Poems by Gowdhaman M

Finite and the incredible

a poem by Gowdhaman M

Time ever changing like streams running
The time varying
Huge, high, great and earthly
Ever trying to attain
In the hot sun too the sea blue

Not neophyte to see the blue
Converting the light for ever
As it comes down, the energy
So dual in time, the spectrum wide
Small and big the ranges and waves
Still I see the light and look back
I see light again

Also obstacles opaque and transparent media
So hard, so light
The incredible and the facts
The earth now a living planet
Matter in so many forms all true
Farther you see and does have no end
Boundaries visible and finite
To think the finite
Or to become thoughtless and silent
Matters of reality definitely finite

The evidence of light and planets
The evolution man knowing and the bounds of time
And atoms finite and molecules millions
Condensation and synthesis and growth

Even now the water drops condense
The clouds still rain
Man so evolved still
Exploring the limits and boundaries
You find planets, stars in space
The merging of wave lengths and fusion
Still different matters, take shape and colours
As atoms and molecules
And plants green and planets
And the little flowers are colourful
The beauty of nature as nature presents

Shaping and Creation

a poem by Gowdhaman M

Spheres of Activities so varied,
And efficiency counts in every work
The efforts counts every day
Time passing in varied moods,
Consistency of thoughts too matters.
Shapes varying and even matters.
And colours add to the beauty of Art,
The art of making everything,
The creation of man made
And nature with beauty.

So many flowers and seeds
The colours and density
The green leaves grows
The science advancing
As technology as well interpreting
As it ripens in many shapes.
The energy and effort
The ores and fossils
Promising potential
The flow of energy
To continue.
The potential density promising.

Times of Optionision

a poem by Gowdhaman M

So far the sun rises there
Yes so far
Intriguing distances on earth
And in the sky
Moon on the move
And the earth around the sun
The Circular orbit
And the distance
Moves closer and away
And on the same earth

Optimizing all the time
where one hits the
Maximum and the minimum
The optionism on earth
At the times the Maximum
And minimum
Times of peace
Is it a wonder
As waves the ups and down
In the voyage
It takes farther
Settling for peace a look back
Hurdles ahead

The race is on
The distances on earth
The energy and the moves
Thoughts crowding
The sky is clear. Even star lit
The moves on time in
The new millennium
How for the planets
At this time
So much the earth matters
A fact. The bio-sphere

Stars and Man

a poem by Gowdhaman M

The hills and mountains
Here and there the clouds
And snow ever the rays
And light
Victorious and silent
The merging clouds and sky
Interesting boundaries of water
Rarified and dense

Green aplenty dark and dense
The flowers light and
Light brought in spectra in spectra
New stars to twinkle
Every ray travels
Planets spherical
All the stars and cosmos
New star and times
Intriguing to man on earth
And the mankind exploring
The possibilities with planet earth
Round and Around the Sun
The Oscillating tracks

The moon light and memories
The reflections and distance
Similar Orbits with distance maintained
The Expanding Universe
And Exploring the truths
Whether man a wonder
Or the stars

Again the wonder

a poem by Gowdhaman M

At this time
Gay so lasting and truth
And the moments too
In words of wonder
Now the wonderful

Trying in time flow
Heresay. No. Real. True.
Every aspect so true
Wondering in the memory

On in the track
Never to forget
Deals so dearer
The waves so real
Ever to remember
Remembering the true self
So firm I believe
The smile and beauty
The flowers all true today
The light and colour
All true. All true.
The wonders now on earth

Colour and Density

a poem by Gowdhaman M

High above the mountains
The clouds passing and crossing
Man’s effort to conquer
It is always the effort counts.
There are ways to go
Up the ladder and trekking.

Paving the way
The way of life
Procedures based on
Concepts of law and undisputable
In the world of nature.

Human efforts on every venture
The success enlightens
The importance of efforts.

