Poems by Gummadapu Narasimha Rao


a poem by Gummadapu Narasimha Rao

Anika! thy breath éclat bliss of Almighty
Elite glee dips grandees in bay of delight,
Kith and kin stun at thine angelic beauty,
Gifted kid thou of Ashok-Visali mighty.

Anika! thy face cuts cute crescent behold
Glances shower solace on hearts splendid,
Smiles console souls akin spring emerald
Witness thou woo dawn rose herald lucid.

Anika! thou, replica of lure Minerva deity,
Glazes thy posture of verve Venus beauty
Tend all, thou claim genial gains of amity,
That fetches adroit qualities, of tranquility.

Anika! thou must acquire elated erudition,
Parents thy aye impart Hi-Tech education,
Genes thine of yore era’s great generation
Spirits Five Ardent aid our apt motivation.

Akhilandeeswari, the Goddess of Power and also known as Anika in a precise form and that mighty nomenclature is named to the elite daughter of a newly married couple who live at Houston, US. The poet has got the opportunity to stay with that lured Hi-Tech pair while he has been attending the International Society of Poets’ Convention and Symposium at Orlando, Florida US. After his retuning to India, the poet is informed the blithe news that the twain is blessed with radiant daughter and has named Anika, so in that that happy mood, the poet has composed this poem describing the features and future of the kid.

American Consulate

a poem by Gummadapu Narasimha Rao

O! Consulate General, thy deeds art noble,
And draw visitors at dawn akin bees fable,
Queue them thou as row of ants glee sight,
All eager to enter that ardent edifice might.

Combed ahead threshold in and out guard
Crawled in profiting bless of bliss reward,
Made us to sit in squares, just caged birds,
Fatigued all yawn and nap like tender kids.

Bell awoke all, from aiming deemed flight,
Called for pre check granting tenable right,
Pivotal eagles elite, view visits vital motto,
Hailed my lurid poetry like lore yore Plato.

Quizzed queer quarries on apt poetic quest
Gratified my factual discrete caloric thrust,
Granted soon visa boon patting bards meet
Plunged heart mine, in bay of glee discreet.

Flew to Florida peeping world poets’ guild
Mellow ditty Adolescence sung I, that gild,
Gifted me reward, the poet of merit award,
Avow aye I awe ken consulate cute petard.

When he has visited the American Consulate General, Madras, India, for obtaining visa, he has composed this poem about the ardent toils of visa officials.

Divine Quest

a poem by Gummadapu Narasimha Rao

Of quest of mighty precepts, wipes prejudice
Just, behest of Almighty fetching noble truce,
So all we adore the maxims elite and exalted
To draw solace to tainted souls those exulted.

Since greedy desires draw of dreadful sorrow
As, ego dumps us in den of sable pride avow,
To avoid that soot all must chant axioms gay
Just as holy dip in bay of glee gaining gaiety.

Oh soul of all vices, evil deems like jeopardy,
It spurs sordidness to serene and sane society,
Still false-hood amounts to terrific morbidity
Avert the jealousies nursing zestful fraternity.

As suave natured heart intents artistic beauty,
Just, concord quality attains incredible amity,
To mend human guild, as gold in inn of faith
Of amiable fold that reaps éclat gift as zenith.

Yea! Mind know sober acts bind world unity,
Just, a bliss of bless of God to fatal humanity,
That gratifies novel victory of global eternity
Of adroit exerts glorify, the plant earth pretty.

Ode to Isle Ilk

a poem by Gummadapu Narasimha Rao

Ode to Ilk isle – I

Oh pals! We, gay guys adore our isle
The utopian abode that arbor of aisle,
Aye Ilk Isle Awe,
Live we alike divine angels of gaiety
Let! Isle deity gifts us, amity mighty.

Yea! Flora grants shelter cozy potent,
Fauna accords staple food that patent,
Aye Ilk Isle awe,
Dawn to dusk lead us spells of merry,
Let! Night tales at fire keep in cherry.

Yon! Isle Bay Shore sand glazes gold
Kids yearn dip in foamy tides so glad,
Aye Ilk Isle Awe
Shell strings shine around belle necks
Let! Pearl lots account capital checks.

Yes! Mounts grow plants tall verdant
Yield fruits tasty and florets crescent,
Aye Ilk Isle Awe
Hill rivulets, fetch fresh waters sweet,
Let! Soil boosts food roots of starchy.

