Poems by Jacob John


a poem by Jacob John

He was scattered
he was collected
from far and near, dust and dung
water and wether.

The warmth of feelings brought him in redness
clothed in a tender shell
flushed out to breath in the dust and air.

He felt distress
he was hungry
he cried.

The touch of promise come to him through
her bloodstream.

She was loving
she was warm
she gave him the hope.

To the Mournful

a poem by Jacob John

Remember those days when you
never hid behind the responsibilities.

Remember then you snatched toys
and asked no one whom it belongs
you cried and resisted people
yet felt no sorry for them.

Then you smiled and laughed aloud,
the world was keen to dance with you
to that lost world,
let kindly light lead thee.