The flower colourful and fragrant
The rainbow rare with colours.
The light forever with specter
All matters have colour
And density and intensity.

The Effort and Energy and Shaping and Creation

a poem by Gowdhaman M

The Effort and Energy and
Shaping and Creation

Spheres of activities so varied
And efficiency counts in every work
The efforts counts every day
Time passing in varied moods.
Consistency of thoughts to matters.
Shapes varying and even that matters.
And colours add to the beauty of Art.

The art of making everything.
The creation of man made
And nature with its beauty.
So many flowers and seeds.
The colours and density.
The green leaves grows
The Science Advancing
As technology as well interpreting
As it ripens in many shapes.
The Energy and effort.

The ores and fossils
Processing potential
The flow of energy
To continue.
The matter, metals, materials
The polymers and the natural ones.
The bonds of energy
Released and absorbed.
In the earth of organic and inorganic.
The Biosphere and the man evolved.
To mend every matter and the bonds.
The energy of plasma as stars.
And condensed matter and sparks.
The potential density promising.

The Transformations

a poem by Gowdhaman M

The light and waves
The electron and light
The energy and matter
The trees and flowers.

The matter condensed
The plasma and light
The igneous rock and lava
The crystals and spectre.

The flowers turn fruits
The spectra and nucleus
The wider spectrum
The rays and colours.

The nuclei are formed
The energy as rays
The matter and energy duel
The rays and the flower.

The atoms transforms in fusion
Many molecules do change
The light plays a role
Even heat and x-rays.

The forms of energy and matter
All trees and flowers and fruits
The clouds above the earth
Are the light rays of sun a boon.

The rocks and sand
The water and life and the sea
The Atoms and molecule
The energy and matter.

All moves are energy
The growth and water
The stars in the sky
The earth and the Universe.

Faith and Beliefs and Reflections

a poem by Gowdhaman M

The story of success and ways
The hurdle and the efforts
Every deed counts
The efforts and moves
The hurdles and the mountain
The little drops and ocean
The experience of time travel
Dawn and dusk
The flower amidst the thorns
The hope of rays and sunlight
The waves pass on and the memories
The flower so fresh with colour
The greens so new and the rain drops

The man looks back histories
The new wind and the new clouds
The life on earth the biosphere
The colours of spectrum so true

The biosphere so rich with more life
Come alive. Oh! flower
The moon in silence. Come again
Matters of reality illustrating facts
The different waves and different facts
So true. May time help with more truths

Relief! Relax! After success
Ever the goal the same
Leading role of the victory
Ever for success of rely on

Celebration of success. True
Exhibiting the success story
Uncounted the efforts behind
Is failure due to mistake

History repeats. Rather a success story
The new victory and new efforts
All to win, and born on earth
The victory and the experience so hard

The efforts to improve the world around
A total success as well the goal
The road to success paved for every one
To learn every day the fads

What is true success
To realize the facts and you
What is true success and facts
Is the world made of deeds and matter of reality

Farther and near

a poem by Gowdhaman M

How far I wonder
The meaning of beauty
Inspiring totally
Seeking still the asylum
Hopes amidst and dejection
Recurring in new shape
Kind the God
He created so beautifully
Oh! The wonder so real.

No. No wonder.
No wonder.
The flying bird
And the Angel
Are they wonders.

The wonder lost.
Factor of time.
The new flower in new colour.
It looks farther and near.
So farther in time.
Vanning away the vanity.
Flowers too whither.
The new flowers do blossom.
The green leaves always nourishing
The flowers.
As the seeds contain
The leaves and tree.
Farther and near in time.


a poem by Gowdhaman M

Waves in the sea
Waves in rivers too
The clouds of rain
The trees and time
In the realm of time
Like long sea waves
The raising human thoughts
And the science and needs
The footprints of human

The planets and universe
So dynamic
The wishes and thoughts
The wishes and
The moves of man
Still so many
The thoughts in shaping
The human actions
The cosmic offspring
The human the child and
The thoughts

