Poems by Dayanand P K

Wake Up

a poem by Dayanand P K

We sleep in ignorance
We walk in dreams
For us the unreal is real
Oh Sathguru, wake us up
Lead us to charming Krishna

Arrows of Love

a poem by Dayanand P K

Oh lord shoot Your arrows of Love at my heart
Let me in turn shoot arrows of love
To every heart
May this world turn into a paradise.

Blossoms of Devotion

a poem by Dayanand P K

Neither diamonds nor gems have I oh Mother Divine
Please accept my blossoms of Devotion
Placed at Your Lotus Feet
What a fool am I oh Mother Divine
To think I am the doer of every action
May I seek perfection oh Mother Divine
By really surrendering my Ego
At Your Lotus Feet

(Dedicated to H.H. Swami Gnanananda Sarasvathi)

The Veil

a poem by Dayanand P K

Unni Krishna Your chubby baby face charms me most
Those dark bright eyes look into my soul
That enigmatic smile of Yours makes me wonder
I know nothing of my lives past
You read me like a book in a flash
I feel ashamed and powerless
For all that I have thought and done
Under the mistaken notion of my Ego
I know Your infinite compassionate nature
You are waiting patiently for me to come
I too long to run into Your arms
But the veil of Maya hides You
You are near and yet far
Only You can remove the veil of Maya
Meanwhile I wait for You like the Gopis
For You are dearer to me than life itself

Hide and Seek

a poem by Dayanand P K

Hey Unni Krishna come to play
Hide and seek with me
Thou shall seek me
And I shall hide
For if You hide
I can never find You eternally
So seek me now my Lord.

Baby Divine

a poem by Dayanand P K

Little Krishna your baby face charms me
That spotted blue green feather on your crown
Adds to your grace
Little Lord are you searching for butter?
Here there are no pots of butter
Here you can lay your hands on Amul
You’ll love it
They say it is the Taste of India.

The Battle

a poem by Dayanand P K

The battle began at birth
Wildly have I driven my horses
Bouts of pleasure and pain
Not knowing foes from friends
Then lost in sorrow slowly
Action and reaction ended in pain
Joy and sorrow came in cycles
A bolt from the blue in the form of Sathguru
Awakened me from the sleep of ignorance
Wasn’t I an instrument of Forces Divine
In the unfolding of a Cosmic Drama?

Mother Divine

a poem by Dayanand P K

Just to think of You, Oh Mother Divine
Is itself a Blessing
Compassion overflows from Your eyes
Purity walks on earth in Your Form
Like fragrant flowers Your gentle smiles
Yet nerves stronger than steel
Infinite strength to overcome all evil
You are indeed the Greatest Mother since creation
My salutations to You, Oh Divine Mother.

(Dedicated to H.H.Swami Gnanananda Sarasvathi)

Captain Extraordinary

a poem by Dayanand P K

How can we thank the Lord
For sending us a Captain extraordinary
She is Purity personified
Compassion flows from her heart
This Captain is waiting patiently
To take us across the ocean of Samsara.

Poetry Divine

a poem by Dayanand P K

Stars twinkle at you from HER eyes
Words cannot describe HER innocent smiles
It flows from HER heart
And goes straight into yours
Blessed are we to receive such Grace.

Guru Bhakti

a poem by Dayanand P K

The river Ganges flows swiftly and gently
The waves sparkle and twinkle in glee
The morning sunlight kisses them softly
Sankara and his disciples are seated
Under the canopy of greenwood trees
The Guru senses the thoughts of his disciples
They are jealous of Sanandana
The Guru’s favourite
But where is Sanandana?
On the opposite bank of the Ganges
His heart and soul contemplating his Guru

A Voice Divine in the air
It is his Guru’s call
Like the wind Sanandana runs
Mother Ganges turns back in wonder
At the lovely Lotuses that bloom at each step
Leading Sanandana to his God
He prostrates at the Lotus Feet of his Guru
The other disciples stand up in wonder
What a lesson the Guru has taught them!
Jealousy walks out of their hearts
Reverence walks in
Like their Guru they too hail
Sanandana as Padmapada!

(Dedicated to our Revered Sathguru H.H. Gnanananda Sarasvathi
and placed at Her Padmapadam)