Poems by Hima Bindu


a poem by Hima Bindu

They hurt the heart and yet soothe the soul.
They make tears of joy and sorrow well up in ones eyes.
They stand to ascertain that all pictures are gilded and framed
in a fathom of feelings.

They administer sheer happiness into ones life blood.
They adhere to make one presume, an experience relived.
They gambol their way where none others dare to tread.

They spirit away ones grief, despair, and sorrow with gusto unconquerable.
They are the saviours of the sorrow stricken world.
They are the messengers slaved forever and ever.
They are the memories.


a poem by Hima Bindu

Moments merge into hours
And hours into infinity
If you sit with me in serenity

The forces of nature may command the world
But the sweetness of your nature binds me

A sparkling stream smiles as it follows
But your smiling eyes sparkle, radiating through my heart

A scented flower spreads fragrance delicious
Your charming face makes the flower envious

A luscious green meadow enchants the surroundings
Your mere presence enhances calm in my soul

The chirping bird emits a delightful melody
Your soft voice instills music in my life

Hitch your wagon of life to mine
And I shall ride through rainbows
With just the sight of you beside me


a poem by Hima Bindu

Villages and towns went by
And scalloping crowds passed by
A speeding angel as it was
It spiked up clouds of dreamy chaos
Rivers whispered to the banks as they flowed by
It’s coming and it’s coming by

A robbery here and a murder there
The games of crime played everywhere
It cared not for them not for the world around
And only astuted itself to see joy abound

It propelled to the pinnacles of love
And honoured love with a dignified bow
The realms shook in ardour of the deed
And ecstasy was let loose to sow its seed

The mere proximity enthralled peace in a spurt
And wounded the hardest heart to the crust
And as if shocked to the soul by admittance
They left the tragic memories in veiled conviction

From sinewy tears of sorted relations
Emerged the so long welt up emotions
Thus its mission fulfilled and happiness aflower
It merged away into the azure to those in need yonder


a poem by Hima Bindu

Hurt I was by the scorn of the society
Woeful and afflicted I was by their antipathy
Grieved I was by everyone’s grim attitude

It was when I was thus,
that the change came upon me
I was guided by patience

Patience was solemn and yet merry
She was graceful and imposing
She steered me towards happiness
She showered me with bliss

Blessed with substantial success
I owe my thanks to her timely support

Now, after I am content and settled
I look back filled with gratitude
‘Indebted to her’