Poems by Guddu

All that I need is…

a poem by Guddu

As you leave after talking to me,
turn back and give me a smile.

As you talk to your friend’s,
give me a glance.

As I pass by your workstation,
raise your eyebrows up to me.

As we have coffee, hold my hands,
and whisper in my ears ‘I love you’.

As you go home at the end of the day,
look into my eyes and tell me you’ll miss me.

As we go hand in hand, lean by my shoulders,
and show me you care for me.

As we’re lost in those romantic thought’s,
sing to me all the glory of love.

As we walk beneath the clear blue skies,
give me feeling’s of never-ending love.

As you hold me in your arm’s,
gently bless me with those passionate kisses.

As we talk about the past,present and future,
Promise me you’ll be there for me forever…

Promise of Love

a poem by Guddu

You’re the world to me, and there’s no one like you.
To have you this close to my heart is awesome,
With your love there’s nothing else to fear,
I feel secure with your arms sheltering around me.

With you around there’s beauty all over,
Feelings spell bound,
Heart filled with emotions,
Life full of splendour.

You are the flower of my life that’ll never fade away,
You are the pleasure of my heart, the comfort of my soul
Offer me your sweet caresses, soothe my aching heart
The mere sound of your voice summons deep emotions.

You are the warmth of my yesterdays,
The happiness of my todays,
The hope of my tommorows.
Your smile gives me a world of happiness.

Your touch makes me feel so very special.
I love to hold your hand, and walk by the lake side,
I hunger to take you by my arms and kiss you gently,
I shall give you memories you’ll cherish for life.

You make the flowers of my hours and
The bouquet of my days.
Our love shall soar high, like those of the dove,
And I vow you, this heart of mine will never stray.

How am I to prove my unending affection for you?
I don’t promise you the stars, the moon and the sky,
But I shall give you trust, honesty and faith.
Offer me sweet tidings of true loves tender bliss.

Let this love last till the dooms day,
Even if there are times of pain and hurt,
For every moment with you is a golden moment.
Be mine and only mine for ever and ever and ever…

… and I am in Love

a poem by Guddu

I’ve heard my friends talk for hours about love,
I’ve seen people go mad in love,
I’ve seen some win in love and some loose in love,
I’ve had people ask me,”Do you know how nice it feels to be in love”.
Well, crazy, did I think, was this thing called love,
I would wonder if it was possible to confine oneself to just one person,
I never thought this was going to happen to me,
Until that one memorable day,
When I held your hands,
The spark that ignited this flame,
What a moment to cherish,
A moment that has changed my life,
Never have I had this feeling before,
And I know for sure I am in love.
My life, directionless and meaningless, is now worth living a million years.
Of all the happiness, the most charming is your firm and gentle love,
Thank you for blessing me with your love.

Unveiling the Paradise

a poem by Guddu

(Poem about The Queen of Hills, Nilgiris, Tamil Nadu, India)

The Fragrance of the morning breeze, that amass cool fresh air,
The Gentle sway of the trees, that dance to the melody of the chirping birds,
The Divinity of the century old trees and the rustling of thick deep forests,
The Explicitness of the rising sun, be it the lovely summer or the chill winter.

The Calmness and serenity of the huge lofty mountains, that spread across,
The Commotion of the towns and the quite charming villages,
The Aroma of the beautiful flowers and the lush green tea fields,
The Rivulet that runs by, with the roar of the running stream.

The Lovers romancing on the riverside road, the aged couples having a quiet walk across,
The Honeymoon couples humming to glory, as they are boating on the lovely lake,
The Saga of the sages meditating atop those lofty purple headed mountains,
The Tradition of the tribals living in peace far away from the chaotic world.

The Majestic Elephants walking across the roads to the scare of the travellers,
The Frightening Tigers with eyes wide open, in search of those lovely deers,
The Silver lining of the clouds, that add to the beating of the rain drops,
The Blue little train that passes by to the delight of the children.

Moments of glory, moments to cherish, moments that would rarely perish.
Nothing like being in the midst of greenery, never a feeling of loneliness,
What a world to live in, the mundane and the magical touch of mother earth,
Virgin nature in the clutches of the monstrous progress of civilization, spreading beauty.

Crowned the Queen of Hills, and rightly so, what a world of pleasures,
Love is in the air, redundant and plentiful across the clear blue skies,
Here’s a Paradise of eternal glory, far away from the snarled world,
Come home to Gods very own land of endless peace and boundless joy.

Out of the Blue…

a poem by Guddu

As the sun hides behind the evening clouds,
And the day gives way to the night,
I notice this ravishing beauty,
Piercing herself thro’ the darkness of the night,
Walking with grace and charm.

Wow! Beauty at its best.
Eyes, twinkling like the stars,
Lips, red as the rose,
Cheeks, cute as a cucumber.

Well I’m gasping for breath,
She’s just set me ablaze.
I would love to go up to her and compliment
her beauty,
But, something holds me back.

As she leaves the place,
I look up above, God you are a master creator,
That glimpse of her beauty has stolen my heart,
My hearts scattered into bits and pieces.

She’s become a part of my dreams.
Out of the blue she’s making a difference.
After days, I gather courage to walk up to her
and whisper in her ears,
“Girl, I’m impressed”. She smiles.

