Poems by Gopikrishnan Pisharody

I and Desert

a poem by Gopikrishnan Pisharody

I have chased and,
Beyond myself and others;
My thirsty heart is still dreaming,
I try to reunite my soul;
But my orphaned mind still wandered.

Thirsty sands dreams;
The ocean embraces,
Reflecting to many moments;
Alone in the deep hot.

We are each like wandering;
Seeking something;
Beyond ourself, nothing;
Until we found the love;
Ceased on chasing all…

In the Moon-Light

a poem by Gopikrishnan Pisharody

In the moonlight,
night in east woods;
my mind is wandering back;
of peaceful memories;
feeding of cattle,
with the pleasing smile;
mixing of hay and grain
cheering the heart and mind.

I have lived in a farm
I want to be a farmer;
glad sunshine break,
my sweat dreams.

Oh! What that plow?
O man of mud
A duty he fulfills;
deep down in to the will,
with sorrows and happy
life he had, laughing bending wheat.

The braising of grains;
harvest on the full year;
from white to green;
Love; hearting songs
telling to the soil,
glories, that you seen
and after, he had done…


a poem by Gopikrishnan Pisharody

In my eyes you are perched,
How I define you,
In my mind you are a rose,
The sign of love
I know you belong to me

Oh rose, why have you not told her
I am in love with her
Oh rose, please don’t do this
Oh! Your beauty attracts the world
Your aroma reaches every corner
But you are still in my mind

Dear, here I am waiting for you
With a heart of rose
Where were you wandering
Why are you so late
Dear, I am here alone
The aroma rose, get down
My heart is dead now
Now the small beats
Searching you where you are!

Evening loves me

a poem by Gopikrishnan Pisharody

I am in love
I am in love
With him? I don’t know
But still I feel the love

One morning when I look at the sun
He told me “I Love You”
When I saw the birds
They told me “I Love You”

When I saw a beautiful Jasmine flower
She told told me “I Love You”
When I asked with blustery weather
He told me “I Love You”

In the Evening I asked her
She told me “I Love You”, but
My friend at the time
You want to love with life

Evening continues her talk
You are like me
I am middle event of morning and night
You are in the same lane of life
With joyful and miserable

Waiting for you

a poem by Gopikrishnan Pisharody

The time goes too fast
I am waiting for you in this way
The sun goes down slowly
I am still waiting for you
You will come that I know
But when, I don’t know
The birds go to their nest,
The trees step their day end
But I was working, as waiting for you.

The tiny wind blows in to my heart
With springs of flowers
Some smell of roses, flow through the wind
And the river makes the sound of heart
Where she has gone, I don’t know

I saw the sun go to sleep
I saw the birds, back to their nest
I saw the darkness come
The moon is thinking to rising
She never came, I stand alone on the shore
Waiting for her,

I wait for you!
For you, with love!

Time Out

a poem by Gopikrishnan Pisharody

Time out my friends,
They are waiting behind the stage;
Where there thoughts is bulge on
Jokers in circus, making their day
One balloon is fallen to the floor,
He cried for it, but others betrothed

Life of his, jokes to others
As he found, the way of joy
Off life taken by the time;
Finish the game to start
Law of time to move

Broken Glasses

a poem by Gopikrishnan Pisharody

She had gone ahead;
Divorce and re-marriage
Damaged my society;
An old respected family culture,
The lights of park are going to sleep;
But she still there
Her over coat is flying;
In the southern wind that passed
Her way, of broken glasses
Along the time,
Who will be there?

