Poems by Gautam Dhar

Twelfth of June

a poem by Gautam Dhar

It’s a long way back to the Twelfth of June
Time when I sang just another old tune
But never in my dreams did I ever know
She’ll say goodbye on this long afternoon

Days that I knew seem so far away
Down by the street in a no name town
And if she ever comes my way
I hope she’ll hear my heart’s lone sound

I know my songs won’t stop her tears
And she may forget down through the years
Oh but I wonder if she’ll ever know
Just how I long to kiss away her fears

But times that I knew seem lost in the sky
Down by the hills where the sun don’t shine
I’ll never know where the time’s gone by
Will she ever know what I’ll never find?

I know these rhymes can’t make her stay
And all her sorrow on a day so gray
If I could ever make a wish to the stars
I’d say it all what I couldn’t say

Now the Twelfth of June would never come again
When I stood still singing in the rain
But the dreams may fade and this life may too
I’ll sing to you Summer, till you lose your pain.

*A Song for a friend, Summer*

A Song for Her

a poem by Gautam Dhar

I see her smile and I do often wonder
‘Bout the way a thousand hearts her smile does sunder
Though try as hard she may as carefully
There’s an emptiness inside that just never shows.

Late at night her sweet old heart gets lonely
As she stares out at the stars up in the sky
And she wonders how she’d feel if only
She could have him by her side to hear him sigh.

Though she never in her dreams saw it losing
The love that’s once so precious and so wild
And she tried as hard she could anticipating
She’d win him back like that with just a smile.

As I wander on her street late in the morn
I can make out her face up in the sky
And the door where she once stood is torn
Lord her face up in the clouds just makes me cry.

Times like these

a poem by Gautam Dhar

Times like these when I’m so alone
Just waiting in the dark for her to come home
And I listen to the winds say her name so soft
Why she went away Lord I’ve never known.

I can’t help but wonder if she’ll ever know
Why I sit by my door each night and day
Still lost in a love that wouldn’t let me go
Will she ever know when I’m gone away?

And though she’s gone I remember the song
The one she wrote ‘fore the line was drawn
A song that lingers in the old lovers’ lane
Like the cool of the eve and colors of the dawn.

I can’t help but wonder if she’ll ever know
Why I can’t love another in this life so blue
Still lost in her words she said long ago
Will she ever know what she never knew?

So times like these when I sing with a sigh
Just playing my bow till my tears run dry
And I listen to the whisper of soft summer winds
Lord I’ll never know why she didn’t say goodbye.

Loving You

a poem by Gautam Dhar

Sometimes when the sun goes down
I feel so lost and blue I could be
Lord how I long to be homeward bound
Just to lay in your arms by the old oak tree

It’s just the way you make me feel
And all those kisses I long to steal

So stay with me till the end of time
Oh till the stars all turn to blue
If ever my songs all lose their rhyme
My heart won’t ever stop loving you

Sometimes at night when the moon stands still
I can feel your touch so soft and low
Lord as warm as the breeze on a hill
Just to sing in your eyes when the hour’s slow

‘Heart it’s just the way you call my name
And all those things make me feel the same

So stay by my side till the rivers run dry
Oh till the leaves turn all so blue
And I’ll sing my songs till the day I die
For my heart won’t ever stop loving you.

While the Cold Wind Blows

a poem by Gautam Dhar

Those castles in the sand that once stood tall
By the valley of green that I once knew
Yes I’ve seen it all through the summers and fall
And there’s just so much I wish I could do

Lord the skies may fall and stars may too
I know our love will always be true
As strong as the wind and wild as the sea
Love I need you now, like I do

So stay by my side till the day I die
And I’ll be here just to hold you close
Oh till the rivers all run dry
So stay by my side while the cold wind blows

All the birds in the sky now sing our song
Till the sun goes down and night comes along
As soft as the late summer breeze in the sky
Love I long for a place for us to belong

So stand by my side, oh say you will
And I’ll be here just to love you so
Yes I’ll be here while the time stands still
So stay by my side while the cold winds blow.

Yesterday’s Song

a poem by Gautam Dhar

I remember the time of the day
When she left my world and went far away
Like a lonely cloud far up in the sky
There’s no place left for me to stay

‘Twas a bright day when I saw her first
And I knew it was a time for us
A time to sail away to the stars
Beyond the world’s endless scars

Days then passed
With her thoughts all around
Like roses in the wind
And sunshine on the ground

Like the sound of the river
And the colors of the mountains
Like the way we used to shiver
As we walked around the fountains

‘Twas a dark day when I saw her last
As the love we shared had come to pass
Like a wilted leaf on the frozen ground
Like an old robin who’d lost her sound

Now the time still makes me shiver
Though the fountains have all gone dry
Just like the way she went away
And I couldn’t even say goodbye.

I’ll take my bow

a poem by Gautam Dhar

There’s a lone fire burning
Beyond the darkness of the night
Seems like the whole world’s turning
There’s no place for me to hide

By the same old creek where I’d go away
And be till I’d seen sun’s last ray
A time so fond seems lost in the sky
I never knew that life would just pass me by

Guess I’ll take my bow and sing an old song
Till the stars up above have gone to sleep
And while the fire keeps burning I’ll play along
For a long lost love that still runs deep

By the wild of the shore if only I could be
And sail on the waves now lost in the sea
A world so warm seems so far away
But my heart still longs for so much to say

So I’ll sit by the fire while the night’s still young
And play an old song that she once sung
But the time won’t stop at my heart’s lone cry
So I’ll take my bow and bid this world goodbye.

