Poems by Essortee

Man! But not manhandle!!

a poem by Essortee

Monitor and maintain!
Administer and adapt!!
Nurture and nourish!!!

Verbs put together is MAN
Man the verbal name!
But the way he handles,
Manhandle the verb came!!

Dam Check

a poem by Essortee

Why do you stand my way you Dam?
Why do you run all the while you Tom?
To store and check your flow!
Love behind your store, I trust!
And wave to sing and dance!!
But check your strength to bear my thrust
Enough is enough! You overflow!!
Check yourself before checking others!


a poem by Essortee

Thanks to the water current,
This particle has lost,
All its rough corners!
And set aside on the river bank,
Looking at the sea
at a visible distance!

Now I am smooth and soft!
A little cooler too!!
People come and enjoy,
Handling me!

Neither friend nor foe!
Who ever may be handling,
I am smooth and soft!
A little cooler too!!

Kissy Thanks

a poem by Essortee

Bubbles triggered
from the bottom,
Boiling the water,
Bon voyaged to sky,
Forgets not the fire under!

Spills a little,
A kissy thanks!
To he who turned,
Solid ice to fluid water,
And the flow to fly
All in the shy!

Let the kissing
Be back to sky!
And the kissed
Live its full!!
As one came not
one to be put off!

Ever grateful to
The service rendered!
Showers he
The kisses to thank
Yours is to
Bid a happy send-off
Back to sky!


a poem by Essortee

Winds call:
Come with me!

They can’t Stand!
I can’t move!
But dance!!
For it my thanks!

Gone with the case,
Gone forever!
As they try
I am called TREE!


a poem by Essortee

Leaves! Leave us!!
I who brought forth you
I who bear you
I who feed you
But you shadow me
No more sap! Whatever hap!!
Be alone I! Be gone you!

We are not lazy!
We are the industry!!
Our green produce food!
And made you fat and brown!!
But we fade and drown!!

Are you not bones and flesh?
One gets one from earth,
One gets one from sun-sky.
Earth to sky I am one.
Can’t you be one?

Can short live and long live be one?
Short or long the span,
Purpose served be gone!
Existence has a plan of its own,
Little flies enjoy no waiting moan!!

Dependent shadows the depended on!
Hidden roots heeds not darkness!
Be one! Be aware of the One!!

Dance You Waves

a poem by Essortee

Salt: I am vast!
I am taste!!
you are waste!
Admitted in haste!!
I am lost!

Water: We are how we should be!
Show else how we can be!!
Deep I feel, weep I do.

Salt: Don’t weep!
Consume not more!!
Bid me divorce!
Till then I force!!

Water: Can’t even weep!
No means of rest!!
Where to go?
Here? Or there?
Everywhere I go!
But nowhere I reach!!
Bid fare well!!
But bound together!!
All I can do,
I can wave!

Oh Sun! Oh Wind!!
Liberate me!!!

Nature: Again to snow-clad peak
Or Manasarover lake
Existence to take
Till then you dance!

Note: Salt- Aborigines of the sea
Water- New settlers

Flower Sun

a poem by Essortee

Wearing dew pearls
Welcomed my lover!
Wide opening the petals.

Beauty needs no beautification
Bid off the dews this occasion!
Blended we two on space
The bed, leaving no space.

Ever blue-seeing earth
Had a clue of our dearth
And severed us to death!

Are we gone?
See in the morn
Renewed and refreshed
Rejoicing deathless in death!

Eternal pair

a poem by Essortee

Welcoming the Sun,
We all cheered!
Waving in wind,
A little more I laughed!

Brimming with life,
Pregnant I, bend my head,
To rest on mother earth!
Believing I am dead,
Became He red,
And preferred death!
Plunging into the sea!!

Neither the flower,
Nor the Sun,
Gone for ever!
Again in the morn,
Welcoming the Sun,
The flower is born!

Dirty Moon

a poem by Essortee

Glad I caught a point to be sad!
Sad the world stings to see one glad!!

Happy I use celebrate!
Cannot the world I see to tolerate!!

Sadly I pose to moan,
Set free I am to be grown!

Wipes the tears finding weep!
Tears the cheers wounding deep!!

Glad I caught a point to be sad!
Sad the world stings to see one glad!!

Name and Mean

a poem by Essortee

Come on hero! Get on me!!
Is what the man at distance
I mean MOUNT!

As I go near, that grows dear,
come on hero! Get on me!!
Is what the man hesitant to climb
Gets at the mean MOUNT!

In the middle on the path,
Come on hero! Continue to get on me!!
Is what the man stumbling
But mean MOUNT!

Reaching the peak, relaxing to speak,
Read all the nature,
And recognised the name.
Name shuffled is mean! MOUNT!

Getting down back,
Before touching the plain,
I thank the last boulder:
Befitting your name! MOUNT!

Be filtering the name!
Name suffered is mean!!
All the whole we call
Except one on the peak
That I am to leak:

The wind and rain, you and all
Answered the call MOUNT! MOUNT!!
Only to dismount, the one
on the peak.
I am that dismounted!
All the whole we call
To mean, the above all
Dismount! Dismount!!


a poem by Essortee

I spark amidst the dark!
The bell before the elephant!!
To tell you all, the infant
I am born amidst the cloud!
Is announced in all aloud!!

I play along the sky!
At times I touch you guy!!
I am existence!
Exercising to exhibit
My extraordinary power!!
To all the humans!
Only to be ordinary!!
Stand still!
Still I am stronger!!

Bye! I am gone!
The moment I am born!!
And trouble not the world
as you do!

Beautiful, this World

a poem by Essortee

Beautiful this world!
I stood, I walked,
I ran, I reached,
I thought and sat,
And speculated:
Beautiful this world!

Why all this toil and turmoil?
Walking and running!
When this world is beautiful,
wherever I may be!

Speculating I stopped moving,
The world not the same
Uglier it became!

Dynamic I saw beauty!
Dead stable I saw ugly!!

I walk not to reach
but to teach
Be dynamic! Become global!!
Beautiful this world!
Because it is global!!

Budget of Heaven

a poem by Essortee

Always hovering over the knolls,
Where to the gravid hesitates,
Showering at times on plains!
Budgets the rain. But
what He takes as tax!

All the drain
With no strain
Or refrain
Treasures the ocean!
And levitated
Only to distribute
Where to He wills!
Something as mother
Earth secrets to store
And rears the dear!