Poems by Heena Kadel

A World in my own way

a poem by Heena Kadel

I want a world, I want it my way,
I want to make homes, I want to see people reborn;
I see beautiful people, beautiful hearts,
Beautiful thoughts.
I see lovely lakes, and lovely farmers,
Growing seeds of love all way
I see valleys, huge and deep
Lovely trees, raring winds,
I see a heart!
But I see it sad,
Will thee tell me problems I can share!
That heart was mine, I saw it weep
What was missing in this world of mine?
I asked my heart
What’s that you want?
A friend is all I want!!
I searched and searched more…
I couldn’t find…
“A FRIEND” in the world of mine.

When I Cease to be

a poem by Heena Kadel

When I cease to be
My words no longer exists
All that will remain is
Memories of my being.

When I cease to be
Life will not cease,
As time never stops
And life goes on.

When I cease to be
Will there be tears for me?
To soothen my soul?
When I cease to be,
Will you remember me?

The Boat Ride

a poem by Heena Kadel

In the moment of the nights dawn
when the birds sang their last song,
I let out my boat in the golden water
which sparkled in the nights glitter.

Slow and steady I pushed the rows
Breaking the silence, the nights vow
I felt I was the night king
I had the power to make bells ring.

I felt the power the passion and glory
I stood high I was the king of the story
but suddenly I realised when I looked
that I was all alone and no one stood.