Poems by Deeps


a poem by Deeps

Between me and you, and from me to you,
a bond that is so good and true;
Some people call it friendship,
they say it’s worth more than kingship.
But what they say is less, there’s more,
it’s a combination of feelings that soar.

A friend in need is a friend indeed-
but is it true, to it I often heed?
They say a friend is your second self;
Yes, my strength, my support and help.
In prosperity she shows her love;
In adversity I know her love.

Friendship is a knot which must not be broken,
between friends who speak a language unspoken.
Passion and quarrels, affection and fights,
between friends, these are common sights.
A friend is one who points out to you,
all the wrong in anything you do.
If she doesn’t, she’s not your friend-
It’s better your relationship comes to an end.


a poem by Deeps

Never wonder how it will be,
the future lies as vast as the sea.
Never wonder how will be tomorrow,
filled with joy or with sorrow.
Life is a bed of thorns and roses-
Remember, it’s only God, who disposes.

Today is always a new beginning,
wake up to hear the birds singing.
Always be firm – never fear,
whenever sorrows are near.
For sorrows are like the dark night,
which fade away at the sight of light.
So rise – rise – rise to the realm,
for today only is a REALITY, and tomorrow a DREAM.


a poem by Deeps

Full of laughter, and twinkling eyes,
never worrying to say goodbyes,
are the most wonderful creation of God,
the children, colorful as a greeting card.
They say children and God are one and the same,
never worrying to play life’s game;
They take life as it is and as it comes,
not bothered by life’s mathematical sums.

They always are a source of delight,
unwittingly showing us a greater insight-
as to how we are and how we should be;
to embrace each day with joy and glee.
It’s a wonder why as grownups they fight
with people who were friends at very first sight.