Poems by Gaurav Mittal


a poem by Gaurav Mittal

When I was a little child
In my dreams God said to me:
‘I give you an important task;
Your highest responsibility.’

‘You shall till the very end
Take care of your family-
Father, mother, brother, friend-
Stay with them like coast to sea’

Thoughts of a Schizophrenic

a poem by Gaurav Mittal

What my mind perceives
And my eyes can see
Is a distortion
Of reality

Mirages, deceit.
A life of no truth;
Of constant defeat

Haunted by pictures
No one else can see.
Pictures of those who
Long were made free

Of life. I hear silent
Sounds. Sounds of loud cries,
Screeching doors and
Unheard lullabies.

Family, friends, God
and identity.
All are lost in the
Depths of memory

Dream to be a Child

a poem by Gaurav Mittal

Who or what I am,
I will never know.
Dream to be a child
Never want to grow.

Living in the world
Of ice cream and shakes;
Smudging my face with
Puddings, pies and cakes.

Spending the whole day
Beneath open skies;
Running with my friends
Catching butterflies.

Kites, swings, bicycles
Toys, innocent lies.
Love, hugs, kisses and
Mother’s lullabies

In my heart I know
this is just a dream.
Have to face this world,
Cruel it may seem.

I Shall Fly

a poem by Gaurav Mittal

Sometimes, when I look
Out of the window,
I see trees and a
Dove as white as snow.

I look at his wings
Flapping through the air.
It flies by my window
Giving me a stare

Seems to ask me, “Don’t
You wish you could fly?
Making friends with clouds
Soaring through the sky’

“Yes” I say. “I do
Want to fly like you.
Want to fly over seas,
And over mountains too’

“You cannot fly, you
Fool’ the white dove sings
“Cannot fly without
Two majestic wings.”

‘I might not have the
Wings you have’ I said
‘But I have a spirit
Which shall never fade’

‘A spirit that is bold.
One that shall never die.
One that shall seek to
Glide through the blue sky’

‘I shall fly one day
Oh Dove; I shall fly;
There where even eagles
Could not dare to try’