Blood lost Heart

a poem by Gopikrishnan Pisharody

A moment with you,
Was that my win?
Weary mind ahead of me;
Switched off itself, inside
The mind of blood vessels;
Gather throughout the emotions;
In a tiny heart;
Death, with oblivion of heart
Do something! I want to die
Oh! God, time is killing me
Please, I don’t want to be in this world

In my heart, a blossom of love
O! Dear you are in my heart
I wrote you in my Gazhals
With out you I can’t live
I need your love,
Ahead of my last breathe
I will sleep in your leaps
It will close to my heart
O God! On love why you are,
Killing me upon you

Take me away from here

a poem by Gopikrishnan Pisharody

O Krishna! I want to be your Radha
Of that delicious love to you
O Giridhar! Out of you, nothing is there
The long distance I need to travel
With you, to forget my life;
In my eyes, you bring me
A new vision of wishes
Your blue face, that shine
In my eyes, drive me… drive me
Away from this evils world
My chariot needs to travel
Where I lost my way
Tie up in life, with broken sorrows
You be there, nothing will happen
Please drive my chariot,
Go fast from this world
Where nobody disturb us

My Rose

a poem by Gopikrishnan Pisharody

A single rose in my rose plant,
The fragile heart of love;
I choose, you from the world,
I hold you in my hands,
Oh, how one, you caught me
Ablaze of colours, apart from rest
Reflected in my violin notes;
And lured me, with fragrant scent;
Of my crimson tunes;
Silken smoothly tender petals;
And with a fragile heart,
Given my love to you,
Moistened of dew;
Touching my soul, with
Your beauty that never dies.

A feeling of strong;
A feeling of so wish;
A feeling of so special;
A feeling of love, that
I have for you neither to others

The love I feel on heart;
My single rose in world;
The sweet smile of you,
Make me to hold you
Forever on love, with love.

A song in my heart,
Shared many joys;
Felt some sorrows;
My true love on you;
Awaken me of thy! pleasures.


a poem by Gopikrishnan Pisharody

I saw the dream,
the leaf of my verve,
It’s awfully of vividly and nasty;
I got an abrupt molest of the time,
wherever I, reviewed in life.
I find the two ways;
lone an awfully fresh and array,
however other is so sullied and swift retort.
I get mystified on the mode;
tranquil, I am in murky.
where, the vividness of SUN;
not, hitherto life.
Nature, respite me in a lane,
I force to slam my eyes;
that shade of night force to approach,
and smeared my new dream;
the dream of success

For you, with Love

a poem by Gopikrishnan Pisharody

I Love you my Dear,
I Love you!
I don’t know, how it happened;
the Love, I saw in your blue eyes.
If you rage with me,
But, I still LOVE YOU
I see your pretty illumination on seething,
her gorgeous cheeks, become reddish;
when she bicker on me

When I am in alone
I am thinking of you.

Oh! My dear where you go,
with out you, I am an sinister;
I saw the Rose, I feels you.

My life set out to dim,
Oh God! How to go on with her?
Why do you do it?
Tell me the truth,
how to rest on life,
with out her!!!


a poem by Gopikrishnan Pisharody

I just step outside,
an ice cube hit my cap.
The cold wind hits me,
and just cool my fiery mind.

They said, “ice is cold,”
and will hold me
I act, to believe them;
as trusting them.

A natural gap innate;
waving to the shore with smile
“Goodbye my darling, goodbye my dear one,”
I begin to walk,
while Ice hit me persistently.


a poem by Gopikrishnan Pisharody

Oh! My Dear Mother, I Love you
while I groan, she be with me;
her lovely hand goes through my hair,
Its feel, very serenity to my mind

She is an Angel of my way,
I love you – My dear MAMMA.

When I draw near with dead beat, she comes
and sit with me, as a ally.

There stars, that buffs on the Milkyway,
she, the vein of in my heart.

Her fairly affable,
and the radiance
that glows in my mind.
She is my vigor,
to reign in my life.

Night Rain

a poem by Gopikrishnan Pisharody

The night rain, is not yet stopped
But I want to move.
I listen, to the rain drops;
they are playing a beautiful song
The winds fluted with a song,
where, I never heard former.
The blue curtain is not raised
I heard the clapping of trees;
Every drops, glitters my earth;
her heart, cheered in fresh.

How they are singing a song,
I thought, about that great composer;
that acting in the rouse of blind
where is he, the weird musician.

Night rain, is still singing
the exotic song,
which I composed, now he impede.