Poems by Guha A.S.


a poem by Guha A.S.

That is a story
I won’t like to repeat
Me has a hurt
Me has the beast
Me is unfurling rabid
Truths about myself.
Me is the pontificating ridiculous
Rabble rouser
Me has a hurt
Me is a history
I won’t like to repeat
That’s Me.


a poem by Guha A.S.

The rains this afternoon
brought poetry into a reminiscing mind
the rains scattered seeds, threw up
the mind, extolled the skies in this festive
season, people with upraised arms paid
obeisance to the Goddess
who, it is whispered actually
brought these showers from rainbow tilted skies
little children playing, laughing crying,
I want this, that; as the Goddess looked
on serenely, the rains paused, askance
then tearfully said goodbye to the Goddess and her

Somewhere people are still praying for the rains
some to abate, some to give them fresh lease of life.
Give them O Goddess, give them!


a poem by Guha A.S.

Spreads its tresses,
as I fumble with opacity
I want to see those tresses,
tresses of the evening which
I am told is like the raven’s hair,
wild it spreads into oceans of breathtaking
delight, I want to fondle those tresses
to be reminded of you, your catwalk,
your bird’s nest eyes, those tresses,
they linger on my mind
all that I find is the broken hourglass,
dilapidated crumbling, as I know this vacuity
my shattered visage in those tresses.


a poem by Guha A.S.

That is a time
When golden oranges resonate
With pine clad houses
And verdurous forests sing the
Eternal song, when cherubic boys
With white teeth dressed in mufflers and caps,
Remind with a visage of the boy,
Who loved to bathe in its sunshine
With christmas trees adding to the flavour of winter…


a poem by Guha A.S.

Dreams, they gyrate
In the mind’s terrain
And speak homecoming truths
Or are they images, which
The mind contemplates in tensile moments?
I do not know
All I know is that like
The recurrent ghost they are divinations of the
Future, past, present like a crystal
And harbour sensibilities, pictures in which
The camera takes snapshots.