Poems by Fateh

A Peddler of Dreams

a poem by Fateh

I wove my dreams with bright sunbeams

Hazy dreams that end in screams
Guilty dreams, forbidden dreams.
A billion shards of shattered dreams
I kept within my bursting seams

I puked a lot of lyrical dreams
Some hopeful dreams, some wistful dreams
Grand dreams of freedom, boundless dreams
A billion fake thoughts in fake dreams

I did it out of self respect
And, pray, what else did you expect?
The party animal can’t show age
You had me displayed, but I had my rage
All hidden from the cold, cruel eyes of your ilk
‘Coz I can trust my poison, but not your milk.

Dreams on Fire

a poem by Fateh

Selling dreams, dreams on Hire,
Dreams ice cold and Dreams on fire,
Dreams to serve as a painless salve
Dreams which’ll be your safety valve
Dreams in the mart ‘coz dreams don’t feed
Nor meet any other base worldly need.
Dreams sans copyright, yours to claim
As “original” works in your “original”name
Buy them for your kids, a Rupee a Piece,
a rupee a piece, a rupee a piece
Take them all away, I want to retire
I put my Dreams on Sale, ‘coz they are on fire.