Poems by Devarajan R


a poem by Devarajan R

Relations we were
On all seasons, either spring or autumn
Assemble unanimously for all reasons
Like numerous birds in a single tree
We extend our feathers with glee
Our elders were pillars
Shadowed us from all sorrows

We were never tired
And spilled nothing but love
And increased the pressure on neighbors
Increased the degree of envy

We are bonded to each other
And exchanged all sorts
Our theories were monumental
And our relations were historical

We constructed like building blocks
Thick as our blood
And exhibited our blood relations
Exhibited our relations
Exhibited our affection
Deep rooted and no one can spew out

Generations change and the relations too
Rather than human touch
We are bonded by electronic touch
We satisfy ourselves with digital feelings
We can only hear, cannot see
We can only speak, cannot see
We can only read and reply, cannot share

We are addicted to keyboard and buttons
Other than that we cannot afford
Hitherto, the relations are tide
They fly, fly and no one to guide

Feelings shared under candlelights
Whips the mind and gears all days
The same now under the satellites

We never obey our mind
We oblige to wires
Live wires rules and surrounds our body
Than our nerves
We refrain our brain signals and refuse
We accept the signals of charged batteries
That burns and fuses.

We believe the mouse
Rather than our spouse
We unplug our relations

Screens and monitor thrills us
Ultimately we kill our brain
And put them behind the grills

Will this change nor continue
Will the touch and feelings come again?


a poem by Devarajan R

Occasionally I saw
that lighting gesture
from her eyes when opened
that whips my mind often
and adds glamour.

Occasionally I saw
the waves from her hair
that sails my mind across borders.

Occasionally I hear
some blended notes from her mouth
that hit my ear drum pleasantly.

All I saw and heard only in dreams.
All I want, is to see you in reality
and experience what I have dreamt.


a poem by Devarajan R

Departing soul never turn again
Only footprints add some chime
Perhaps for quite sometime
Sailing over somnolent cosmos
Peeping the world – drained boss

Many things were wrought by prayer
Departure bell cannot be stopped
Perhaps survival cannot be dreamed off

That heart and veins can be transplanted
Not soul and mind can be
Taken as granted
One day everyone will join the game

Statutory Warning

a poem by Devarajan R

Astonishingly, the ashamed factor
Prevailing is generating humans
One second, two more steps into earth
The artless equation
In the nook of different genus
Germinates the tissue with vibrant gay
Genealogically, its a wistful desire
But the count is of historical
And leads to sarcastic speech
The burden where even the god of earth
Cry to curb down
Yes, how much she can load
After all she is also human

Firmly sit to eradicate
And steer people to educate
Static increase will lead to ovation
If uxorious mind prevails
It will lead to starvation

Demographers can only count
With fingers and complex situations
Can describe the tedious act

Depriving is against democracy
Deriving benefit by people is praiseworthy


a poem by Devarajan R

Life on earth is never the same again
A mass of happiness and grievances
One cannot refrain
One way will never be
The same as another
Likewise ones life can never materialize

God always proposes mixed blessings
Many can call one a divine
Many can detain others
But everybody suffers
Like a raft
It can reach safely to the shore
Or stagnate and strand alone
One can overcome all obstacles
One contemporary man can release
All knots himself
From impossible situation

Our mind is a highest one
Optimistically, if moved forward
One can feel the glories in life

Low Pressure

a poem by Devarajan R

With loud noise
you came with rain
you dig the mud and propel it
you smash my window in anger
and broke into pieces

Does the panes owes to you?

Burst into my room
and swing the picture hanged
then run to my table
and scatter my writings
then bring them to the floor
finally bring them out of door


a poem by Devarajan R

Alas! His final voyage was over
His intelligence was published
His representation to country
Was repeatedly talked
His honour sense were highly
Graded and appreciated
The contribution made by him
Renewed his reminiscence
His works were reproduced
Again and again
And slogans were raised
On him all over the world

One man asked, “Who is he?
What such remarkable work he did?
The other said, “I am unaware
But people’s nature is to
Praise one only after his death


a poem by Devarajan R

We were in great pleasure, it deserves some praise
We play, we love in our early days
Those days were touching
And our hearts were filled nothing but joy

We use to color the neighbours wall
And show our painting skill
The very name we paint is
Existing still

In classroom we studied nothing but mischiefs
We have launched many paper missiles
To our teachers head

We did mockery in absence of our teacher
Dance, sing, and play
And show our professionalism in mischief

Those pleasing joy excites other
Such a retrospect of our own delight
Such pleasure we will not obtain
Our innocent sweet simple years
Will not turn again

In to my own

a poem by Devarajan R

One of my wishes is to stay in your mind
So old, but yet very firm

It should not be withheld or
Go into the vastness of sky
Hopeless I was in the open highway
I don’t want to turn back
I put forth my effort to
Stay in your track

You would not find me changed
I am sure for all my thoughts were true


a poem by Devarajan R

High O’er the vales and hills
Thousand flowers I saw at a glance
Waving their petals in the warm
Force of fresh air

Those bloomed flowers
Whips my mind to throw
More ideas

From top of hills to dawn
It’s all flowerbeds
A feast to my eyes
A Feast without barrier

All gatherings assumes uniformity
Only humans were different

All petals assures no variation
All looked in benevolent act

Flowers were more gracious
Flowers were more than humans


a poem by Devarajan R

Life never goes as expected
Never as one is interested

Life is a raft
Can move Straight
Twist, Narrow or Drawn.

Blindman and his Wife

a poem by Devarajan R

The blind man and his wife were on a
trip to Kashmir.

The Wife says: Those soft and
gentle climate, feast to my eyes
Husband in reply : That softness I can
feel by touching your hair.

Wife : Those fluttering wings of birds delights me
Husband :That’s equal to your flickering eyebrow

Wife: That smelly flower warms my mind
Husband: More than that
I smelt the fragrance while you speak

Wife: Those singing birds
Feast to my eyes
Husband: Your speech is my song

Wife : Those skiing experience
No one had before
Husband: I roll on you
It’s like skiing on soft ice mountains

Wife: Kashmir gives scintillating experience
Husband : Kashmir is like you
You are my first preference.


a poem by Devarajan R

Those few hard percepts in thy memory
About me, I never forget
Some unproven thought on me
I never forget
Though familiar, I still never dislike you
Those friends of my past
Have entertained you to throw
Wrong judgements on me
But still, I never dislike you
Every word you express in
Unfairly way on me
Nor you borrow from dishonest comrades
I never get ashamed off
And still never dislike you
I propose a true love.

Still Evening

a poem by Devarajan R

The still evening had come and twilight gray
Silence accompanied for birds
On their grassy couch
Deep breathe and smooth sleep
Silence pleased
Raising are the clouds majesty at length
Like a queen unveiled her peerless light
Over the silver sun that streaks

Life Run

a poem by Devarajan R

I run, till my legs
Beg me to stop
I run, till my battered knees
And tired elbow begin to cry
I run, not for practicing marathon
Not for titles
Its life run, I run
Millions of miles already covered
Still haven’t breasted my tape
Still out of my vision
I run overtaking others
Blindly following my predecessors
I do not know where will I stop
Where the tape is tied
Where is my goal?
Where is my route?