Poems by Gopichand Paruchuri

Awakened Conscience

a poem by Gopichand Paruchuri

I strolled on the green pastures early before sunrise
Numb were my senses to the pleasant surroundings
But I could feel the heavy air pass through my bellows
The moist vapor on my lashes and tip of my nose is balmy

Now my senses oped to the Nature’s fragrance and blooming day
A smooth tickle passed from heel to head
I glanced down- to my astonishment- I saw a green spritly beauty
Inquisitively I bent down to see it!

I heard a murmur from the fresh shoots of life-giving grass
‘I sprinkled dew drops on your feet and wiped it clean
Walk on and on I thank thee for the opportunity to serve
A sudden flash- Lord grass is thy follower!


a poem by Gopichand Paruchuri

Smiles dupe us
Affections dupe us
Appearances dupe us
Conscience dupe us
Of all thing the greatest dupe – Mirror


a poem by Gopichand Paruchuri

Man craves for pleasures
Money cures our maladies
Our manners put up pretensions
Oh! Life is full of lies told and lies to be lied


a poem by Gopichand Paruchuri

I walked through the land of swaying trees
Of destination I’m not sure
Every passing tree gave way to another tree
I let loose myself on a walking spree

Every forward step made me hear of my coarseness
Every yard made me loose my convictions
Every vision made me think of my revisions
Every fall of leaf reminded of the dead

My relations my friends end as passing trees
My memories too end one day
‘My self’ too will end
End as all things end as things I ended