Poems by Inchara

Life within

a poem by Inchara

Soft clouds glided past misty panes
Crystal dews glistened on moist leaves
Raw earthy smell filled the damp evening
Refreshing surroundings hinted miracle

Besieged I soaked the beauty around me
Lord’s presence was evident everywhere
There appeared a arch of seven dainty hues
Created specially to bless me with goodness

A glow brighter than sunray adorned my face
I smiled radiantly and charisma enveloped me
A mystic aura filled my heart and body
My inner beauty transcended nature’s splendor

Lord had bestowed on me a precious gift
Fragile little one had taken birth within me
My body was a holy temple nurturing this soul
I thank lord profusely for making my life elite


a poem by Inchara

I sit on the shore witnessing
The transition from light to night
Snippets from bygone,
Rush in cluster and hit the sight

As the sun casts long spell
Of orange on the sea refined
Various memories agitate
Poised layers of the mind

Horizon around the sun turns crimson
Remnant atmosphere envies the finesse
Likewise we crave needs boundless
Without enjoying fortune we possess

Gushing waves wipe away
Accounts written in sand
Storm of greed and hatred
Demolish relationship grand

As the sun inches behind tints
Of orange and purple tranquilly
Winds of silence sweeps across
And patches of murk fade duly

Nature hugs the dusk warmly
And eagerly awaits the dawn
Joy and sorrow balance living
Life is accepting both as one


a poem by Inchara

At the crack of dawn
Ram awoke with usual prayer
“Oh lord lead me towards the light”
Mountain of chores awaited him

His young hands lost its softness
Sweeping corridors huge
Mopping long stretches was his routine
Income hardly he gained in return

His feet bore cracks deeper
Than that on parched land,
Washing heaps of clothes and vessels
Illness none bothered his mind

His stomach growled in hunger
The meager food hardly sufficed him
Innocence on his face had ebbed
Only stains of frustration remained

His eyes spoke volumes of myriad pain
Yet they carried dreams and desires
At times it turned red in anger
At times it would droop in failure

He had ambitions many to fulfill
He hoped for better tomorrow
His eyes depicted struggle for progress
And prayed for courage to fight

Oh Love!

a poem by Inchara

Oh Love,
I want to dive deep
Into your heart
Like a waterfall
Cascading into the river

Oh Love,
I want to experience
Your vast treasure
Like a bee
Savoring honey from blooms

Oh Love,
I want to embrace
Your charm warmly
Like a devotee
Worshiping divine

Oh Love,
I want to explore
Your facets many
Like a child
Discovering a new toy

Oh Love,
I want to be
Your element forever
Like a creeper
Growing with the tree

Oh love
I want to spread
Your fragrance athwart
Like fresh air
Stirring each soul


a poem by Inchara

Lone sailor I’am in the vast sea of love
Like a bubble it bursts when I knock the door
Endlessly I wander in sands of time,
Searching for imprints of love
But erased are they by waves of isolation
I stretch my hand towards the horizon
But fail to reach the hues of love
I wished to dive deep into the ocean of ardor
But the water swiftly dried into barren land
I wished to fly high in the enormity of passion
But the sky quietly moved into oblivion
At times exasperated on my fate,
I continue pursuing the priceless
With spirit quivering of attaining the goal


a poem by Inchara

Calm water reflected sky’s crimson hue
Mist enclosed nature’s serene beauty
Chill air carried fragrance of bygone
Time stood still to greet moment prized

Pages of volume unknown flipped swiftly
Emotions evolved from apathy to affection
Flight of conciliation touched new horizon
Alluring moonlight blessed dreams of future

Beloved’s image adorn the frame of heart
Cherished memoirs brings smile athwart
Stars twinkle cheering the happy occasion
Time flies past binding the bond stronger

Sofa’s Day Out

a poem by Inchara

One sunny morn we set out in spirits high
Sending a sofa to distant place was the plan
From one shop to next we hopped in craze
“This is small, this is low”, each echoed in phrase

“I have a better one,” sighed the shopkeeper
Finally a classic piece was chosen in elation
But transferring her miles across was the snag
“Don’t worry, I’am there” intruded the owner in brag

Quick fix was made for the sofa procession
There began, exciting journey of the classic splendor
We returned home triumphant, smiles wide spread
Dinner table sounded high of the rousing trip ahead

Sleep eluded nervous minds and fidgety body
Phone calls many were exchanged hurriedly,
People on either end were excited immensely
Oncoming queen had reception planned grandly

People waited expectedly for the precious moment
Each had own fantasy about the journey scene
Red carpet was laid in honor of the beauty queen