What a moment to cherish,
A moment that would rarely perish.
Slowly but steadily she starts to build her empire around me,
Well princess its time you captured my heart.

Heaven on Earth

a poem by Guddu

(The Beautiful Hill Station Of NILGIRIS)

The Cool fresh morning breeze
The Roar of the running stream
The Lofty huge mountains
The Calmness of the town
The Serenity of the villages
The Lush green tea fields
The Thick deep forest
The Beating of rain drops
The Silver lining of the clouds
The colourful rainbow
The Rivulet running by
The Lovely summer
The Chill Winter
The Evening’s comfortable peasantry
If there is a heaven on earth,
It is this, it is this, it is this.

In my silent prayers, with silent tears…

a poem by Guddu

Time changes many things, but one thing never changes.
The memory of those happy days, when we were together.
A sweet memory of a smiling face.
Days have passed to years, but you are still the one who rules my heart.

Thoughts about you surely come, cos,
you are the only one who has jumped,
‘Right out of the blue’ into my life.
Casual was our relationship and just for fun did we seek each others company.

Never knew when from casual friends, intimate did we become,
Fights, misunderstandings and differences is most of what we shared.
Yet special was our relationship.

You are the one, whose memories would never fade,
You are the one, whose made a mark in my heart,
you are the one, whom I would recall in my silent prayers, with my silent tears.

Wherever you go and with whomever you go in that journey called life,
I just wish and pray you remain happy always,
And your dreams come true.

Thank you! Teacher

a poem by Guddu

(Dedicated to my voice and accent neutralization trainer Miss.Anita)

Pronouncing the ee’s,
Stressing at the aa’s, or
Pausing at the ooh’s.
My dear sweet teacher,
you are a master preacher.

Arguably the best in business,
your articulation and clarity are amazing.
Walking tall with grace and charm,
your smile has carried us through.

Dedicated and devoted in all that you do,
your intonation and pronunciation are nothing short of perfection.
Disciplined and kind in every aspect of life,
your determination and will power, will take you places.

God’s blessed you with an art, a golden one,
believe me, your voice is as sweet as honey.
Hats of to you queen, you are an ocean of knowledge
I am proud to be a drop in it.

Gem of teacher, jewel of a person,
Keep smiling always, its given people around you so much to cheer about.
Wishing you the best in life.

O My Sweet Cindrella…

a poem by Guddu

Cindrella, Cindrella, Cindrella
Gods blessed you with an art,
a golden one, a rare one.
I wonder if this is what people call,
‘The Midas Touch’.

I wish I could whisper in your ears
I love you
And that would make my days an
unforgettable summer.

I would be happy if these memories last for even twenty two days.
O my memorable lover, you have become
a part of me.

Even if you stay a thousand miles away,
my far away love, you will always stay
close to my heart.
A love like yours has made my life colourful and
I only hope these experiences last till the
doom’s day.

In the carleet of your memory…

a poem by Guddu

A Smile- it costs nothing, but gives so much,
That’s what your smile has done,
it’s given me a world of happiness,
an unknown feeling within, an enduring joy.

Neither am I in love nor am I infatuated.
Love for me has been but a lost dream,
a bitter and humiliating experience,
never would I fall into it again.
For, to rise once itself,
has been a disastrous experience,
that’s history.

The mystery of your smile.
its unfolded a passion within me.
My heart’s been pondering over the mystery.
Does it expect something, or does it want something,
I don’t have a clue, I really don’t know,
your smile is the crowning glory of your impeccable beauty.

Certainly it has disturbed me.
Let not your smile perish,
for all the bits and pieces of my scattered heart
would slide into solitude again.
I am sounding a bit possessive,
there’s nothing uncanny in my words.
You have brought back all the happiness
I needed to get my life going.

Its made my,
dreams colourful
joys boundless and
happiness endless.
Its just,
shattered my sorrows
comforted me to calmness and
blessed me with peace.

Well Princess,

Goodbye dear friend…

a poem by Guddu

Dedicated to Mirza Jawad Ali, A Leader of True Colour

Men have come and gone, but very few have left a mark.
You are one such person, who has left a mark with awesome magnetism.
As you sign off today, shattered are we to see off this shining star.
It’s been a while since we’ve seen a leader like you,
Cheerful and Inspiring all the way.
Your dedication and determination at work is tremendous.
The Character and Courage you have displayed is immense.
Disciplined and devoted with uncompromising values.
You’ve been a prized possession of this prestigious organisation.
A Guiding star to this young brigade of NSC, leading by example.
You are more of a brother, friend, philosopher and guide.
Countless are your ways of countering and solving problems.
You are such a wonderful person by heart,
Always smiling keeping worries behind.
As we bid farewell to you dear friend,
May God bless you in all that you do in the journey of your life.
Even as we miss the brightest star of this great family.
We Wonder if there is a person worth to fit your shoes.
The learnings we’ve earned from you is immense and innumerable.
Even though life goes on, no matter what, our dearest leader,
Your loss is inconsolable, we will miss you dearly.
And it would take some time to sink in,
That you are no more a part of this team.
In the destiny of life, till we meet again, with tears dear friend,
Good bye and take care, we love you.