Poems by Iru

My Child

a poem by Iru

Oh My Dear Child
I just love your smile
But, Sometimes you make me wild
Especially when you undo those papers from my file.

I adore to watch you play
Be those games with your toys
Or Building castles in clay
Or cricket with the other boys.

It moves me when you cry
But you have to learn to accept a “No”
No matter how hard you try
Some things, you just have to let go.

How glad I am to watch you sleep
In your tiny cot
I love you really deep
As I go to bed with, this thought.

It’s Time to say Goodbye

a poem by Iru

As I sit to think about the year that went by
Pleasant memories fill my mind
Just remember I’ll be always with you and stand by
I know its impossible, for a replacement of you to find

But, life must go on and we have to grow
Find what life has for us in store
I’ll always let my love for you, flow
Even though the distance between us is more

You know, my feelings for you are strong
That my love for you is true
You are the one I want for long
I’ll love you till the day sky remains blue

This is the most dreaded time to come by
We have to be strong for each other
I am very sad, and hate to say this
But, its time to say goodbye…


a poem by Iru

Innovation is a must in trade
Else, your business will fade
Always look for something new
Be among the chosen few
Lead the way in your field
And its success you can yield
Make yours a famous name
Go ahead, win the business game.

Lady Diana

a poem by Iru

Diana, the princes of Wales
Got married to Prince Charles just as in fairy tales
She was just like any ordinary, charming girl next door
Who is sadly with us, no more

The simple girl went to become the Princess
And gave the Royal family their future heirs, the Prince’s
But, unfortunately her marriage did not have a fairy tale ending
Yet, her strength was ever enduring

She worked for her subjects
Without any barriers of caste, creed or sects
It is sad she had to leave in her prime
Fighting to find true love, was her only crime

She had for everyone, love and care
Which she did not hesitate to share

People come, live and die
But, you’ll always remain in our hearts, Lady Di.

My Valentine

a poem by Iru

My heart is an organ on fire
Holding many secret desires
It bleeds, and calls out only for your name
Sending my body and soul into flames.

Your absence, is brewing a storm inside me
Wish you were lying here, right beside me
I miss your tender touch, kiss and the way you cared
I will always cherish the times that we’ve shared.

Come, sweet heart and calm the storm
Before it has done too much harm
My love for you will never die
And no, that’s not a lie.

Love can make you do strange things
Be it gazing into your beautiful eyes, or whispering just those sweet nothings
Or having those silly fights
And, of course the long nights.

I love you and am proud of you, my valentine
You always were, are and will be only mine.