Poems by Debasis


a poem by Debasis

Ten years down
you thought life is a song
Twenty years down
and perhaps you were wrong
Thirty years passed
and what is left?
Smiles to be smiled
and tears to be wept.

One more day
to the gates of heaven.
One more night
till the clock strikes eleven.
One long road
still to be driven.
One more fight
to get all even.

Fear of the dark
as you lie alone in bed.
Tears of passion
of pain in your head.
Laughter of mirth
that recalls the lost past.
Sadness that engulfs
and crushes all to dust.


a poem by Debasis

There was a time
we sailed together as one.
Held on to each other
fears we had none.
Joy was all around
to be cherished every moment.
Love was in your eyes
love was in every comment.
I had you with me
and loved you I did.
My wish to be with you
and your hand was my bid.

Now I see you distant
shimmering out of reach.
For the God of Love is different
in everything we preach.
My life is an empty shell
and a heart beats within.
Wishing to be still
quite fed up with living.
Moments are empty thoughts
of your smile and presence.
Time is just a phrase
void without your essence.

There were days
when life was a song.
I knew I would be with you
before it was too long.
Hold your face in my hands
look into your eyes.
See the love shining there
a star up in the skies.
Embrace you and comfort you
give the love that you lack.
And you took my love
doubled it and gave it back.

Now you don’t call me baby
don’t hold me when I need you.
I don’t know where to turn
am lost in all I do.
My road is the same again
a lonely dark path ahead.
The lights have been turned off
thorns litter the path instead.
Loneliness is a heavy weight
squeezing life out of my soul.
Tears that crawl out of my eyes
have blurred the distant mystic goal.

There were times
late at night.
You kissed my lips
and held me tight.
I felt safe
as you held me near.
You chased away
all that I fear.
You were there
to hold me in my sleep.
Where did I err
to end a love so deep?

Today is darkness
a vortex sucking from inside.
I am crumpling in the void
and the pain I try to hide.
I smile when you smile
and pray that you’re fine.
Inside me is joy and sorrow
divided by a thin line.
Maybe destiny is cruel
and death’s not far away.
God has his plans
a lonely part for me to play.