Poems by Deepak Sarkar

Universal God

a poem by Deepak Sarkar

Universal God gave us a common sun
The rays reach every corner of the world!
One moon pulls oceans bringing tides
Poetic light covers our planet during moonlit night!

Air composed of constituents of such proportional manner
Every animal and plant can breathe happily together!
Water contains elements so balanced in nature
It quenches thirst for every being without stature!

Soil is made of such compassionate supportive matter
Every plant root finds food and shelter in care!
One ground acts as infinite charge reservoir
Accommodate lightening and return for all electric power!

One blood of same texture and colour
Flowing through human veins everywhere!
Rain and snow cover lands with heavenly shower
That touches all in the region without bias!

Animals evolved as humans with brains enlightened
Thanked God almighty for eternal blessings and kindness!
Whenever a God promises our world only to few chosen
That voice must be from a partisan alien!


a poem by Deepak Sarkar

From the very beginning of civilization-
Humans wondered about natural evolution!
Fear of unknowns, mystic dynamism of creation
Overwhelming lights, sounds, and visions-
Encouraged them to worship ‘Blissful Energy’ as God of salvation!

Humbled by eternal blessings and kindness-
They worshiped Sun as God along with Planets!
Romanticized by the power of universal forces-
They bowed with respect to spirits as natural causes!
‘Hell’ didn’t exist making Heaven and Earth separated!

Everything changed since Alien invasion!
Humans saw Gods coming down in fashion!
Riding flying ships firing ammunitions!
Wearing suits and clothes beyond imaginations!
Triggering Historic Diaspora of human migration-
Installed Kingdoms ruling from urbanisation!

Most humans died with new diseases and starvation-
Since world was not ready for hostile guests in millions!
Others enslaved to serve Priests, Archangels, and Bishops-
Worshiped, sacrificed, to please new heavenly illusions!
Priesthood, Sainthood, stood guard as partisan-
Blocking mutual love and faith in God universal!

Abstractness grew between natural and spiritual world!
As priestly Kings ruled over everything on Earth!
Inventing Holy books erasing evolutionary past!
Claiming rules in scriptures are from Heavenly God!
Punishing all as blaspheme for disobeying new Lords!

Theories evolved on prophecies and miracles!
Religions formed and spread as institutions!
Prisons and jails became Hell on earth in millions!
Love for God, Faith in spirit, respect for nature disillusioned-
Frustration, disbelief, slavery only led to fear for God!

Stock Market

a poem by Deepak Sarkar

The bell rings each morning-
Except on weekends or holidays!
Signaling the opening of the market-
In the heart of most crowded cities.

Traders rush in to make their bids (day)-
As millions of shares change invisible hands!
Making it a bull market or bear market-
Just like the happiness and sorrow of life!

The market grows on good ROI (return on investment)-
And shrinks when workers salaries go high!
The market hates full employment-
Fearing inflation may rise!
And it loves underemployment-
When workers work for less with a smile!

Politicians always worry about the market-
With economy and election in their mind!
They are always there to guard it from all evils-
Like a mother of a newborn child!

Human brain needs a steady pure blood supply-
Even a computer requires a stable power supply!
But, the present and future of democratic free market people-
Depend only on uncertain, volatile and ambiguous stock market!!