Poems by Elavarasan M


a poem by Elavarasan M

Space is playing a vital Role.
Cyberspace bring us the whole
Things are happening
Like in the Fairy Tale

Space and distance are conquerable
Now everything is easily attainable
Now the space is contracting
Because Cyberspace is interacting

The World is becoming a kaleidoscope
Cyberspace is enriching our scope
You need not go round
Everything is coming to your ground

The Space is not a barrier
Cyberspace present us good career
Information Technology is our Warrior
Today is the harvesting time for technocrats.

It is an art of information and
The heart of emerging technology
Space is behind our evolution
Cyberspace is the technological revolution.


a poem by Elavarasan M

Colour is Nature’s gift
Rainbow shows the different colours
Sky and ocean are Bluish Nature
Why the endless things are Blue coloured?
Is it Nature or God?
I don’t know; I don’t know!

In my dream
I am on the desertship
Sailing to find golden mount
My camel foot prints
Passing in Golden coloured sand
In my vision
Sand mount seems like synthesized gold
Is it Nature or God?
I don’t know! I don’t know!

Which is colouring the Butterfly?
Who coloured the fish in Aquarium?
What is the mystery behind the velvet coloured sheep?
Is it Nature? Or God’s creature
I want to know

Colours are different
Every colour is giving an instinct
Taste differs from person to person
Like colours also differ
Colourless world is much boredom
Colourful world is welcoming our dream
Dream your colour and
Dream your life
As you like, as you like.


a poem by Elavarasan M

Feelings is an origin of creation
It is raising from our Heart
Crying like a Child
To find asylum

Most of our feeling
Falling with love
Feelings are Rainy Clouds.
Searching the place to shower

Enrich your feeling
Like the rainy cloud
Finding the place to shower
Where you sowed the seeds of love

Feelings in our heart
Staying like a Glacier
Waiting for vennels of sunshine
Melting to fulfill our desire

Feelings are lonely Repatriate
Sailing in the sea
Failing to find piece of land
Journeying to get peace of mind
In the hope of desire and pleasure

How is your Feeling
When you are smelling
The Fragrant Jasmine
What is your Feeling?
While seeing the coloured Roses.
Can you express your feeling in words.
Some time words are meaningless
While we, sailing in the same

Feelings are Perennial Rivers
Falling from our heart
And flowing towards
The ocean of love.


a poem by Elavarasan M

Man like the place of pleasure
King lives in the place of Palace
I want to live in the Place
Where I get love and Peace

I want to see the places
Where the nature is flourishing
I like the place to sleep
Where the breeze blowing with fragrance

Terrorist makes our earth as warring place
Politicians were greedy to govern our place
I am here to see all and
Observing the things of reality.

I like my childhood native
There I learn to walk and talk
Those days wouldn’t come again
The places are changing
As the days are coming
My memories are ever living

Man is searching other planets
Moon may become future place for living
Earth is our planet for some time
Man is going to space
To find the living place for the human race

I am born here to see the places
I am travelling here to visit
The places in the Universe
Even though the chance is limited


a poem by Elavarasan M

Life is the time for love and expectation
Expectation is built up by situation
Life is like tidal waves.
Touching the hearts in search of love

Love and life melting together
Like a baby with her mother
Life is a chance to bypass innocence
Before getting happiness of enlightenment

Life is a galaxy
Man is trying to explore new planets
In the limelight of nature
To make the mankind of good mature

Life is an opportunity
It is moving around uncertainty
Life is the travelling time
To understand the universe

Life is an agreement
Agreement stands by adjustment
Life is leading by contradiction
Man is living by slavish addiction


a poem by Elavarasan M

Life is the time Bound Experience
Love is the Wonderful Experience
Experience is our Teacher.
It is making us to become a Master.

What is an Experience?
It is the energy to be stored.
Everything ends with Experience
Man is growing by Experience

Experience is our Earning
It is our endless learning
Every minute is an Experience.
There is no limitation in it.

