Poems by Dave

Watch me

a poem by Dave

I knew
from the first time
you watched me
It would be a matter of time

We had our
first date
our first kiss
our first love
It would be forever

Looking back at you
time slowed down
I could read you
from cover to cover

In only those seconds
I knew your book
I picked it up
and then I took

That book. With my long stare-
I checked the price. I did not care.
But I put the book down
Too scared-to see how the end would fare


a poem by Dave

Leaves are blushing
Red, yellow, brown and blue
“Are you looking at me?”
“Stop staring at me!”

I smile at the leaves
Give them a wink
The wind catches me
And I didn’t even blink!

“Why are you jealous?”
Dare I may ask
“Come follow me-
While you stand there and bask!”

She played hide and seek
Laughing so devious
I wanted to peek.
“You can’t find me
Try, try try
I’m so fast
Try to blink your eyes!”

I noticed the sky grow late
The lonely cloud
Did not hesitate
Pointing at itself
For me to adore-
Look at me before you snore!

I winked at her plea
Then the orange cluster
Smiled at me

All these women
Going after me
Makes me tired
Please fill in for me!

For Your Eyes Only

a poem by Dave

When your eyes met mine
The world disappeared
Leaving just us
In our world alone

We started our world
Brave and Bold
For we were the first
To have and to hold

Children will tell
Their children
Throughout the years
That our love had no fear

Kingdoms will come
and kingdoms will go
But our story
Will always be told

Still to this day
Our love is known
And it all started
Just moments ago


a poem by Dave

Our love started
so innocent and sweet
we just talked

The more we talked
the more I knew-
I had to be with you
With every breath and every beat

My heart grew fonder-
Fonder of you
How could one woman
Love me like you?

How can I ever get over you?
Our love so intense
Would make my brown eyes blue

From the rising sun
To its setting
You give me light.
You give me life.

Take that away
my life, my light
I have nothing left
But death and no light

Shall I raise from the grave
Hollow and fright
looking for love in darkness and night
In finding you, your love will save