Poems by Divya R

The Y2K Love Story

a poem by Divya R

The spring that I enjoy,
the gentle scintillating breeze,
the enchanting blossoms,
and that lonely swaying branch.
My thoughts wandered,
my heart reverberated to that day,
the same spring and it’s
crown of glory,
the two love birds that swayed,
with the branch,
with the breeze,
adorned with a smile,
I looked at them at wonder!
Each caring for the other,
away from the world,
showering love and tenderness!
Divinity floated in the air,
dreadful was the night,
devil of the earth,
man had his eyes on the pair,
shot one for his meal!
Her whole world died,
the moon of the night clouded,
he was taking the heart which had
fused into one,
the heart lost,
agony! the pain of separation,
not an afforded thought shared.
A few pearl studded tears,
fell wetting the earth,
frozen in the cold of the night!
I could read her mind,
her longing,
her feeling,
her love blind folded,
the heart beats…
and there was I beneath
the branch,
the time, the hour she fell into,
my hands
purity in the love,
the whiteness,
I cried, the nature…the blossoms,
the clouds…
the one who thinks is in light had his meal,
not allowing them even to meet in heaven.
The tree sheltered,
showered the priceless blossoms,
the natural pall,
a decent funeral,
not for the eternal love shared!
They took her aloft
from the hands that couldn’t protect!
From the day, the second,
spring lost it’s enchantment,
and that lonely swaying branch…
and there alighted again,
an eternal pair of love birds…
with the nature…
carved with the essence of sanctity!!!

Silent Mudras…

a poem by Divya R

The scintillating white wonder,
The master of expression,
the divine ‘abhinayas’ of life.
the thousand petalled lamp,
symphony of inspiration

O! Eternal brilliance,
embellishing the woman’s heart,
engendering the beauty,
gracefulness to the body,
the buoyant vibration and melody.

Does to the adorned,
what the sun does to flowers,
colours them,
refreshes them with the nature’s pride.
Replenishes the intoxicating radiance,
across all ages, in the road of life,
the grand secret prize, the creator we revere!!

From the intrigue black hole,
there comes the splendour of light,
fusion, the play of li’l rainbows,
a treat to the eyes,
music to the soul,
a thing of beauty, a joy for ever!

The diamond reaps the beats of harmonious unity,
the carbon love bond,
trendy heart stealers,
a wireless message…
a soft whisper…
I love you!!!