Poems by Gayathri Swaminathan


a poem by Gayathri Swaminathan

Glittering all way,
Like the heavenly stars,
Making heart sway,
Amidst hundred wars,
Innately elegant in element
And meek in it’s light,
I see a shimmering glory, of HIS creation
Glistening all while in reconciliation.
The beauty of the glittering ocean,
In front of my eyes,
Bringing light, in cool rain!
This may be, the light of the earth under,
Showing it’s inimitable wonder.
The moonbeam of a woman’s love, I see in thee
Tender rays, embrace all over me.
To be this little eye of light,
Oh! that heat and torpidity and what not!
Moulded by the warmth of mother nature,
And patterned by thy adept creator,
You would stay adorned and cherished!
By those fragile minds,
Treasured and lauded
In numerous kinds!

When the Love is Far…

a poem by Gayathri Swaminathan

You are not here by me
To hear my heart cry for thee
You have gone afar those mighty oceans
Leaving me in these thorns of separation

Little did you realise though
Of this painful Slough
Thrashing my feelings and emotion
In the reef of rocky oceans

Absence has made the heart grow fonder
Pleasant were those moments, I now wonder,
Those moments when we had been together
Sharing the warmth and beams of love

Dear! I know that you too have this tempest
Brimming all while and storming thy chest
If only that sun of love could shine…
And put an end between our disunion

Birds would chirp and rivers would flow
And blossoms of spring will ever glow
There could be nothing to separate us again
Be it this, ‘separation’ itself!

There would be no more waves wrecking
On these shores of my heart,
And there would be no arrows ripping,
This love will hold, will shine ever
Spreading its warmth and rays of hope.