Poems by Francis Alapatt

Created by Waves

a poem by Francis Alapatt

The waters are grey now;
They no longer reflect,
The coconut palms,that
Fringed the island
Like a crown of thorns.

The padipera, a temple door
Issues a stern warning.
Unswept leaves carpet the pathway.
And the house waits; ancient religion,
Yearning to be rediscovered.

Inside dust motes dance in sunbeams,
Delighted with the invitation.
Long forgotten objects catch the eye.
And, suddenly memories are assassins,
Choking your breath.

Once, the moist air carried laughter,
The golden tinkle of of tiny voices.
Cooing doves and temple bells,
A happy blend of harvest noises.
With Onam always but a heart beat ahead.

The trees are barren now;
The stand helpless; mute
Witnesses to the ravages of change.
And each invasion has scarred the soul
Like red flags on scorched fields.


a poem by Francis Alapatt

How often on a warm
sultry night
have you wanted
to clamber up
a moon beam, escape
into the sky
skip higher and higher,
from star to star?

And from high up
look down on little
twirling reflectively in
soft moonlight.
A tiny speck lost amidst
brilliant jewels

And wonder why
you waited
so long?