But, the first rays of dawn was interrupted hastily
By the ringing of the telephone continually
“Sofa has not yet reached!” exclaimed one
“The bus must be delayed” consoled another

Minutes inched to hours, still no sign of her
“Sorry madam, she is still here”, groaned the owner
“What! I don’t believe it”, I screamed in horror

The demeanor queen had traveled to the depot
Wrapped in three layers of safety cover to report
But Lo! She was rejected entry into the coach
Crowd was too much to accommodate her load

Back in the showroom she sat bleakly
“Oh no! What a misfortune”, we moaned sadly

Diwali Delight

a poem by Inchara

The festival of lights is here again
To cheer up hearts and brighten mind
Decorative lamps eliminates pain
And spreads happiness to mankind

Various hues combine in poise
To form beautiful Rangolis inline,
Likewise people gather with no noise
And celebrate joyously recalling divine

Sparklers touch the sky saluting the maker
Sweet savories prevail fights bitter
Jingle of laughter match thunder of cracker
Designer silks make the ambiance glitter

Humble offerings are made to needy community
Pray the almighty lighten their opportunity

Cryptic Pentameter

a poem by Inchara

You easily cannot access the deep buried treasure
A presume made wrongly will profit a meager
An able eye detects the strange the rest is guess
And there lies the last rung of ladder to success

The collection the British storage has is plenty
If shelves of science are scanned from one to ninety
Inside soft white folds the grains are stacked
The path is walked through red door cracked

Enchanting Journey

a poem by Inchara

As an innocent child I took birth
Good and bad seemed alike
Minute events tickled my sense

As years flew, my innocence ebbed
Traveling in the crossroads of life,
Friends few, strangers many I met

Hard truth of living I could not digest
Diverse facets of people I did not accept
Boundless desires crammed the culture

Enthralling so is the journey of life
Perplexed is my self at changing time
“Laugh or cry” I wonder in the end

Haiku – 2

a poem by Inchara

Dry barren land
Sweltering heat of summer
-No food, no water

* * * * * * * *

Mist covered mountains
Grey clouds hide the sun
Day transforms to night

* * * * * * * *

Flowers bloom in splendor
Bees share all their secrets
Welcome, smell of spring

* * * * * * * *

Puddles decorate the path
Wet sand soothes the feet
Drizzling rain relieves many

* * * * * * * *

Golden rays wakes the birds
Kites soar high and so do spirits
Clear sky is the motivator

* * * * * * * *

Plants swayed in harmony
Rhythm of breeze was perfect
It was sign of peace


a poem by Inchara

As I walked past the mango groove
Lonely path stretched to welcome me
Dry leaves crackled in faint whisper
Soft breeze ruffled my hair naughtily

Various patterns shaped around me
Some big and wide, others small and slack
An eerie feeling disturbed my solitude
“You are not alone,” echoed my mind

My every step was followed in conjunction
My every action was imitated in perfection
I pondered intently about my follower
I gazed hesitantly at the black picture

“Its your own SHADOW” piped my innate
“That’s so right!” I exclaimed sheepishly
“I fooled you,” grinned my buddy impishly
“Thank god it was only you” I retorted cheekily


a poem by Inchara

Cold monsoon wind
Sneaked through warm clothes
Body shuddered

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

It rained vehemently
Cuckoo’s nest soaked totally
Cuckoo looked helplessly

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Clouds gathered leisurely
Farmer looked skyward expectantly
Seeds waited to sprout

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Desert sand lay still
Footprints many are left behind
Strong wind erased all

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Clear blue sky
Lonely bird wandered endlessly
Destination unknown;

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Full moon night
Clouds threatened to spoil
Lovers drew closer


a poem by Inchara

As August made way to September
Thrill grew to welcome the new member
“Finally its happening” sighed many
Little was thought about the spent penny

Attired in black he stepped with grace
Dazzling in pink, shy veil covered her face
Both sat opposite but avoiding gaze
Invitees heaped shower of praise

At the strike of ten lamps were lit
Rings exchanged of the correct fit
Both blushed with pleasure
Relatives dined in leisure

Transition in Relation

a poem by Inchara

When young, she held me close
When old, I kept her distant
When young, she did my chores
When old, I grumbled at her flaws

When young, she enjoyed my presence
When old, I detested her interference
When young, she slept with my picture
When old, I avoided her thoughts

When young, she cried at my pain
When old, I ignored her plight
When young, she tied my lace
When old, I tramped her emotion

When young, she fed me fondly
When old, I cribbed to nurture
When young, she prized my triumph
When old, I dumped her needs

When young, she gave me education
When old, I moaned at her ignorance
When young, she fulfilled my desires
When old, I counted my penny she spent