Poems by Darel Poche

Light In Your Face (LIYF)

a poem by Darel Poche

The lights shine in everyone’s face
From time to time simplicity is erased
The light fade, it’s time to relapse
From dark shades and bring us back

To when we were just children without a dream
When we could just do as we damn-well pleased
When we could sit back and float the breeze
And be ignorant blissfully

But will you go procrastinating until the end of the rope
And see the show containing a catharsis of hope

It’s not a play, it’s life in action instead
This may sound fake but I know I will transcend
This is blues if you’re not open to thought
Cause life’s issues are a place where every battle is fought

Then we can be children without a dream
We can just do as we damn-well please
We can sit back and float the breeze
And be ignorant (heaven)

Second Chance

a poem by Darel Poche

Once again the time has come
To finish what I have begun
And retire to my sanctuary again

Look into her eyes
I forget what I despise
I’m almost to the place where I have been

I just might get a second chance
To be held in her warming trance
That I haven’t felt for many moons

If it all works out then she will be
The nymph I’ll ask to marry me
And then we shall be one for all the Junes