In the poem “Ode to Ilk Isle” the poet describes the habits, ambitions and activities of an isolated tribe emphasizing that the nature provides all requirements as mother and at the same time that the race adores the island as the heavenly abode just it grants water, food, shade, treasure and gaiety akin benign gifts of God.

Ode to Ilk isle – II

Avow! Birds tune trills thosemelodic
Spring breeze swings, youth in zodiac,
Aye Ilk Isle Awe,
Sunlight benign acts as source energy
Let! Habitat thrives well by toils busy.

View! Pets escort huts of wild attacks
All sleep at snore out of cruel knocks,
Aye Ilk Isle Awe
Babes hug mums, at night wild howls,
Let! Crows caw aft of pole star glows.

Bestow! We title the Sun elite delight
Moon mellow draw glee éclat twilight,
Aye Ilk Isle Awe,
Stars spot, the timers of the soot night,
Let! Sprits Five put us in path straight.

Yes! We traffic spans pious and quite
Our sublime nobles protect us all right,
Aye Ilk Isle Awe,
Obey our isle priest, as of God-behest
Let! We extol our Isle cozy as noblest.

In the poem “Ode on Ilk Isle – II” the poet describes the habits, ambitions and activities of isolated solitude tribe and the poet emphasizes that the nature provides all requirements as mother and at the same time that he tribe adores the island as the heavenly abode, still at last it is said that the tribe follows orders of the head as the behest of God.

Potent Youth

a poem by Gummadapu Narasimha Rao

Once, a tribal hilly twain blessed pretty kid
Of traits, of legendry hero of stature candid,
Trained well in array arts of the battle field
Grew up as redolent youth of placid mould,
Still attained rare acclaims of patent knight
Rustic lads and lassies adored youth bright,
Played he, country sports as veteran athlete
Never stood next to none, aye first stalwart,
Crawled trees syn squirrel squeezing honey
Shared to all chums as that nectar heavenly,

Swan as whale mighty and saved drowning
In deluges, even drew out pearls of heaping,
Chased wild beasts, as a terrific hunter best,
Fed fellow chums tasty feast, that too finest,
Toiled without break dawn to dusk in fields
Letting food to pinching stomachs of yields,
Tamed teens leaping in war as furious lions
As and when motherland opted at invasions,
Kingpin of folk dances with perfect rhythm
And won hearts of youth as the damsel vim,

Tunes of bamboo flute echoed whole valley
And allured of isle ilk, flora, fauna virtually,
Sung trills like melodic bard at fire of night
To keep kith and kin in gleeful moods right,
Knight fell in love with a virgin of crescent
And desired to marry her of tribe fight cute,
Quested she for quick eternal wedlock knot
When, ilk-head opted his lass to the knight,
Knight told her it must be at the tribal fight
With fellow pals of mighty traditional right,

Cognizing facts head called game of sword
Offering his daughter to wed winning ward,
But the youth averted site of fetching lassie
Told he saw all as sisters except his fiancée,
Later won sword fights and gained beloved
Married the virgin with traditions of sacred,
Head of ilk isle declared youth as successor
To protect race against evils akin preceptor,
Accepted potent youth as leader of majestic
Pledged he to put all ilk in tack of etiquette,

Knight yielded not to physical gains pseudo
Adhered to protean oracle that do and undo,
Though men art mortal, but youth concepts
And morals remain as noble eternal incepts,
His acts and ideals stand just epics fragrant
Aged narrate aye, episode of youth eminent.

Once up on a time, there lived an ardent youth with inordinate qualities and gifted virtues as he never stood second to none and also blessed with high moral standards, when the wealthy tribal head offered his daughter for wedlock, he refused as he already loved mediocre damsel and as a loyal lover he married her, so as so the isle head and folk haled and decreed as the successor of the ilk.

My Home

a poem by Gummadapu Narasimha Rao

My Home reflects the perfect habitation science
North-East well, South-East kitchen gift peace,
South-West bedroom, North-West toilets great
North-East water flow, South-West trees acquit.

East faced threshold tips, apt health and wealth
Tender sunrays fetch delighted bath of warmth,
Next best West bound prime entry gate descent
Eve Sunset beams drive out flies alike hygienist.

North side main door third choice of home laws
Parallel magnetic pulses rectify, of health flaws,
South entrance never, but a few aim cute effects
Hitting mid-day heat and mid-night cold affects.

Right angled basement and compound absolute
To South-West and North-West angles discreet,
Ten degrees add to North-East, targets art elite
Paths of East, North best, West next, South last.

