Poems by Hemamalini S 999

Caught in Tentacles

a poem by Hemamalini S 999

A pillar of strength were you,
Now, I look at you as if new.
If trust could give me back
These sorts of dividends;
What did I lack,
To merit these dents?
I am being kicked around,
So quietly without a sound,
Nobody hears even a whisper,
Of my bloody tortures;
What did I do to merit this?
Got painful pricks
Instead of a blissful kiss!
What a laugh,
I’ve been a dwarf
In this respect,
Though’ I stood erect.
Gone to winds all the principles
I held so dear
Caught am I in tentacles
So strange and unclear!
What does the future hold for me?
Can I ever again laugh with glee?

How I Wish…

a poem by Hemamalini S 999

How I wish I be a little insensitive,
Why am I made so sensitive,
To others’ remarks and jibes,
More hurting than a broken rib?

How I wish I could hold back tears,
When I see something suffering,
Why should I be attacked by fear
For a bird, that has been cut off his wings?

How I wish I could hit back,
At some deliberate misunderstanding,
But still, why do I keep back,
And stay up late musing!

Wish I could see thru’ human nature,
And be an expert researcher,
To find out what, behind lies,
Those looks, words and smiles!