Like the rain and wind
Experience is coming but not going
I am travelling by Experience
To get another.

Welcome the Experience.
Even though it is best or worst
Experience is the gateway of success.
Allow them for easy access.


a poem by Elavarasan M

Love is the world of understanding
As well as the words of untold
Somebody says it is fatal attraction
In fact it is total attraction

Love is blind but it makes us kind
Everybody says they fall in love
Nobody says they raise in love
Raise and fall following each other

Love is the ocean
Both of them swimming to reach
Eventhough nothing to catch
Try again and try again

Love is a struggle
It stars with a couple
Giving the chance to tackle
The joy is in the subtle

Love is a research
Searching them in love match
Love is the deed
It ends with need.

Love is an act of aggression
Eyes are soldiers in that
Allow them to see
Until you succeed.

Love and life are meaningful interaction
And poles of contraction
Man is addict of love
Because love is Goddess

Love is an universal feeling
Unite us to enjoy
Aspirations and instinct guide us
To flourish the blossom of love.


a poem by Elavarasan M

Friendship is a ship sailing.
To share joy and sad.
Family relations anchored in Bondage and Expectations.
Like a ship facing a cyclone.
Admire the friendship for the freedom of departing.

Social custom and expectations.
Make the Relation tough one.
Friendship is the Relationship.
Built up in least Expectation.
Worship the Friendship for such a best

Everything wants to attract another thing
Our eyes are having friendship with Nature.
Friendliness is better than Friendship.
Friendliness likes not only Men.
As well as the Biosphere and Universe.

Why the river goes to sea.
Why the tidal waves frequently touching the Beach.
Why our eyes Melting together.
Is it searching for love and Friendship
Yes Accept them as friends and allow them to love.

Vocation makes our Friendship
Some occasion also makes it.
Our journey in the Universe is time bound.
We couldn’t able to met all
To make them as friends.

To Avoid Loneliness
Try to flourish the blossom of friendliness.
Loneliness Immerse us in Imagination
Body and soul are friends of each other
Love your soul to make the Friendship.

Past is weathered memory.
Future is in our dreams.
Celebrate the present as our friend.
Present is the bridge for past and future.
Welcome the time as your friend.
For giving you the chance for love and Friendship


a poem by Elavarasan M

Man is a Social Animal
Mixed character of all Animals
Animals are Ancestor of mankind
Genetic Evolution delivers man

Biosphere starts with single cell
Growing from one another
As a scientist and as a Philosopher
Unable to distinguish men and animals

Lion is the king of forest
It is hunting other Animals
When it feels hungry
Lion’s hunting is need based

Tiger is also a wild Animal
It is hunting other Animals
Eventhough not hungry
This resembles the character of mad killer.

Like a Lion
Like a Tiger
Men are varying by character
In the struggle of Survival

Some Animals lived before the age of mankind
Unable to believe Dinosaur is Lizard family
Today man finding the fossil of it
Zoology is yet to find mysteries in Animal History

Elephant is famous for its strength
Dog is the symbol of faith
Horse born for running
Machine power is measured by horsepower

Who draws the line on the Zebra?
Which weaves and wears the green velvet for parrot
Is it Nature or God?
I want to Know, I want to Know

Animals are puzzles of Nature
It is living to benefit us
Allow them to live in the forest
By growing the trees as compliment


a poem by Elavarasan M

Vocation is giving occasion to serve others.
The Idle man become Idealist
Doing the Vocation Perfectly
Reach us the good as we like

Hunting is the main Vocation In old ages.
Cultivation is the Vocation of Civilization
Jesus is a good shepherd
Most of the saints lived with pastoral life

Vocation makes the Vacation meaningful
Both are Inter-related
Profession is soul of mankind
It makes us to survive

Wonders of world Inspired us
All Inspiration comes out from Profession
Good profession starts with Imagination
Ends in Dedication

Information Technocrats doing wonders of Millennium
All Vocation needs software professionals.
With the help of Technocrats nothing to say distant from us
Thus the world is becoming global village.