In premises more space on East and North éclat
Zenith erections, on South and West too twilight,
Doors-windows-cupboards not zeros or eighteen
Home laws dip in solace the men of faith esteem.

The Science of Habitation is known as Vaastu in India and it is developed mainly on numerical data of eras and also on certain scientific observations, so as an ideal house should have main entrances on east, north and west sides as good, better and best respectively and south side just as last, still the well, kitchen, bedrooms, toilets at specifics places and the umber of doors, windows and cupboards must be of definite number.

My pets

a poem by Gummadapu Narasimha Rao

Darts my day, just jet swift with my elated pets,
Get up I, at cock-crow when pole star twilights,
Soon crawl into supple lap of sleep, for a while,
Trip out of bed, that dawn crow-caw as whistle,
Attend matins, listening tunes of birds as music,
Pets yell with empty vents as high-pitched lyric.

Scatter I, grains to chicks and sparrows at once,
Offer fruits to caged parrots, even minas thence,
Untie I calf to cow gaining milk, nursing puppy,
Next ride to fields abaft pools and ills pratt,
Feed I, peacocks and swans on the way of daily,
Cooing jaybirds haunt on head just guides gaily.

Unbolt I of yard, driving cattle herd to verdures,
Roam around crops, counting apes on contours,
When enter I groves, squirrels hug me for fruits
There under a tree clump, a drove of elk awaits,
Convoy of doves at jet speed lands, I nurture all,
Untie a lamb bleat for eve milk, as days last toil.

Return home at dusk, when farm pets bid adieu,
House endears’ lulls plunge in the sleep of glee.

The poet brings out true passion of man on beasts in the poem “My Pets” from dawn to dusk without any interruption of affectionate feelings and feedings on pets while attending the daily duties, such real love enhances the essence of solace, truce and patience, as the pets let out their hearts to the person who wins them and the ultimate result is that nothing but the breeding of amity, fraternity and humanity and that kind of love is the basic step of secularism.


a poem by Gummadapu Narasimha Rao

Of God’s bless of bliss the bio creation
On planet earth tips theory of evolution,
Put men at high order to render apt acts
Just cute toils to meet acute vital wants.

Augustus mortals adore ardent precepts
Aye tend to attend bewitching concepts,
As alluring angels letting elated delight
In inert hearts to lit glee that of twilight.

Sadistic minds relish of wicked actions
As sordid demons feed morbid notions,
Eras’ strains perish as ruins in a second
Such wild pests efface the slender bond.

Mortal men, must moot morals mellow,
Mystic musters mould as melodic mew,
Entice epistles to eschew erring enmity
Yea! Epigrams effuse to enfold eternity.
Endow echoic ethics as epodes of éclat
Acquire ace acclaims averting autocrat,
Wicked destine to the under-world hell
Virtuous fetch that upper strata heaven.

Illustrious Illuminative Institutions

a poem by Gummadapu Narasimha Rao

Oh! Lore Education great, thou ardent
Imparts lure knowledge tough fragrant,
Implant apt wisdom thy patent pedants
Convert the wards, éclat potent savants.

Thou glaze just, Minerva crescent deity,
With sooth, blessings of Jupiter mighty,
Folds kids and teens as scholars exulted,
Moulds youth sublime nationals exalted.

Thou avow bond elite of teacher-taught,
Aye fetches nascent innovation thought,
Sumptuous thou aglow state salubrious,
Strenuous toils turn society stupendous.

Let! Thou rare, retain redolent rapture,
Extol all thou, adroit erudition posture.

Nightingale Slender Sons

a poem by Gummadapu Narasimha Rao

Nightingale, lore croons inspire placid minds,
Those plunge in glee, even meek and mighty,
Bards long to tame, but care not their sounds
Quest I, how bird great yields to wards petty.

Spring dawns break, at bird’s apt éclat tunes,
Peacocks then start dance, hearing tone lurid,
Yes flowers unfold well, fetch elated scenes,
Dusks end with trills of apt bird the splendid.

Bamboos blow just flutes, at the tunes grand,
Crops swing as waves glow-stunning beauty,
Village chorus croon songs just delight guild
Why such bird bound to bind children gaiety.

Nightingale, likes tender kids’ upright shrills,
So, croons to amuse slender hearts with trills.

