Poems by Glory Sasikala Franklin

Marital Disbliss

a poem by Glory Sasikala Franklin

A seven-year itch
Has set in our marriage
Unable to tolerate each other
A cry for breathing space.

Love gone stale?
Like withered leaves
That fall off strong branches
With strength and resource in them to rejuvenate,
A colorful spring
Hidden beauty of our brown Earth
Where all colors come from.

Pink flowers for a dark green tree.
Yellow flowers for the light green
Ah, I must learn from Mother Nature to match clothes
How flexible the rules!

I would like to go to Moonar
On a honeymoon all by myself
With my poetry along for company
And think longingly of my husband at home
And miss him, and cry for him, and crave for him
And long for him.

So when I return, I will be a good wife
Noncrabby, nonnagging, nonnasty,
Sobered and steady and ready to appreciate
And listen as he speaks
Of football matches and Governmental statistics.

Soft Whispers

a poem by Glory Sasikala Franklin

As I lie down on the grass,
And the scented breeze goes on its spree,
As I doze amidst these flowers,
Who is it whispers to me?

As I, on this noon day tide,
Seek the cool shade of a tree,
In this stillness far and wide,
Who is it whispers to me?

Far away in the deep blue sky,
The white puffs travel all so free,
And I lie and close my eyes,
Yet who is it whispers to me?

Then on a moonlit night so bright,
Softly lighting on the lee,
Gently mocking my daily fight,
Who is it whispers to me?

I shut my eyes and ears so tight,
And then I think that I am free,
Yet He who loves me day and night,
He it is whispers to me.

When too busy to stop and think,
When I from my tasks do shirk and shrink,
Dear God, give me that I hear your voice,
Amidst this world’s chaotic noise.

That I, amidst my troubles do always find
A comforting anchor within my mind,
And always guided to eternal peace,
By the soft, whispering breeze.

A Curious Paradox

a poem by Glory Sasikala Franklin

In my heart,
At the bottom of my heart,
I buried the seeds of pain.
Tears of hurt, whence rude retort
Shall never bother me again.

And over them sowed,
Within my heart,
The seeds of love and joy
And He his skill, and He his art
Did most happily here employ.

And they into blossoms,
Within my heart
Grow so beautiful and so lush
And people did gaze and eyes did dart
And made them tremble and blush.

And the goats gazed
Within my heart
At the blossoms so gay and so lush,
And voiced desired to tear apart
And the flowers underfoot to crush.

They said the flowers
Within my heart
Were too perfect to be true.
What so much joy, like a witch’s cast
And no regret and no rue?

The goats gazed
Within my heart
At the blossoms so gay and so lush
And quenched the desire to tear apart
And the flowers underfoot to crush.

The rains fell
Within my heart
And hard they fell and true.
Oh! What are these plants, so grey and so dark?
They’re plants of regret and rue!

The people gaze
Within my heart
And turn their gaze away.
The goats gaze
Within my heart
At the ugly sad array.

The goats gaze
Within my heart
At the ugly sad array
And say, “How sad this once happy heart,
Now so full of dismay!”

I can explain

a poem by Glory Sasikala Franklin

I can explain the hour and the day,
And the reason I went away,
And why I spoke the way I did,
And why I broke away.

I can explain the deeds
And their reasons,
And the cause
And the repercussions.

I can explain my decisions
Cold bloodedly taken,
And agree to the straight path,
The trodden path,
The right path,
And realize that all other path
Is wrong
And leads only to destruction.

I can believe in God
And respect the truth,
And promise to set things right,
And be myself once again.

But how can I,
When I cannot, even to myself,
Explain the deep-seated pain in the very depth of my soul?


a poem by Glory Sasikala Franklin

Leave it.
The game of love burns!
In the encroaching space
Of that hut-
A storm within and without.
The wick turned low,
Casting ominous shadows.

The tongues of flame,
Disguised as they are
As your lily-white purity,
Your pristine virginity,
Your baffling innocence.
Your eyes so dark
And all too large for your face.

I keep against the wall,
Against the dancing shadows-
Just out of reach
Of those flicking arrows.
But your freed soul
Is a forest fire
Burning all-
Only aware of your own desire
Child-like, reaching out-
Enveloping, engulfing.

I cannot escape.

Hovering now on the brink
Of Life and Death,
A bright light beckons.
Light without heat.
Benign well-known shadows
Welcome. I smile
A gentle smile and give up.
And give in
To the all-consuming lethargy.
The flame flickers
One last time
And dies…
My soul, a thread of white smoke.
The Sunrise now
The Hand
That lights my pyre.