Poems by Divya Ojha

Joy of Dreaming

a poem by Divya Ojha

A joyous day, a joyous night.
In my dreams I wondered how it would be,
To watch the sunset together,
To know someone’s there for me.
Sips of nectar of love from the same cup,
Wouldn’t it taste sweeter than the sweetest chocolate?

I thought we would sit and gaze into the sky,
Trying to find our names written with stars.
The night wouldn’t end, my dream would never die,
Being in his arms I would never want to sleep and miss any precious moment.

Warmth of our bodies,
Breeze of his breath,
Touch of his fingers,
And the rhythm of his heartbeat,
Can there be anything imaginable to be more wonderful than this?

He will hold me tight, a reassuring hug that would say “Don’t worry I’m here”
A kiss on the forehead,
A peck on my cheeks,
Would be enough to mean “The love is here to stay.”

He would run his fingers through my hairs,
Looking into my eyes, he would say those words that would mean so much to me.
What would be my reply?
Well, I don’t know,
Maybe the tear rolling down the cheek would tell the story.

My wish would be granted on an “Auspicious Day”.
Then there would be the beginning of the “Happily Ever After”…


a poem by Divya Ojha

The air is so refreshing as if all the childhood memories are coming back to me,
I once again feel enchanted and light.
No more of the worldly pains and wise.

I can smell the flowers in the valley and feel the dewed grass under my feet.
Tall trees give me shelter and the clear sky is my roof.
The cool breeze sweeps me off my feet, takes me for a dreamy tour.

Stepping on the clouds I greet the stars.
Back again I have the warmth of the ground.
Droplets start pouring, they scud along my cheeks, nose and eyes,
I drink it as a potion to a happy life,
I sing with the birds as the rainbow fits me just right for a ring.

Amaranth flower and an azure lake, what can be more divine.
I dive in quickly it’s the acme of joy,
Swimming like a fish I gather the pearls,
I can feel the currents, a sensuous touch,
As if the water is embracing me with a warm hug.

Don’t wake me up; I like to dream, of a better tomorrow, of a greener land.
I want to be there, I want to be free,
With a fragrant tiara placed on my head!