The machines so many
The thoughts merging
With nature
The results
The yields
The buds and flowers

The Duality Limit

a poem by Gowdhaman M

The signal on its way
The pride and the cry
The scenes all a smile
The truth behind
The reality of the world

The silence and harmony
Are the waves a trouble
The subtlety of solitude
The apparent and the truth
Amidst the waves the disguise
The material reality
Atoms and molecules
The electron duel even wave
The interconvertibility and transformations

The components of waves
Rather electromagnetic
Atom the dipole
Density polarity and charges

The vibrations and wavelengths
Can matter become wave
Is teleportation a mere dream
Are the sunrays a boon
Or mere heat

The growth and trees
And the biosphere
The water and Life
Human in the same world

The global warming now
The winter rather chilling
The summer and dread
The wheels on the move
Heat reflections in the sky
Man resorted to fossil fuel
And now on new search

The hope of clouds
The trees and blossom
The rays.The light
The energy and heat
The matter condensed
The energy and matter
Many forms, all subtle

Mirage and the Truth

a poem by Gowdhaman M

The Static. The moving.
The flying. The all reality.
Whether it a dream.
Or surrealistic facts.
The learnt. The listened.
The thoughts.
Whether all a mirage.
Or the substance so deep.
Doesn’t it contain it.

The sky. The sunlight.
The dense jungle all real.
And you are real mirage.
Whether all a illusion.
Whether it all a dream.
Of past rather.
Whether a dream even.
I and you as real.
Or the universe something
Other than truth.

The time the thoughts
The scenes and many thoughts.
How far true the shapes.
How true are characteristics.
In course of time.

The jungle bushes and trees
Add from the seeds.
Is the Garden so real.
A word to add is that right.
Everything you whom disappears.
Whether all that disappear can be seen again.
Will it come really to see.
What would be seen
As the law of nature.
Will the law continue.
To see it all facts.
It all seen.
The scene changes.
It is all true to see.
Or facts unseen.

You see the power of divine energy.
Rather the scene is forever.
Or it a song
On reality and mirage.
Describing the reality
As it changes.

Creations a Handiwork

a poem by Gowdhaman M

The vibrations of air
Resonating as music
It travels in the air
The music, sound, noise
Effect of vibrations
The octave changes
The wavelengths of the column

Ups and downs and rocks
In music too the wavelengths
Vibrations of atom and nucleus
As rays. The light of sun
Are the rays of fusion
Felt as light and colours
It adds to the wavelengths
Acceptable to the senses
The light, sound and music
And waves beyond the
The senses of the human perceived

The twinkling stars
And flame and rays
To add to the green
The rays from the sky
In the evolution
The role of light
Still so bright

To offset global warming
The plants grow
The forest and times and growth
The rain, water and growth

The flame of Atoms
To identify themselves
The inference of flames
Stars scattered in the sky
With brightness
The lightning attracts
Vibrating in the clouds
The charged particles
And the light scattering

The ups and downs of waves
How many the colours
The polestar too sun
The poles of earth magnetic
The light attracted

The dynamic rays
The magnetic attraction
The gravity too attracts
On earth as well other planets
The light to continue
The reflection of light
In the biosphere
So rare as organisms
Is all the creations
A handiwork of Almighty
The atoms and planets
The light and vibrations
The green leaves and flowers

The Transforming Forces

a poem by Gowdhaman M

The force within transforms everything
The energy within also you find everywhere
The moves of celestial bodies
Are perpetual
The sunlight and shower
And the clouds and sea

The greens of trees
Colours of flowers
The growing wonders
The moves in time
The growing needs
The world is finite
The man so finite
The universe rather infinite
The growth potential of organism
And man the most evolved

The evolution still on
And the ecology needs to be preserved
The energy potential in many forms
The growth potential in organic forms