Poems by Harsh Vyas

I am…

a poem by Harsh Vyas

I am the darkness
I am death
I am the despair
I am your damned dream

I am the darkness
I surround you completely
Never look directly into my eyes
You might get lost in them

I am death
I touch all things living
All will fall to their knees
As I stalk to the world with my cold, bony fingers

I am the despair
I am numb of emotion
Don’t waste your touch
For you won’t feel anything

I am your damned dream
I am your nightmare
You will fall into the dark
Into the bottomless chasm of my heart

Ethereal Love

a poem by Harsh Vyas

You made me believe
You made me think
That I was in love
Then I was reproved

With an ethereal love
My heart was disproved

Life is what I got
And it’s not a riot
Love is what I got
But it’s not as good as pot

With every thought of you
Numbness fills my body too
I leave this world today
As this ethereal love fades away


a poem by Harsh Vyas

You called me your best friend
Yet you built a façade so as to protect yourself
You lied to yourself, while lying to me
You annihilated so much in the process

I refuse
I refuse to fit this lame idea you had for me
Change is a good thing
Then I saw for myself

Don’t say you know me
Don’t know the first thing about me
How could I have been so blind
To not see through your façade

I refuse
I refuse to be a fool
I refuse to be played
I refuse to be your toy


a poem by Harsh Vyas

Yours and mine.
Our words are like steel daggers in each other’s hearts
Words with a firm grip on each other’s hearts
Slowly out lies destroy us like viruses from the inside out

Yours and mine.
The love we gave
Tainted like a glass of water from the grim reaper
Meant to break hearts

Yours and mine.
Surreptitious and snaky stares
Paralyze each part of our bodies
And trample truthful trust’s worthiness

Yours and mine.
Our sacrifices
Made for reasons none
Façades.yours and mine

But on the last day
Our love will forever stay


a poem by Harsh Vyas

My lover’s eyes are dark and deep.
My lover’s lips so ripe, so sweet, so full.
Mountains are steep, the sea so deep.
The love we have so very dull.

You said we don’t love anymore.
Though now yours eyes see through me.
Just like your hand is on the door.
I wonder, was there ever a we?

You left me out on thin, warm ice.
My heart is completely broken.
Being together would be so nice.
Love is not to be forsaken.

I asked for another chance.
As you said, “yes”, I pranced.


a poem by Harsh Vyas

Like the dust in the wind,
She up and left.

With her,
My happiness.

With her,
My life.

With her,
My senses.

Emanating from narcosis,
I see light,
I smell the warmth,
A new day.

Waiting through,
For her to return,
For her to walk in the doorway,
For her to appear once more.

She’s gone,
Like the dust in the wind.

The Wind

a poem by Harsh Vyas

Guides me through life,
Leads me to you,
Leads me to your love,
Leads me to believe in your love.

The wind has changed.

Her words,
Palliating yet,
Left me choking.

She left me believing we were one.
She doesn’t ask me, “How are you?” anymore.
I hate her for that.

It erodes away,
My heart.

The wind.

A Friend

a poem by Harsh Vyas

You’re my best friend,
My life companion.

Through the days good and bad,
From happy to sad.

My best friend,
My closest buddy,
Hand in hand we stand,
Side by side we walk,
There to listen,
There to talk.

We cry shoulder to shoulder,
We cry in pain,
We cry in joy.

My eyes filled with years,
As you tell me,
you’ll be there throughout the years.

For all that your are,
Thank you!

The Rainy Notes

a poem by Harsh Vyas

Surreptitiously and silently sitting,
In my car during the midnight hour,
I gather my thoughts.

Seeking emancipation,
From the pain,
From the worries,
From the problems.

The rain,
Harmoniously impugns,
The hood like tap dancers,

Notes rise and fall as the heart beats,
Creating a synchronous beating of music.

The small and thin notes,
Soothe and relax my body,
As they stimulate my feet to swing as does a pendulum.

The notes,
From the pain, worries, and problems of this world.

The Room

a poem by Harsh Vyas

The door,
The windows,

The four walls,
Her words,
Left me choking for air.