Poems by Gaurishankar Chemudupati

Reaching you like a gale!

a poem by Gaurishankar Chemudupati

In your years like shells lovely,
Whispers of love like music
Made by the waves of a brooke,
On your apple like cheeks,
Kisses embossed with emotion
Generated with the
Live wire of love mutual,
Embraces tight with
Blood racing in the nerves,
Twinkle in your blue,
And your smile beguile,
Can no longer I refrain from!

Reaching you like a gale agile,
To soothe you, like a breeze
In my embrace, like
The garden of flowers
Of love that fall in heap,
In the shape of kisses,
Songs of love that
Lead us to our Heaven,
Built with our mutual love!

Time and Mind

a poem by Gaurishankar Chemudupati

The screen of time shall hang ever
Between morning and evening,
One side white and black on the other!
The mind of man is akin to it
In appearance clean and polluted within!
A book or mind, by their appearance
Cannot be judged good or worthy!
Gauge not the mind by words spoken in gaiety
But by the deeds that speak of piety!
With time the mind may change,
With change of mind, time not derange,
But follows the rotation of day and night!
For the mankind it is to decide
Changes in mind as with changing events coincide!

In the name of Christ

a poem by Gaurishankar Chemudupati

All our sins, he swallows,
Day and night, like a saviour, follows,
Jesus born in Jerusalem
On the day we call Christmas,
To make us pure of sin
Remain happy and gay!
Happy Christmas! Happy Christmas!!

In the name of Christ
Welcome happy new year
That makes our life dear,
Serve each other with minds clear
Universal brotherhood we declare,
With mutual love
And without any fear!

Nature rules us!

a poem by Gaurishankar Chemudupati

Distant mountains, still waters,
serene nature, falling snow,
inspire the poet’s mind!

Deep valleys, our thoughts,
High mountains, our hopes,
Nature and man alike!

Sun during day,
Moon in the night,
Divide the world day and night!

Charm in child’s smile,
Echo in cuckoo’s voice,
Are symbols of innocence indeed!

I was born as ‘I’,
Joined you to become ‘We’,
To share a child as ours!

Ideas and thoughts are pure
When understood, sure!
Misunderstanding makes them sore!

Universal Truth

a poem by Gaurishankar Chemudupati

Wound on the back of the rich
Made known to public with pomp, so much!
Marriage ceremony in the house of the poor
Not known to the neighbor next door!

Crocodile while in water
Kills even the elephant like a true fighter;
Out of water and crawling on the ground,
Faces defeat and death
By a street dog, no doubt!
Strength it is of its position,
But not its real strength!

Small stone in our boots,
An insect in the ear,
Particle of dust in the eye,
Thorn in the foot,
Problem in the domestic front
Causes pain unbearable and brunt!

When in trouble and in a place unknown,
Pomp and show turns bitter,
It matters little
though you are simple;
Is not a big mountain small in a mirror?

Source : Vemana Sathakam (Telugu)

Global war against terrorism!

a poem by Gaurishankar Chemudupati

Wake up to the enormity of the challenge!
A challenge to heal the wounds to democracy.
A challenge to uphold the right to live,
A challenge to world order of socialism,
A challenge for reaping the fruits of civilisation!
It is not the attack of terrorism on America
And its people, believers and builders of democracy,
It is an attack of the civilised world!
It is an attack on universal brotherhood!
It is an attack to perpetrate war of hatred
Of the frustrated forces of racialism and religious lunatics!
It is like a concert in which
Perpetrators of the sequential and
Heinous crimes were acting!
Democracy, right to live, civilised ways of living,
Which the terrorism determined to destroy
In the name of race, religious lunacy,
Must be protected at any cost!
It is a global war against terrorism!


a poem by Gaurishankar Chemudupati

Our anger is our enemy within
Peace within is our protector
Our kindness is our kinsman!
Happiness is Heaven
And is our grief the hell on earth!
Listen to everybody
But speak less with logic and reason,
Know the truth and leave the false aloof;
Listen more with patience
Speak less with restraint!
People like you and
make you their leader!

Love defined

a poem by Gaurishankar Chemudupati

Definitions for love are many,
Of all, only two, stand at the top;
Selfless sacrifice of everything for you and
Selfishness not to be able to share
your love, with any third person!

For your happiness, for your friendship
And for your company ever and ever
The mind that is prepared
To rid of all, whole and soul
Is the real love and love celestial!

It may be between any two-
Mother and child, brother and sister
Or may be between you and your lover
Who invites you and
Keeps you in her bosom dear,
Loves you and remains your lover!

All the lovers are not the same,
Love is various, as well!
True lover owns nothing for himself
In truth, exists in you,
Lacking in existence separate!

Your passion,
Affection and emotion,
Ambition and exhilaration
Need a barrage and exhortation!
That is love and love alone!

Like a wave in the sea
Rising high in glee!
Full of love is the universe
And dearth of love
Or lack of it
Shall fill the life with fear and agony,
Like a mountain that
Our conscience and our heart
crumble under it’s weight!


a poem by Gaurishankar Chemudupati

Whenever I look at the sky
I am reminded to try to rise high!
Whenever I look at a child
I think about how she faces this world!
Whenever I look at the stars in the night
I feel that everything is right and bright!
Whenever I look at the poor
I feel angry at the selfish rich!
Whenever I observe two lovers
I wish their love to bloom flowers!
Whenever I look at a mother
I think about how she cares her child in bad weather!
Whenever I see my wife
I am happy I got good partner in life!
Whenever I look at the sea
The depth, riches and greatness of life I foresee!
Whenever I look at a dog
I determine never to be slave for food!
Whenever I look at the mirror
I feel happy that I am not alone!

Lit a candle!

a poem by Gaurishankar Chemudupati

Candle light, kindle bright!
Kills itself and extinguish
To fill the room with light
Every mother is like a candle
Brings up child, careth not herself!
Every year bringeth birthday,
A day of mirth and maturity of thought,
With expectations shooting up
Fixeth a goal, for all, in life
Cutting cake and blowing candles
Sharing with others what you have,
And learn to see the light in dark!
Live for others and live by thyself
“Live and let live”
The lesson every child should know
Celebrating birthday every year.
Lit a candle in every house
Let the sky reflect on the earth!

(Dedicated to the unfortunate blind)

Every minute…

a poem by Gaurishankar Chemudupati

Every minute, thousands are born,
Thousands of people die forlorn,
Every minute nature destroys nature,
Be it storms, earthquake or volcanoes;
Prices rise, shares fall,
Governments collapse, scams come to light,
Corruption goes on unabatedly
Protected by the people
Earmarked for it’s eradication!
New inventions made to mould the life
More and more happy and comfortable!
Thousands of events good and bad happen!
Minutes are part of centuries.
A minute lost may cost loss infinite
That the other minute cannot restore!
Enjoyments, affections, bliss and achievements
Should be won to keep life in fine tune
Taking care not to lose any single minute
By inviting troubles, failures, separation and loss!
Lost minute can never be regained!
Life is short and agenda of life is everlasting;
If we miss a minute, we may miss a life
Let us enlist life’s agenda,
Use every minute to live rich
in peace, happiness, glory,
Universal love and social awareness!
Let us not waste a single minute
Worrying over split milk!