Love Again

a poem by Gautam Dhar

Met her on a day so cold and blue
She just looked at me through and through
How the time stood still by her side
In the autumn winds like I ever knew

And I remember the look in her eyes
As soft as a dove in the summer skies
Look at me now I’m singing it again
It seems like I’m falling in love again

Now I feel her close like the morning breeze
And her words so soft like the old oak trees
How the moon stood still as she stared up above
Lord I feel so alive in times like these

And I remember all the joy she brings
With her voice so soft all the songs she sings
Just look at me now I’m saying it again
Why I think I’m falling in love again

So I’ll sing to you and the moon up above
‘Bout this same old thing that they call love
I know it’s true like the sound of the rain
I can’t believe I’m falling in love again
I know that I’m falling in love again.


a poem by Gautam Dhar

It’s just an old love letter
That she once wrote to me
And her face between the lines
Is still so clear to see

Like the music of the mountains
And springtime in the air
Like the quiet of the fountains
Her memories are always here

Reading over and over again
Things she said so long ago
Lord the love we knew back then
Just how I miss her so

Like the changing colors of seasons
And the passing shades of time
Like some things without a reason
Lord knows that just don’t rhyme

Now her words are all gone gray
And my eyes are too old to see
And though she’s gone so far away
Her love will never set me free.

Same old song

a poem by Gautam Dhar

Way down yonder on the east side
Where the lonely meadows still speak of her
And the old sun still shines at night
Oh among the stars way up above

She’s so far away for me to see
Like the blue star way up in the sky
And when the nights are too cold for me
I sing the same old song with a sigh

Staring at the clouds when the day’s still young
My heart so longs to just see her again
Listening to the songs that she once sung
Times when I kissed her in the lemon scented rain

Lord I remember when she said to me
“Not a day goes by when I don’t think of you
And if the world ever turns too cold for us to be
I’ll stay by your side like the sun so warm and true”

But she went away like seasons in the sky
To a world so far for me to see
Now I sing the same old song with a sigh
And there’s just no place I’d rather be.

Going Back

a poem by Gautam Dhar

Going back to those streets once again
Where she stood so soft waiting in the rain
Her touch so warm like the sun in the sky
When the day stood still as the world rolled by

All those things that we used to do
When the days seemed short and the nights were few
Lord was it oh so long ago
Back in the days when she loved me too

Going back to the same old creek late at night
My heart so longs to see her face so bright
Just by the oak where the waters still sing
Down by the hills I could hear a lone bell ring

Dreaming about the way she kissed me with her lips
Lord with her smile she could launch a thousand ships
Birds up above won’t you sing a song for me
When I’m sitting all alone by the wide-open sea

Going back again to the streets of long ago
I’ll be waiting in the rain for this heart to show
If I could feel her touch ‘fore it’s time to say goodbye
I would leave the world behind for life to pass me by.

Lost in Love

a poem by Gautam Dhar

He sits all alone from night till dawn
With his worn out clothes and a same old song
And you’ll find him there when the night’s long gone
Still lost in her love with no place to belong

So I asked him tonight why he’s so alone
With eyes so lost and as dry as a stone
Said, “so many things I wish I could say
But the world won’t stop when I’m gone away”

Lord the cold winds tonight bring his face to my mind
With his soul still lost in a love that was blind
But his heart so longs for what he’ll never find
He’s just an old man that the world left behind

So I asked him again of a time that he knew
When the days were warm and nights were too
Said, “so many worlds I wish I could see
But there’s just no place I’d rather be”

Now he sits all alone oh night and day
Still yearning for a love that’s gone away
And you’ll see him crying on a day so grey
Just lost in her love since she went away.

Song For All Lovers

a poem by Gautam Dhar

At the end of the day he stares out alone
With his eyes so lost and as dry as a stone
Sitting on a rock as he talks to the wind
He thinks back again on a time he’d known

And he roves by the oak on a night so quiet
Lost in the days that seemed so bright
Just longing for a shadow that was once so deep
In the hush of the night you could hear him weep

Somewhere far away she passes her time
Just longing for her love’s long lost chime
Lord but she knows of the line that was drawn
Still her eyes get wet for reasons that don’t rhyme

And she cries in the dark on an eve so gray
Lost in his love that’s now gone away
Just yearning for the days when stars shone bright
Lord how she longs just to hold him tight

Now the evening’s low and the moon’s riding high
He stares out again with a tear in his eye
A love that he knew lies still on the ground
But his song won’t cease till the day he’ll die.

Turn Around

a poem by Gautam Dhar

Tonight I’ll sing while the stars are asleep
To see you through when the times are steep

So turn around won’t your turn around too
While the sun’s so warm and true
Oh so much this life would bring
So turn around ‘fore the day is through

Thinking back ’bout the way it’s been
When the nights seemed oh so long
Lord I knew all this love within
Would keep my faith when the world was wrong

So sing along won’t you sing an old song
While the day’s still young at dawn
A day so bright and warm as spring
So sing along ‘fore the music’s gone

Just come along with the birds and the bees
Sing a song with the redwood trees
Lord it feels like the time again
To sing along in the late summer breeze

So turn around won’t you turn around too
Come along ‘fore the time is through
Sing along won’t you sing an old song
While the sun’s so warm and true.


a poem by Gautam Dhar

Wandering through the redwood trees
Listening to the soft summer breeze
Staring at the blue old sky
I know the life will pass me by

But I’ll ask the winds to sing a song
Some words for you to hum along
The sound so sweet and oh so true
A wish so warm to see you through

Looking at the stars above
I wonder what they’re thinking of
Just thinking about the passing time
Still longing for that long lost chime

But I’ll ask the moon above to say
To bring you love oh night and day
The touch so sweet and oh so true
A wish so warm to see you through

For words are all that I can give
Until the day this heart will live
I wish so much this song could say
That’s all I wish forever and today.