Poems by Dinesh Singh Slathia

Missing You!

a poem by Dinesh Singh Slathia

From the last 24 hours I’m missing you so badly,
but I know that if I could tell you then you’ll respond very gladly,
I don’t know why is it so,
might be me I know,
when one minute looks like one hour,
at that time you are very close to my heart,
your each and every word comes in my mind,
but some times I think that who I’m to bind!
Love is when you both miss one another,
whether you are near or far but you feel like kissing one another,
I wish all the time that you were here,
coz’ your the only one from whom I need care,
your the only one with whom I share,
whether its my fault or not but I dare,
lets be one not for the first time, nor for the last time,
but for the life time.

It’s all about love

a poem by Dinesh Singh Slathia

It’s all about my Love and care,
these days both of them are found very rare,
I don’t say that I’m the best for her,
but I’m sure that I’m the only one who look after her,
Whenever I look in her eyes,
With every blink I die,
Whenever I found myself in her arms,
It’s the only thing having it’s own charm,
She’s the only one, she’s my treasure,
and I love her so much that no one can measure,
So whenever you love some one,
Do take care of her and have some fun,
Coz she’s the only one,
only one,
only one!

I’m in Love

a poem by Dinesh Singh Slathia

To pluck moments of love from the tree of time,
Firstly you should realize that Love is a sweet Rhyme,
When you feel like drowning in her limpid pool blue eyes,
When you start counting stars and gazing at the sky,
Then you can say “I’M IN LOVE”