Poems by Faisel Kannur


a poem by Faisel Kannur

With many a hope
But alas! All withered
Within no time.

Longing I’ve been
Months and years
Hoping she would boom
All towns.

Disgusted I’m
Seeing she sinks
And stinks with time
Beyond return.

The rule everywhere
Is to follow the system,
But here everyone
Rules the system.

Here everybody thinks
He’s everything,
And naturally ends
In doing nothing.

Proclaim they stand
For justice and rights,
But decline to practice
In their lives.

Hope all concerned
Will act in time
To save concerned
And save TEATIME.

TEATIME – name of a magazine


a poem by Faisel Kannur

Animals are born like we’re born,
Look pleasant and pomp when born;
Learn themselves soon as they’re born,
Unlike us who’re taught to learn;
Think we can, but they cannot
Is what distinct man from beast.

Instinct what leads animal’s life,
Instilled what leads human’s life;
Neither they cheat nor bite others back,
As we do to survive and flourish;
Never they shed crocodile tears
To drown the poor as we do.

Reality lies in creatures around,
What we create is twice removed;
We, man do all nasty things
And blame it on the beast around.
Change they can’t what instinct,
Who can change and think is the beast.

Precious Paper

a poem by Faisel Kannur

Money is power
Pride and vigour,
Pleasure it yields
Stretch life little longer.

Sure we cannot
Survive an hour,
Without its power
Always it showers.

Time is money
May sound so funny;
But sure it’s for all
A fuel for living.

Money is to share,
Not to spend without care;
A share we now spare
Would make our future fair.

Money is crazy,
To spend is easy;
We sweat to earn
But sweet when earned.

Most love money
Than their honey,
Makes people sad
Bad and often mad.

We live to earn
Not earn to live,
Is the reason why
The world always cries.


a poem by Faisel Kannur

Diamonds are fine
And shine forever;
Gleams it spurt
Is a joy forever.

Though it’s hard
Always soften every heart;
Precious and pomp
When cleaned and worn.

Nothing ever lasts
Like diamonds or dreams;
A thing can make
Or break any love.

It’s hard to own, but
Make hearty when worn;
Like Love and Beauty
Will live for long.