a poem by Elavarasan M

Nature is for our need
Men destroy it for greed
Nature have no limitations
because the universe is expanding

Nature is growing the mountain
To deepen the valleys
Streams and springs are flowing to valley
Like the silver melted

Mystery of Nature is endless
Sounds of Nature is unclassified
Correlating Nature leads to Invention
Because Nature is the only Big Bang

Earth is Rotating Nature
Liquid and wind are flowing Nature
Allowing the Nature as it is
All the struggle coming to an end

Nature is a Receptionist
It is welcoming all visitors of planet
Nature is a socialist
It is presenting good to the toiler

Man is living by Adjusting Nature
Life is between two ends of Nature
The two ends are birth and death
Around us Nature is Allmighty


a poem by Elavarasan M

Justice is not in the court
It is in the hearts of good society

Justice is the truth of soul
Truth is hidden by evil forces
Man is crying for justice
In front of the evil forces.

Man made Justice is in the form of law
Sometimes law is in the hands of thieves
Group of thieves may hoist a law
Some Dictator also delivers law

Most of our law is vague
Vague law can’t make Justice
Law is Blind
It can’t see the fact

Law is dancing
According to tunes of politician
Law is laughing
In the pockets of lawyer

Law is smiling
In the hands of good Justice
Like a rare species of flower
To flourish moral ethics

Delayed Justice is more than punishment
Denied Justice become mental Agony
We are living in software world
No software is developed
To deliver speedy Justice

Increasing selfishness
Decrease in morality
Hiding the Justice
Like a cloud hiding the sun

Law is increasing
As the violation is more
Violation is increasing
When law is contradictory

Core of Indian law
Made from British Regime
Colonial law can’t make justice
Due to all above
Democracy is becoming a myth

Even after thousand hurdles
The scope of Justice
In the hands of law
Scope of Law is in democracy.


a poem by Elavarasan M

Fashion is fusion of
colours and shapes
to fulfil the passion of mankind.

Nature’s fashion show starts
when planets comes round
the sun in an elliptical path.

Sun rising with golden red rays
in the blue carpet of eastern ocean
is the origin of natures fashion.

Moon is doing its fashion
like a bride
looking behind the cloud.

Different shapes of rainy clouds
moving in the sky one by one
may be called cloudy fashion.

Butterfly flying in different colours
may be called
fashion of biosphere.

Ice-berg, snow, steam, river, rain
lakes, springs, falls and ocean
all are water’s fashion.

In worshipping of god
idol worshipping is hindus fashion
Jesus is christians fashion
Allah is islamic fashion.

In political governing
monarchy is old fashion
democracy is new fashion.

Bangles worn by angels
made in different colours and shapes
making rhythm of sounds
when touching each other
may be called fashionable bangles.

Variety of dresses
worn by girls
during fashion show and beauty contest
is the exhibition for ladies fashion.

In clothing
cotton is Indian fashion
woollen is European fashion.

Earth is wearing green cloth
according to climate.
Sky is wearing different colours
by showing us the rainbow.

Trees of different shapes
flowers of different colours
may be called botanical fashion.

In buildings,
Taj Mahal is Mughals fashion,
Pizzah is greeks fashion and
high rise temples are Indian fashion.

Men of different races
with ancient cultures
also in fashion.

So the world is fashionable
men and materials are fashionable.

Fashion is neither created
nor destroyed,
it is everywhere.


a poem by Elavarasan M

In old ages muscle power
Is power.
In millennium
Money power is power.
Money changes the time
Money itself also
Having its own changes.

Man power, Solar power
Wind power, thermal power
Atomic power and wind power
All above powers
Attainable only by money power
Most of us say money is superior
Philosopher may too say it.
In fact it is only materials
To purchase all materials.
Value of materials changing
As value of money changing
Money makes many things
But it makes
The man to think
Money is the buyer
Money is the seller
As it goes around
It is doing both
Best and worst.