life.

Humanity, the mighty weapon

a poem by Jagganathan V

I do stand helpless with everything being like a dream,
And I no longer see a child’s beam,
As the snowy field turned into an ugly red,
I realise all those people have found their ‘last’ bed.

Castes, Religions, Rituals for what they have fought,
And ‘Death’ is the reward they have got;
Now that there has been no use of their ‘birth’,
For no one can enjoy the fruits of Mother Earth.

Is this why we were a part of God’s creation?
With no one present to give us even a decent cremation!
So, at least from now, let us follow the path of humanity,
For we all belong to that community.