(The poet says in the poem ‘Nightingale Slender Sons’
that the petty bird sings pretty songs
and those carols are liked by one and all,
yet times matured bards desire to tame its tone,
but it responds never-ever
and at the same time concedes requests of children
and tunes well with good response,
still inspires the nature also.
So as so the poet concludes
that the bird likes the innocent slender hearts of the children
and pleases them, treating as the tender kids.)

Nightingale Spring Songs

a poem by Gummadapu Narasimha Rao

Nightingale sane sings well at spring advent
Children still adults adore sweet tone gaiety,
Wards and bards adhere to tunes that ardent
Quest I, why bird tunes, in spring too pretty.

Autumn thunders keep bird in creepy fright
Winter chills fetch quivers, that stops shrills,
Summer blazes stop great croons dry throat
Allen trends wipe out placid moods of yells.

Peasants yearn bird, harbinger of good rains,
Kids repeat those tunes just to crescent hold,
Flora and Fauna seek, taping glee tone gains
Trills call clouds to turn nature verdure fold.

Let me tell! bird eats tender leaves of spring,
Yes! trims tone and tunes to elite rain swing.

Happy New Year

a poem by Gummadapu Narasimha Rao

O God! greet ‘Gaiety New Year’ glorious
Grandeur, Thou gift Tetra Gems gracious,
Good-Mind and Good-Word to gay guild
Good-Thought and Good-Glance as gold.

O Mentor! mend Good-Mind on maxims
Majestic Thou, the marvel of multi miens,
Mould mortals just mirth Minerva mighty
Mellow muses, Thy march out, morbidity.

O Supreme! spur Good – Word to serenity
Saviour Thou sow serene seeds of suavity,
Sway scholastic shrills shall scroll sacred
Salutary sooths, sprout sublimes splendid.

O Almighty! Good- Thought aces axioms
Ardent Thou accredit to acclaim apt aims,
Accord us to adhere adroit allies aft amity
Ascent to all adore Thine alluring affinity.

O Lord! lit Good -Glance looms laudable
Lore Thou! lead us as learned lives liable,
Laurel of light! Thou, lend longings lucid
Let ! Thou lo’Blithe New Year’ as limpid.

The poet adores God to grant four laudable virtues those God Mind, Good Word, Good Thought and Good Glance as precepts, on the eve of Happy New Year and they help mankind in leading sane, suave and serene pious life to promote amity and tranquillity and also make to understand the valuable mottos of life.


a poem by Gummadapu Narasimha Rao

Parrot words sweet plunge in nascent passion
Peacock dance, delights dawn pleasant nature,
Nightingale tunes great draws crescent notion
So heart haunts mine fiancée fragrant rapture.

Butterflies need wear not those fine garments
Silver white clouds, gleeful to dawn-dusk sky,
Lightening, gulps gloom to aglow glint sights
Summer showers fetch mirth of zephyr gaiety.

Brook curves, valley steeps thrilling at hilltop
Water falls and thick fog feast dreaming eyes,
River-sea submerge gleeful gaze into sea deep
All fetch not solace, still soul seeks new ways.

Heart likes to taste warm breath of my fiancée
Soon, wedlock needs to stand true brave fiancé.


a poem by Gummadapu Narasimha Rao

Hear maxims thou mellow, mansion maiden
Thou gaze stunning beauty of fine sculpture,
Astound to glance style and glamour hidden
Bestow mind, how thou gain, placid posture.

Cheeks sparkle ruby shade, as the rose touch
Body shines gold red, akin seen sheen bright,
Twinkle eyes, curl hair, nice nose art perfect
Face blooms, just lotus that of full moonlight.

Thou glance never sunshade sleep in mansion
Dine good food, that of thy own taste always,
Fine garments, thou wear to suit each season
Spend charming spell splendid by poly ways.

Know the salt thou get that of the hard sweat
Quest work concept first, just peep toils éclat.


a poem by Gummadapu Narasimha Rao

Glance I morn and eve her through office track
Reach we station same time, just fetch the train,
Glazes she that seraph soon heart chants as lark
So, thoughts run as rainless horse in spring rain.

Routine route turns to splendid path of passion
Blithe to gaze her face, but curse holiday break,
Heart wants gleeful talk still soul cuts emotion
Seasons change, venture not to heart felt speak.

Gives me lost book one-day she at pride glance
Express thanks, taking cute care as good friend,
Shy veils vanish and pats fair path, forth hence
Hearts and souls entwine, with that travel band.

Our right steps plunge us in bright state of faith
God blesses bliss, soon sooth wedlock not myth.