Poems by Gladson

I met!

a poem by Gladson

Once again as I was sitting
Waiting and not expecting
There she walked in front of me
Like someone who wanted only me

I was not able to control myself
And again I had to calm myself
My heart skipped that extra beat
For I saw her again so sweet

Oh she was the same, young and charming
Taking my breath away without warning
She saw to it that her presence was felt
And I had to acknowledge and also melt

It was a night which spelt out feelings
That were shut down for they were beyond healing
But kindred again with her glances
Its hard to go by she left no chances

New Day

a poem by Gladson

As the morning rays meet my eye
It is gentle and sweet on every high

Everyday so perfect and smooth
Which proclaims His honour and truth

He gives you breath, he gives you life
He is so calm, kind and nice

He gives you yet another life
To reach, preach, help and teach
The people who are sick and bleak

Wonderful and marvellous are his works
Treasured are his fabulous marks

Teach us to walk in your ways
Never to fall short in our days

My Teacher

a poem by Gladson

Every morning our bright faces see
A person who is so bubbly as a bee
Teaching us from morning to eve
Our beloved teacher we welcome thee

Every hour goes unnoticed
Subjects taught clear and focussed
Never chiding us for our naughty deeds
Our mentor and guide we welcome thee

Every day we grow in you
Always in your shade we thrive
Never will we forget you
We greet you with our hearts open wide


a poem by Gladson

Begin your life with Jesus
And you will taste success

Never leave him out of your sight
Hold on to him with all your might

He will teach you to love and care
For there in no one who loves you fair

In times of trouble he is near
With him by your side nothing to fear

Tender are his arms reaching for you
Ever forgiving never to sue

My Friend

a poem by Gladson

I’ll never let you down,
or turn your smile into a frown.
I will care about you
and everything you do.
I promise to treat you right,
and do my best not to start any fights.

I’ll be the best friend that I can be,
I’ll stand by you, you’ll see.
I’ll listen to you when you need to talk,
when things are changing quickly, I’ll be your rock.
This friendship promise is for you my friend,
to let you know I’ll be there for you until the end.

My Saviour

a poem by Gladson

I am an image that breaths,
A perfect reflection of His being.

With no refractions he created me;
A world of refractions I acquired.
Distorting other images and
Ruining myself as well.

On the mirror of Christ I did see
The blurred image of me;

He took my refractions through his wounds;
Healing and focussing me in Him so sound.

He shattered his mirror a million pieces,
So that each one can set his image right
From a crystal so pure and white.

My Dream

a poem by Gladson

You are my dream;
You seem so near;
You try me ever;
And wash away my fear;
May be you are dear,
To the one vast and clear;
But you are mine forever;
This I tell you now and forever.

My Love

a poem by Gladson

Do not take your smile from me;
For it would disable me;

Do not turn your face from me;
For I will become dry and die;

Do not take your hands off me;
For I will stumble and fall;

Do not turn your ears from me;
For my words will become meaningless;

Do not withdraw your touch from me;
For I will become insensitive;

Do not stop talking to me;
For I would become numb and weak;

Do not take your eyes off me;
For I would disintegrate and disappear;

For you are my life, my love, my dream,
My breath and in you I live, I cherish and survive.

You be my eyes and I can See wonders;
And avoid many unwanted blunders;

You be my ears and I will be cherished,
Always hearing the truth and nourished;

Without you I have to find myself lost,
In this world which cares the least;
For people who search for love.

So come to me… be my dream… hold me close…
This is my humble prayer, for now and ever.