Poems by Hari Krishnan

To my friend

a poem by Hari Krishnan

Fossils are old but our friendship is older!
it has stood the storms of time
and is still fresh and new as ever
and a long way away from being buried to death.

They say, ‘the world gets smaller every minute!
we come closer every second.’
From the day we are born
to the day we die,
we remain strangers to most part of the world.
In a journey called life,
there are no destinations,
only milestones.
On the path of life
as we stride along!
we make relatives, foes and friends.
There are relationships by blood, by brain and by heart.
By blood, we make relatives!
by brain, we make adversaries!
and by heart, we make friends.
But, the satire in human relationships is
that the relatives we make by heart- ’friends’-
are the ones whom we invariably leave behind.
Adversaries and their hatred are carried unto death!
relatives and their relations are carried on even after death!
friends and their friendship are lest stranded in bygone memories
and long lost history with every step we take forward in life.
But, try as hard as we may,
not one of those friends can be forgotten!
because in all those lonely moments
when we are left staring at our shadow,
retrospecting our loneliness!
it is those friends and their friendship
that make us smile at the prelude of tears!
it is that forgotten forbidden past
that gives our unseen future the glimmer of hope.
It is only then we realize that,
Mind wins over matter!
heart wins over brain!
those loved by the heart may be left behind but never forgotten.
Today I am smiling and I know the reason is ‘you’!
We were friends in the past and let’s be friends in the future too!

To thou… my parting friend

a poem by Hari Krishnan

To thou, my parting friend,
My heart, with happiness, I lend.
As every tear brings back reminiscence,
As every prank has a glare of friendly innocence,
When the days to follow hence,
Shall create between us a distance.
And as sail shall you beyond the horizon,
Where, eyes fail to see and ears fail to hear,
Yet, this heart shall beat and the soul shall weep,
With a life to fight and nothing to defend.
On this shore, shall I wait for you my friend,
Where with every dusk shall I pine for a dawn.
When tread shall you the tides,
When traverse shall you the storm,
When own shall you the ocean,
Then breath life shall every nostalgic notion,
Till yesterday, by my side,
From today, behind my eyelids,
Time has taken you away,
We part ways, only to meet somewhere, one day.
At the crossroads of life when we shall meet,
I know, you would have tears to reveal,
Just I would have wounds to heal.
Left what is, a little bit of life,
Let’s be merry rather than be in strife.
The genesis had begun, and hope that the end is nowhere near,
To both of us – our friendship is dear.
May be unto morrow’s dawn or may be not even a mile,
Into the twilight of our lives,
Lets stride with a smile,
Together again – with a smile.